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Financial engineering kept the entire finance industry buzzing until the Lehman crash of 2008 and things haven’t been the same for the business ever since. In our various recces across markets we come across almost a similar phenomenon in real estate sector. Days of 20:80 subvention have now given way to more innovative structures – 10:80:10, 5:75:20 and even “pay just 1% every month”. We have always believed comparing properties on per sq feet prices alone isn’t the right way. For example the dailies continue to report that prices in different markets especially Mumbai have been rising. These reports ignore the impact of the finance schemes that are in their spirit nothing else but steep discounts. Thereby we hand pick “stories” of a few properties where we believe there is something beyond prices to differentiate the product (while we only provide informative content) from its competition. Here is our latest compilation for your consumption.
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