Top 5 Reasons Why Powai Is a Coveted Residential Destination

Powai has come a long way from being a hamlet bordering one of the important lakes supplying Bombay its drinking water. But it really entered the consciousness of Mumbai residents after 1958 when the illustrious and today’s foremost technology and research institution – Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay or IIT-B as it’s more popularly known – was established. As IIT-B grew to renown and the campus spread out, Powai grew as a residential area. The Hiranandani Builders gave it a unique look and feel with similarly designed high rises as part of its Hiranandani township setup. Powai, with this towering landscape was recognisable from miles away. It wasn’t long before corporate offices were set up here and the hamlet exploded into a well-known and seemingly posh township.

We look at the top five reasons Powai is a coveted residential location for a lot of people looking to own a home in Mumbai.

Central Location

Powai shares its borders with western towns – Andheri and Jogeshwari as well as central towns – Vikhroli, Kanjurmarg and Ghatkopar. This means it’s centrally located and easily accessible to both sides of the sprawling city. Its residents can access both the Central and Western Railway as well as the arterial routes of Western Express Highway, LBS-Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg and Eastern Express Highway. The Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR) has become a nodal route and reduced travel times while making Powai a veritable drive-through town.

Renaissance Hotel Powai

In addition to being connected to major travel routes Powai is also well served by regular public transport like BEST buses, rickshaws and privately operated cabs and buses. It also enjoys a reputation of being a scenic location surrounded by the Lake and the Powai Hills as well as the forested Aarey Colony and Sanjay Gandhi National Park beyond.

Bespoke Residences

While Hiranandani Builders might have set their mark on Powai through their trademark residential and commercial developments many others have also created some bespoke, luxury apartments. Rajesh LifeSpaces, Raheja, Wadhwa Group, Larsen and Toubro, Shapoorji Pallonji, Nahar and many more have been designing panoramic gated communities with all the possible amenities packed in – swimming pools, landscaped gardens, kids’ play parks, gyms and more. In addition to the beautiful residences, this township has been well planned. It boasts wide roads and tree-lined avenues which are a rare sight in a city like Mumbai.

Social Amenities

With Powai’s exponential growth over the last two decades, there has been a boom in services catering to the growing populace. There are a number of educational institutions now offering Maharashtra Board as well as international curricula. Hiranandani Foundation School, S. M. Shetty High School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Podar, Bombay Scottish are some of the schools. In addition to IIT-Bombay, NITIE is a recognised institute for business studies. Colleges in the nearby towns of Ghatkopar, Andheri, Jogeshwari are easily accessible.

Powai Lake Promenade (Source: My Powai)
Powai Lake Promenade (Source: My Powai)

Dr. L. H. Hiranandani Hospital offers renowned medical care. Additionally there are medical centres like Care and Cure Maternity Nursing Home, Godrej Memorial Hospital and the popular Seven Hills Hospital and Holy Spirit Hospital in Andheri.

Powai is a well known entertainment hub and home to many popular restaurant chains like Out of the Blue, Rude Lounge, Starbucks, Sigree Global Grill, Chili’s and more. The popular Renaissance Hotel borders Powai Lake and the more affordable Ecotel hotel Meluha is in the heart of the township. Residents can shop for groceries and conveniences at D-Mart and many local stores, shopping centres and malls like R-City. Moreover, the area around the lake has been developed into a tree-lined promenade with grassy lawns providing a scenic hangout and adding to the beauty and appeal of the town.

Commercial Centre

The many corporate offices and commercial buildings housing big names like Crisil, L&T, Deloitte Consulting, Bayer, Credit Suisse, TCS, Sanofi, J P Morgan, Nomura, Cognizant, Colgate-Palmolive as well as business centres like Kensington SEZ and Vatika Business Centre have made Powai a commercial and business centre. Everyday thousands of people stream into offices across Powai from around the city. It is also close to the business centres of Andheri like Saki Naka and MIDC as well as the sprawling office complex of Godrej Industrial Centre in Vikhroli.

Crisil House (Source: Glassdoor)
Crisil House (Source: Glassdoor)

Entrepreneurial Hub

Over the last few years Powai has also gained a reputation of being the entrepreneurial and startup hub of the city. Being home to IIT-B as well as NITIE means many engineers and business graduates from these institutes join the commercial offices in the lake town. Many of these youngsters also explore entrepreneurial opportunities. The alumni of IIT-B have also created their own network to help grow such opportunities and reach out to one another, thus creating a vibrant startup ecosystem. Powai Lake Ventures is one such network that also works as an incubator to help young entrepreneurs connect., Flyrobe, Nearfox, TinyOwl, Toppr, HolaChef, JustRide are some of the startups to emerge from the Powai Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem.

