‘Powai Valley’ And Its Real Estate Cousins

15 years of continuous real estate development in Powai has made it a well-known suburb in Mumbai.

Powai Hiranandani Gardens Snap
Powai Hiranandani Gardens Snap
Hiranandani Gardens, Powai.

Hiranandani Group championed the art of ‘walk to work’ in Mumbai. In the late 90’s when the work started here, probably it was the first time such a concept was being tested in Mumbai. Powai, thanks to developments by Hiranandani,  is the most systematically planned and laid-out area in Mumbai. The popularity of this mini-township, has further allowed for the real estate market to develop in the surrounding areas as well.

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Breezing Past The Powai Valley – An Education, Entrepreneurship and Networking Hub

In the monsoon month of July 1999 my parents and I visited Mumbai for the first time. The occasion was my enrollment at the prestigious IIT-Bombay. I wore new clothes and was all charged up when we landed at Mumbai only to be greeted by a heavy downpour. Rains like this one were new to me.  It felt as if we landed during middle of the night while the clock said it was just 12 pm. As we drove towards IIT the rain seemed to gather additional momentum and lights were dimming further. Though my confidence only soared with each passing hour. Within no time it was time for lunch at the hostel and reality was quick to catch up to us, welcome to the hostel life at IIT! The very next morning crickets, grasshoppers and a solitary snake greeted us. It is said and I came to believe during the five year stay at IIT that temperatures at Powai are probably a degree or two lower than rest of Mumbai. And why not so, IIT Powai abuts a large national park and is flanked by lakes at two boundaries.

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