Weekly Munch (23-11-2015)


It is said when in doubt, its best to travel! Professionally a few questions are lurking in our heads. The question to which we continue to search an answer is how do we find Rs. 20 lac homes in Mumbai. We had read about Tata, VBHC & Mahindra’s projects in affordable category. Thus over the past few days we went searching for such homes which probably could be the best Diwali gifts to many families. Our drives took us way beyond city limits into hill sides and sea sides. We wound our last trip with a good trek up the Mahuli hills, in vicinity of one such complex. The short note here probably reflects what we are coming to. These trips opened our eyes to the reality, fast connectivity is a much needed thing to provide quality housing even if this means traveling 100 miles a day. Or else these efforts will lead to construction of vacation homes! Though we admire the grit and professionalism of firms who are at least delivering on their promises.
We also traveled to Panvel to find out what’s ticking in the market here. Panvel town’s skyline is fast changing and there is so much to grasp especially when one considers the real estate projects and prices. We leave many of these questions unanswered and wish infrastructure developments catch up with real estate development. Read the story here –http://propstory.com/content/panvel-where-mumbai-gives-way-to-konkans/
Would be great if our notes can be shared and we receive your feedback.
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