IIT-B campus
IIT-B campus

While these might sound like excellent reasons to make Powai your home, the actual experience of being here is second to none. Just ask any of the thousands who travel here for work or meetings, or social visits. The palpable buzz one feels while spending time here is certain to make one aspire to own or even rent a home in Powai. How about you? What has your experience of Powai been like?

Rajesh LifeSpaces, On Going Payment Plan Offers – Making It Easier To Own A Home In Mumbai

At a recent friends’ get together the conversation was centred on home loan EMIs. Most of my friends are married and quite a few of them have been paying EMIs/ pre-EMIs for almost a year now for their under-construction homes (the latter is the interest component one pays on the loan availed on an under construction property). The huge amounts each one mentioned they were paying on a monthly basis left me feeling I should pack up, leave the city and settle down in the mountains somewhere! But as I was travelling home that evening I noticed a hoarding about an attractive payment plan for residential properties being offered by Rajesh LifeSpaces. What followed was a little investigation into what the scheme is about and how it affects both the home buyer as well as the developer.

White City Entrance
White City Entrance

As one ventures into the residential property market, one is slammed with various schemes offered by different developers. Once you filter through all the noise, clutter and jargon you are left with two major plans: construction linked and subvention plans (few more variants of finance scheme exist, which are out of purview of current discussion). Most of us are familiar with construction linked plans as they have been in existence for a while now and offered by all banks as well as developers. The home buyer puts a down payment on the house at the time of booking and what follows is a series of payouts made by the bank to the buyer and which is passed on to the builder based on certain predetermined construction milestones. In these plans the buyer pays the interest on the loan availed which constitute a substantial portion, at least initially. EMIs or Equated Monthly Installments come into play only after the property is completely developed.

The subvention plan is designed by developers to help buyers, specifically first home buyers and derived from the latin term ‘subventus’ or to help. In a subvention scheme, a buyer needs to pay the initial down payment at the time of booking the flat, in this case, 10% of the booking value of the flat. The buyer also needs to pay the stamp duty and registration for the flat. This is important as the documents serve as proof of ownership and enable the bank to provide the financing for the construction – this is usually 70% of the flat value.

Distinguishing features (how the offer from Rajesh LifeSpaces works):

  1. The first and most significant difference in a subvention scheme is that the pre-EMIs which consist of the interest component of the loan are paid by the developer till the buyer receives possession for fit-outs of the flat.
  2. The bank disburses the loan on behalf of the buyer towards the project based on preset construction milestones.
  3. The final 15% of the flat value is to be paid by the buyer at the time of possession for fit-outs. The bank shall disburse the remaining 5% at the same juncture.

Rajesh LifeSpaces have introduced this plan for a select few of their under-construction projects where as per current construction stages, a buyer under the conventional plan is to pay over 50% of agreement value within few days of booking. These are the current projects where Rajesh LifeSpaces is offering the subvention scheme:

Project Balance due
White City 67%
Raj Infinia 47%
Raj Spectrum 20%

Let’s look at the subvention scheme in the context of Ram, a home buyer of a Rs. 1 crore flat being developed by Rajesh LifeSpaces.

Finance Scheme offered by Rajesh LifeSpaces
Finance Scheme offered by Rajesh LifeSpaces

There are some clear advantages of a subvention scheme for a buyer:

  1. Two year pre-EMI ‘holiday’ is the biggest advantage given the fact that these consist of significant portions of interest in the initial period of paying EMIs.
  2. These two years gives the buyer time to plan finances while there are no outgoings towards the home loan yet.
  3. Since the developer is paying the pre-EMI until possession for fit-outs, the onus is on them to be timely with construction milestones and ensure timely delivery of the project.
Podium level at Raj Infinia
Podium level at Raj Infinia

A subvention scheme is very attractive and useful for home buyers who want to book luxurious homes and also have the additional time to plan their finances to ensure a good life in these luxurious homes. Moreover the finance scheme allows a good entry point for a property investor as well whose initial/ upfront investment is low and in case he is looking to sell it by the time of handover, he can still do so with limited equity investment. Rajesh LifeSpaces is developing some of the most sought after residences in Mumbai’s western and central suburbs. The developer is keen that more people can enjoy its bespoke habitats and a subvention scheme looks like a convenient plan for these buyers to afford such homes.

