Top 5 Infrastructural problems in Chennai

Chennai is the biggest producer of automobiles in India as well as second largest city offering IT Services in India. Despite these large scale developments, the city has been facing serious infrastructural issues. It is in a great need of improvement. Condition of the Infrastructure is devastating, a failure in planning has led to this situation.
Lifestyle of residents of Chennai has been affected by these upcoming circumstances , lowering the quality of life they live.
Thus, we have listed the top 5 Infrastructural Problems in Chennai in order to mark the concern of the citizens.

1. Road Accidents


Road attracts the prime comcern when it comes to the infrastructure. Chennai tops the list of most road accidents in the world. It owns the second highest rate in Road Fatalities as known by the ‘Global report on Urban Health’ by UN habitat and WHO. Report has also highlighted that injuries caused due to road accidents is the 8 th largest cause of death in the world.It is a surprising fact that number of vehicles owned by Chennai is half the number present in Delhi, with a less population when compared to Delhi. Then also, the city has such large number of road rage cases, making the roads very dangerous for the commuters as well as pedestrians.

2. Pollution

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Pollution levels in Chennai becoming very high by now, have crossed Delhi in the rate of pollution. It is very injurious to health to breath such poisonous air. According to a study conducted by International Council for Local Environmental Initiative (ICLEI), the City is ranked 5th in the Carbon Emissions emitted among 54 South Asian countries.
The high rising pollution levels are leading to certain health problems. Rising cases of Asthma, Lung Cancer and Bronchitis are been noted. The quality of air is worse in the city as well as very dangerous for The residents.

3. Water Supply


Chennai City is facing an acute water crisis. The current water requirement in the City is 2000 Million Litres Per Day. The government is not able to meet the full requirement, and is only able to provide 700 Million Litres a day. The government is not even able to meet half the water demand of the residents. Dependency on private tankers for water supply is significant . Private Tankers cost high rates as well as a lot of inconvenience to the residents.

4. Lack of Public Transport

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City is accessible through Road, Rail as well as Air transportation. Road transportation is the major public transport used in the city by the residents. There are major prevailing issues in the public transport particularly bus services. Buses are very overcrowded with a capacity of 75 passengers they carry 100 passengers worsening the situation on an average. The available number of buses is lower than the need giving rise to overcrowding and discomfort with added bad commuting experiences. Safety issues have also risen due to these conditions.
Metropolitan Transport Corporation has an operational limit of 50 km and supposedly it carters to 57 lakh commuters each day on a operational fleet of only 2,980 buses. On the other hand Banglore only meets the travelling needs of half the number of people and operate more number of buses providing a better quality travel experience.
The Metropolitan Transport Corporation is coming up with plans like establishing Traffic and Transit Management Centres (TTMC) in most of its depots for a better control over the scenario.

5. Safety issues

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Chennai has major safety issues. Crime rates have been observed rising in the city. Major cause of concern is that many shameful crimes have took place in broad daylight where people don’t even bother to help the victim. Violent crimes like armed robbery and assault have been observed on an increase.
On the contrary, police have been offering measures to come over these crimes but much actions have not been taken by now.

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