The 8 Busiest High Street Markets Of Delhi

It is no secret that when it comes to shopping for any and every item Delhi’s high streets offer variety, affordability and accessibility. This is the reason that if your relatives come visiting you they will yearn to fill their travel bags with goods they buy in Delhi’s numerous markets. We list down the top 8 destinations in Delhi to shop till you drop –

1. Connaught Place

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Connaught Place popularly called as CP is one of the best shopping destinations in Delhi. CP is a creation of the colonial era and even after several rounds of renovation it retains its unique charms. Be it winters or summers, one can spend several hours here without getting bored. All top brands have outlets here and then there are several famous eating joints too. Connaught Place is famous for its fine cloth/fabric in the market, but jewellery, books, Indian handcraft items, electronic products and more are also available. Connaught Place is filled with showrooms, malls, café, restaurants, hotels, multiplexes and one of the the best place for clubbing in Delhi. CP and its numerous by lanes have hundreds of shops and offices which can be conveniently reached by Delhi Metro through Rajiv Chowk station.

2. Chandni Chowk

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Chandni Chowk is also one of the top shopping areas in Delhi. The markets of Chandni Chowk are famous since the times of Mughals. It is a bargain hunters paradise. People can buy items from Chandni Chowk market at very reasonable rates, this being the big crowd puller. It is famous for wedding lehengas, jewellery, embroidered bags, silk and cotton garments, and it is one of the best places to buy books and electronic goods. It is also the hub for delicious foods, and one of the renowned places for eating in the capital. You will find the Karim’s and Parathe wali galli around here.

3. Dilli haat

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Dilli Haat is an exposition center whereby Indian handicraft are made available to urban consumer. Goods can be bought for cheaper rates here as well. The area is filled with colours. Also, there are small thatched roof cottages which give an atmosphere of Indian villages. It is a weekly Indian village market that is known for its delicious spicy foods, handcrafted and handloom items. Many people are attracted to this market place because it gives a feel of Indian villages in the city area.

4. Sarojini Nagar
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Sarojini Nagar Market is located in the South West of Delhi. This market is one of the cleanest markets in Delhi but is also very crowded. It offers low-priced branded clothes, shoes, bags, etc and is famous for steep bargains. Sarojini Nagar Market is a shopping paradise for girls of Delhi. This market is mainly visited by college going youngsters. There are innumerable shops in the market, so the buyers need a lot of time to shop around.

5. Lajpat Nagar market

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Lajpat Nagar market is one of the best markets in Delhi as it has all types of clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, etc in the same market. It consists of big shops, small shops and even stalls put up to sell products. In this market, people can get highly priced, branded stuff and also reasonably priced good which gives the buyers a wide range of choice. This is the main reason why people are attracted Lajpat Nagar.

6. Karol Bagh
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Karol Bagh is one the oldest shopping places in the capital which are famous for bridal dresses, garments (cotton, silks, woollen or synthetics cloth), shoes, cosmetics, books, gadgets and electronic items. The most popular shopping areas to visit near Karol Bagh market are: Ghaffar market, Ajmal Khan Road, Bank Street and Arya Samaj Road. In fact for electronic goods these markets are said to be the best across the city.

7. Khan market

Khan market is by far the most expensive and exclusive markets in Delhi. It is a well-established market which is filled with top-class book shops, branded clothing showrooms, boutiques and finest lifestyle stores for shopping.

This market is also known for its delicious recipes of Delhi at café, restaurants and various street food corners. The Big Chill, Khan Chacha and Out of The Box café attract hordes of crowd to this market.

8. Janpath

Janpath market is a great place for handicrafts, shoes, artefacts and cheap jewellery. The market is loaded with shops and food joints which are very reasonable and affordable for the buyers. This is why the market place is always found crowded with people. Tibetan market is also put up here, which is famous for its art and crafts, bead shops, instruments, etc. This is also one of the main attractions of Janpath.

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