White City by Rajesh LifeSpaces, Kandivali East – Convenience Appealing To Wider Audience

White City by Rajesh LifeSpaces

We feel special when something is reserved for us; be it a table in a restaurant, a window seat in a flight/train, a reserved quota for admission in any educational field and so on. With somewhat similar kind of concept is what, Rajesh LifeSpaces is offering at “White City”, Kandivali East – Mumbai. The developer has come up with the new marketing campaign – “Reserved for You” for its project “White City”, where the buyer/ owners will have its king size apartments/flats reserved with a blend of luxurious amenities making a desired home for the latter. Adding cherry on the cake, it has also come up with new financing option/scheme10:70:20, thereby making the financing for the buyers’convenient and hassle free.

White City: About The Project

Rajesh White City Entrance, Kandivali
White City Entrance

“Rajesh LifeSpaces” is one of the renowned real estate developer who has built a legacy that extends over 50 years, over 75 landmarks which stand tall across 7 million sq. ft. in the Megalopolis of Mumbai.

The upcoming “White City” project at Akurli Road, Kandivali (East) is being developed on a land parcel that was earlier owned by the OTIS Company. The “White City”project consists of 4 towers (viz: Wing A, B, C & D) spread across land parcel of around 11.5 acres (freehold). The towers are 40 storeys’ each and the necessary government approvals (Clearance Certificate) for the first two towers (A & B) have been obtained. The construction activity for Tower A & B started in early 2015 and is likely to be completed by December 2017 whereas the construction for Towers C & D (booking yet to commence) will be commenced soon and is expected to be completed over the next three years’. Thus, the whole project would tentatively be completed by 2019-20.

Rajesh White City, Under construction towers May 2016
Under construction towers at White City

The “White City” offers a wide option of 1, 2, 3 & 4 BHK flats as per the consumer requirements and budget. Unlike other premium projects across Mumbai, White City offers 1 BHK apartments with a luxurious lifestyle and a wide range of amenities.The key differential and USP of the White City is its spacious flats / apartments which are much larger than those generally offered by others across Mumbai. Further, it has an abundant 5 acres of open land parcel which is rarely observed in a city like Mumbai that is highly congested. Tower A and B comprises of 8 flats and 5 flats at each floor respectively.  A typical 1 BHK would account for 459 sq. ft. (carpet area) while a 4 BHK would account for 1679 sq. ft. (carpet area).

The base rate is Rs.12,690/- per sq. ft. with additional floor rise of Rs.54/- from 2nd floor onwards. The details of the various configurations offered are as under:

For Wing A:

Flat Series 1 & 2 3 & 4 5 & 6 7 & 8
Flat Type 1 BHK 1 BHK 2 BHK 1 BHK
Saleable Area 735 745 980 745
Carpet Area 459 465 611 465


 For Wing B:

Flat Series 9&10 11 12 13
Flat Type 2  BHK 3 BHK 3 BHK 4 BHK
Saleable Area 1335 2090 2015 2685
Carpet Area 833 1307 1258 1679


White City: Understanding the financing option / scheme offered

An easy and convenient financing option is a need of the hour to buy a big ticket like an apartment/flat at Mumbai. To address the same, the developer has launched 10:70:20 scheme for the White City apartments. The same is explained as under:

  • Payment for the 10% of the value of flat / apartment (plus stamp duty, registration and other charges) is to be made upfront thereby booking the flat.
  • The next 70% can be paid through loan (exclusively offered by ICICI Bank / IndiaBulls)
  • For the 70% payment made through loan, buyer gets an advantage in terms of pre EMI as the interest component upto December 2017 (tentative possession date) would be borne by the developer.
  • Actual calculation of the pre-EMI scheme would depend on the quantum of loan opted for and hence, would vary amongst the buyers’.
  • The remaining 20% is to be paid at the time of possession (which may be done through a mix of loan / personal savings).

Thus, the scheme will make it convenient for the buyers’ to live the luxurious life by booking the apartments / flats at the “White City” with relatively small token amount. The said scheme/option is available only for a limited period and is valid upto June 21, 2016.

White City: Amenities and Location

“White City”Club house shouts out modernityit consists of badminton, squash, table tennis court, cricket enclosure,gymnasium, spa, library, games room, swimming pools, cabana, party terrace and much more. The project has Wi-Fi enabled lobbies, contemporary deck with lounge seating, jogging track, skate rink, half basketball court, kid’s play area etc.

