is a platform created to capture the view, reviews and opinions from current and potential real estate buyers, real estate investors, real estate developers, itnermediaries, students of real estate and other directly or indirectly involved in the business of real estate, furnishing, repair and contracting. The portal and its subsequent applications will only enable an interaction amongst the parties mentioned above and any others. Time and again the managers and owner of the portal publish genuine content or one sourced from public resources, however such content will only be to further the cause of discussions and at no point construe as favoring one party over the other.

Since the medium of interaction will be the internet the reach of the portal will always be global thereby attracting various sets of individuals or group of individuals or companies or communities. The owners of the portal are thus laying down certain dos and donts for the patrons –

  1. The access to all features of the portal is to all users, however to review and comment the user will have register on the portal
  2. We would appreciate that all comments and reviews or any other content published by the users be kept brief with emphasis laid on the major ideas
  3. Please refrain from using offensive language in your discussions and comments
  4. The owners of the platform are also the moderators of the platform. The moderators like market makers may foster some discussions however their comments will be generic and not bound to hurt any party.
  5. The moderators also have the right to delete offensive and unproductive commentary which doesn’t add to a discussion. No abusive comments will be tolerated on our portal. Such deletions must not be construed as favoritism.
  6. While difference in opinions is natural and acceptable and helps grow the community, one must refrain from belittling others in the discussions
  7. The portal may allow sponsored posts or sponsored users, however any such campaign will be duly acknowledged and the transactions with sponsors will be on arms length basis only. At no point will someone be unduly favored just because they are the sponsors
  8. The users who access the portal only for purpose of browsing through various webpages and content therein, will not be able comment, review or rate unless they register with the portal while rating on any topic please rate on all the parameters presented, in case you miss rating either of the parameters we will not be able to count your votes