Villa vs Apartment – Photofeature On Sobha International City

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Sobha International City Villas in neat rows

A quintessential question drags most Indians into dilemma – whether to buy an independent house such as a villa or to invest in an apartment. We as a society were used to live in big expansive homes which have been contracting in size due to rising prices of real estate. Given that real 
investment is one’s biggest investment decision, still villa living is a lure for many. During one of my visits to Sobha International City, I tried to put in perspective how villas score over the apartments for those who are grappling with this question.

Sobha International City : Low Rise Living

For those who love to live close to the ground, villas allow for that. However, in a usual apartment one has to live at varying heights (as per budget and availability). This can be discomforting for those who don’t prefer low rise living.

Sobha International City : Private Greens

For those who love gardening, there is limited scope to maintain your own kitchen garden or small plantations when one owns an apartment. However in case of a villa one can have their backyard or roof top double up as gardens.

Sobha International City : Space availability

Villas provide ample room for storage as there is some or the other way in which that space can be created, unlike in an apartment where the space is limited and one doesn’t have rights either to the terrace or basement. Villas at Sobha International City come with private rooftops and backyards, offering ample multi-utility space.

Sobha International City : Ease Of Parking

For villas one gets parking just in front of the house, while an apartment offers parking floors away or even in the basements sometimes. At Sobha International city one can get up to 4 car parking spots right in front of the villa. So one can simply park the car and easily move into the house in a villa unlike in an apartment complex.

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  1. its a good project fantastic elevation i personally like villa and indepent property…..and this project if one of the best projects in NCR .

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