Rajesh White City Kandivali East Recent construction photos
Under construction towers at Rajesh White City

Apart from above, Rajesh White City has all other necessities / conveniences in its vicinity. There are various social spots like Schools, Hotels and Restaurants, Movies and Entertainment, Hospitals, Malls and Shopping Centre’s, Banks/ATMs etc. within a span of around 1 kilometer. To add on, one will get a spectacular view of the lush green Sanjay Gandhi National Park on one side and the city on the other. Further, the Kandivali Railway Station and Western Express Highway aren’t too far away and are well connected by public and private transport. To reach the site through the Western Express Highway, a turn from Samata Nagar Police Station is required. The Sai Baba Temple is also located nearby.

Overall, the White City by Rajesh LifeSpaces brings a spacious leisure and luxurious life desired by many in Mumbai. And with a wide range of offerings and an easy finance scheme to go with, White City homes might appeal to several (developer website).

Raj Legacy and Raj Splendor: Residences In Vikhroli (W)

Raj Legacy and Raj Splendour

Finding a place to live in is one of the biggest challenges faced by people who move to the ‘city of dreams’ – Mumbai; especially when one is looking out for a home with both location advantages and benefits of a well planned township and complexes. Be it for rent or purchase, today’s Mumbaikar is not just ‘settling’, but carefully seeking good property options. Therefore, both rental and resale values of well known properties such as Raj Legacy and Raj Splendor by Rajesh Lifespaces have been rising. For these apartment complexes that are both ready to move in stack up on several criterion one seeks in their address.

Vikroli stretch of Lal Bahadur Shastri Road, in front of Raj Splendour
Vikroli stretch of Lal Bahadur Shastri Road

The stretch from Kanjurmarg to Vikhroli(W) of the Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg (popularly called as LBS) is probably one of the very few areas in an otherwise traffic- laden road, which comes across as green and peaceful.Owing to its connectivity and access provided to various local train stations, LBS Marg is one of the busiest roads in Mumbai; right from Mulund to Kurla, numerous residential and commercial projects by renowned developers have long since mushroomed on either side of this road and there is an ever increasing demand for the same.Located next to the Vikhroli(W) station, the Raj Legacy and Raj Splendour residential complexes by Rajesh Lifespaces are the popular twin residencies in this area; surrounded by many Industrial estates and IT establishments, these homes have a great location advantage coupled with ample green cover. While these co-exist and we have been liberal in using the term “twins”, these have individual character in their own regards.

Entry to parking space at Raj Splendour
Entry to parking space
Children's play area, Raj Splendor
Children’s play area

Known for their extensive real estate projects and experience in the western suburbs such as Andheri, Bandra, Borivali, Kandivali, Dahisar and Vile Parle, Rajesh Lifespaces forayed into the Central – suburban real estate market with Raj Legacy in Vikhroli(W). The project came out in three legs – Rajesh Legacy I, II and III; consisting of 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK apartments. Raj Legacy apartment complex is equipped with modern amenities such as health club, landscaped gardens, clubhouse etc and basic infrastructure.With direct access from the LBS Marg and situated right next to the Vikhroli station, these residences ensure effortless commute to the rest of the city. At launch, the Raj Legacy homes were being sold at Rs. 0.8 Cr and Rs. 2 Cr; the units were and ready for possession by August 2013; their resale value ranges from Rs.1.4 Cr – Rs.2.7 Cr as of today. The rent for a 1BHK home here can be from Rs.30,000 onwards and for a 2BHK from Rs.38,000 onwards; again, this depends on the landlord.

Raj Splendor apartment towers
Raj Splendor apartment towers
Entrance to Raj Splendour
Entrance to Raj Splendour


Coming to Raj Splendour, the project shares boundaries with Raj Legacy complex and has entrance from a lane that turns inside from the main LBS road. Raj Splendor apartments while being on the LBS (the address) are actually 100 meter away from it that too in a lane which has several trees all along the route. It consists of 3 towers of 21 storeys each, having 2BHK and 3BHK homes; the amenities include clubhouse with party hall, jogging track, swimming pool etc.The project enjoys the location advantages of Raj Legacy and yet has a secluded feel to it. Raj Splendour was completed and available for possession by May 2014. The resale value for apartments here are in the range of Rs.1.7 Cr-Rs.1.9 Cr and rent starts from Rs.45,000.

Reasons to consider Raj Legacy and Raj Splendour as a residence

Advantageous location: Raj Legacy and Raj Splendour are blessed with a well developed neighborhood; the presence of numerous industrial estates and IT hubs make commute to workplaces effortless. Given that these two properties are located on the LBS Marg, the residents have access to a plethora of schools, colleges, hospitals, malls etc. Various landmarks around the Raj Legacy and Raj Splendour include the 24*7 park, R City mall, Home Town etc. Schools like Don Bosco High School, National High School are in the neighborhood. Ruby Hospital and Modi General Hospitals are the well known medical centres in the vicinity. Added to these, the LBS road as well as the Vikhroli station provide unmatched connectivity to the rest of the city.

R City mall, close to Raj Splendour
R City mall
  • Proximity to employment centers: Powai has grown up to become a hub for entrepreneurship and KPO/ BPO business in Mumbai. The several employers at Powai offer lucrative salaries to employees and those who can’t own a place at Powai find neighbouring Vikhroli as an option. Vikhroli (W) as such doesn’t have too many options for residences. But both Raj Legacy and Splendour are situated here as ready properties. Also one can easily access finance hubs of BKC, Lower Parel and South Bombay easily from these project either by road or train. Western suburbs such as Andheri or Goregaon can not only be reached by road but also metro service which starts at Ghatkopar, again not very from from here.
  • Amenities galore: These complexes are fully equipped with modern amenities such as clubhouse, children’s play area, swimming pool, jogging track etc which makes for a complete living. In addition to these amenities, there are landscaped gardens inside the society and ample green cover surrounding the two townships which ensures fresh air and beautiful landscape.
  • Comfortable plans: The apartments in these properties include fire fighting systems, 24*7 water supply, 24*7 power backup, video door phone and intercom facilities, and many such utilities. All buildings are equipped with automatic lifts and round the clock security ensures safety of the residents. The floor plans are well made keeping in mind the needs of the customer.
  • Well established developer: Rajesh Lifespaces has around 5 decades of experience in the real estate business and the group has delivered various projects around the city; they have garnered the trust of customers over the years and continue to do the same. Their emphasis on quality of construction and delivery, makes them one of the popular developers in the city.

Most importantly, the demand for a ready apartment at Mumbai which includes – Raj Legacy or Raj Splendour is highly unlikely to waver or go downhill and therefore these might qualify as a good investment option for buyers (firm website)

Raj Torres West – The Differentiators

Raj Torres at Thane West is being marketed as a project that offers “#PracticalLiving” so we decided to look closely at the features that differentiate it from several peers. We found there is that little extra in the design and amenities which supports the Rajesh LifeSpaces’ marketing claim of design and amenities.
[tag_para tags=”Design, Amenities”]

Design and Amenities

  1. The ground level of the project facing towards Ghodbunder Road will have large stores in the retail center. These stores, being popular among people, will give the location a whole new address and make Raj Torres a landmark in the surrounding vicinity. The part facing towards the minor road will have various other shops as well. This translates into residents having residential and retail facilities in one premise.
Site Plan of Raj Torres, Thane West
Site Plan of Raj Torres, Thane West
  1. The project has a basement, 3 levels of podium, a stilt and then the habitable floors above. While the basement and podium levels have been allotted for parking, the stilt level will have space for a business centre, a dance studio and classroom space among a lot many amenities.
  2. Project Raj Torres has a total of 5 wings, out of which 4 hold the possibility to combine 2 flats together and form exclusive twins or “Jodi flats”, as is popularly known in Mumbai. Several of Mumbai’s HNIs and joint families tend to go for such arrangement. Hence, ones looking for such configuration can find it at Raj Torres.
Schematic floor plan for one wing at Raj Torres, Thane West
Schematic floor plan for one wing at Raj Torres, Thane West
  1. The marketing pitch for Raj Torres, which focuses on providing spaces for maximization of living can be corroborated with two observations-                                                         a. a. The Living room and Dining Room form the much looked-for L shaped layout, which is a     rare find in the present times of space crunch.                                                           b. b. The bedrooms come with a separate cupboard niche, allowing for optimal use of the           living space by making the bedroom area bigger. Further adequate area is provided for     utilities such as dry balconies.
A unit plan at Raj Torres, Thane West
A unit plan at Raj Torres, Thane West

Raj Torres, Thane West “#PracticalLiving” pitch is backed by relatively larger living units in comparison to those offered at several Mumbai-Thane apartment complexes, optimal designs and functional amenities such as dance studio, class room, senior citizen activity center etc.

Read more on developer portal


Raj Grandeur, Powai – Luxury Condominiums At Powai

Raj Grandeur towers at finishing stages

We have discussed the emergence of Powai as a highly preferred residential destination several times earlier. For those who don’t have the historical perspective, Powai was a sleepy suburb of Mumbai till about 15 years back. Known for the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, picturesque Powai Lake and surrounding hills, Powai was never on radar of Mumbai property investors as it wasn’t connected by direct rail service. However over time several things worked in favour of Powai – a clutch of developers built high quality townships including several work places and retail spaces, IIT Bombay saw an upsurge in entrepreneurial ventures and the Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR) connected Powai to Eastern Express and Western Express Highways. Today Powai is a revered residential destination and no one talks of lack of railway connectivity to it. In fact Rajesh LifeSpaces saw this trend and planned Raj Grandeur targeted at those who were seeking premium homes at Powai.

I was pulled to the Raj Grandeur Powai after I saw a front page advertisement in shades of black and white. During my drive along the Eastern Express Highway the other day I again came across an advertisement, splashed across a bill board in the same shades. The attempt to grab eye balls of readers was unique and it worked. Hence, I drove down to Powai through the LBS Road and then went up the Hiranandani Link Road which starts right opposite the gates to Godrej complex at Vikhroli. I kept going straight towards the LH Hiranandani Hospital and took the Hiranandani Hospital Road leading up to Gurudwara Punjabi Sabha (Powai). Just between the Hospital and the Gurudwara enjoying a good road frontage was the Raj Grandeur site. Sitting on a natural gradient Raj Grandeur offers panoramic views of Powai Lake, Hiranandani Gardens and nearby hills.

Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital near Raj Grandeur
Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital near Raj Grandeur which can be seen on right

Raj Grandeur is coming up on 6.5 acres of land and will have 3 wings A, B and C. The first two wings A and B were part of the Phase 1 launch and have reached finishing stages. In fact it is likely that they will be ready in next three months. 30 residential floors are coming up over 3 basements, ground and 2 levels of podium for parking and amenities. As I mentioned earlier the project land is already perched up on a hill hence the 30 floors then ensure that residents are able to get largely unhindered views from their homes. The 164 apartments in Phase 1 of Raj Grandeur are all 3 and 4 BHK in configuration. The sizes of these are as follows (saleable basis) –

  1. 3 BHK Small – 2070 sq ft
  2. 3 BHK Large – 2430 sq ft
  3. 4 BHK – 3060 sq ft

Each floor will have 3 apartments which will be served by 3 lifts. For type 1 and type 3 there are balconies on two sides of the apartment. The type 2 apartments are very unique in design and layout. Firstly these are apartments in the shape of an arrow head thereby the flat is evenly distributed on two sides of the center i.e. entrance. Secondly there is a diamond shaped deck attached to the living area and thirdly the balconies are on three sides. There are running balconies along the room. Amongst the amenities are – yoga and meditation area, wi-fi lounge, steam, sauna and Jacuzzi facilities. Raj Grandeur will come with a fully fitted gymnasium, indoor cricket facilities, squash and badminton courts. There is skating rink also being created for young ones to practice the sport. There will be separate barbeque area and a coffee lounge for residents to unwind within the complex itself.

Gurudwara Punjabi Sabah near Raj Grandeur
Gurudwara Punjabi Sabah near Raj Grandeur
Raj Grandeur towers in finishing stages 2
Raj Grandeur towers in finishing stages 2

Powai is a well established social microcosm which has now gained prominence as an entrepreneurship hub. Moreover several KPOs and finance firms run their offices from here. Hotels such as Rennaisance, Ramada, Meluha the Fern and Rodas operate here. Galleria shopping arcade, D Mart and several other retail outlets ensure one doesn’t have to step out of Powai for daily needs. Raj Grandeur as discussed above is walking distance from LH Hiranandani hospital thus one gets access to health services very easily from here.

Raj Grandeur project site
Raj Grandeur project site

All in all Rajesh LifeSpaces has taken care to plan the property keeping in mind buyers who are looking for luxurious lifestyle at Powai (Raj Torres at Thane). We were told that few cricket players who have been part of IPL Franchise are amongst the buyers at Raj Grandeur. These apartments start at Rs. 5.55 cr for a 3 BHK small. Rajesh LifeSpaces isn’t new to Powai market, it has already delivered Raj Splendour at Vikhroli and is developing Radisson Blu Plaza hotel on the JVLR near Powai. Grand sizes, grand fittings, grand amenities coupled with good location might just suit those looking for a high quality address in Mumbai suburbs.