Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze, Chandanagar – Premium apartments in a feature-rich complex

Entrance to Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze project in Chandanagar, Hyderabad

The expansion that the city of Hyderabad has seen and continues to see over the last two decades is spellbinding, particularly along its western side. The IT boom and better infrastructure, particularly road infrastructure, have ensured that places, which were little more than villages with only the bare minimum amenities till 10-15 years ago, today boast of top class facilities for shopping, healthcare and recreation. One such area that has changed beyond recognition is Chandanagar along the Mumbai-Hyderabad highway. Aparna Constructions and Estates Pvt. Ltd., one of the biggest names in the Hyderabad real estate sector, have recognized the area’s growth and have come up with a number of projects in this same area, one of which is Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze.

This project is one part of a series of contiguous projects by Aparna, which include the completed Aparna HillPark Avenues and Aparna HillPark Boulevard and the ready to move in Aparna HillPark Gardenia villa project. I recently visited the site of Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze to understand the changes that have come about since our last visit and have mentioned details of the same below.

Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze: Improved Connectivity

Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze is around 2 km from the Mumbai-Hyderabad highway, which residents need to get to, in order to catch a bus or train to other parts of the city or for shopping etc. Aparna now runs a regular shuttle service from the project to the highway, which has resolved a major concern for its residents.

Additionally, the Hyderabad Metro project is scheduled to start operations from June 2017 and the terminal station of Miyapur, barely 6 km from here, will greatly improve connectivity to and from here. Many prestigious schools such as Delhi Public School and Oakridge International School in Manikonda have their buses plying till the complex, which is a major boon for children and their parents as well.

Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze: Apartment Overview

During my visit to Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze, I could see that almost all apartment buildings were completed, a vast majority of units have been sold and a number of units are already occupied. This 12.5 acre complex has 11 residential towers, each having 15 residential levels, built above 2 levels of parking. The apartments are 2 and 3 BHK, with a total of 943 units in the entire project. While the 2 BHK apartments are available in a single size of 1295 sq. ft., the 3 BHK apartments have options of 1610, 1695, 1825, 2250 and 2335 sq. ft. Two car parking spaces will be provided to each apartment owner.

Site photograph of Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze project in Chandanagar, Hyderabad
Site photograph of Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze

The apartment configurations are quite varied and prospective residents would be advised to look at all floor plans to choose what works for them best. While some apartments come with space for a study, others offer more sit-outs or terraces, while the larger ones have a dressing area attached to the master bedroom. Another feature that stood out for me was that in all apartments, there are only attached toilets, no common ones. The view from the higher apartments was breath-taking; I could see the lovely lawns and clubhouse of the complex as well as the perennial lake, Gangaram Cheruvu, which adjoins the complex.

View of Gangaram Cheruvu and landscaped lawns from an apartment in Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze project in Chandanagar, Hyderabad
View of Gangaram Cheruvu and landscaped lawns from an apartment in Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze

Aparna has a reputation for good design and construction quality and the same is apparent in this project as well. All homes are open from three sides and there are no common walls between any two units. Apart from preserving residents’ privacy, it ensures the house is bathed in natural light during the day; in the sample apartment that I saw, the sunlight was reaching even the kitchen at the opposite end of the apartment from the sit-out. The fittings used in the apartments are by reputed global brands, while the vitrified tiles used in flooring are manufactured by Aparna themselves. Apart from this, all homes with have provision of internet connectivity, generator backup for 6 points for 2 BHK and 7 points for 3 BHK units, intercom facility for security and cable TV and telephone connectivity in the living room and master bedroom.

The base price of a west-facing apartment in Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze is Rs. 4,349/sq. ft., while for an east-facing apartment, it comes to Rs. 4,449/sq. ft. The overall price for a 2 BHK apartment comes to Rs. 70 lakh. A 3 BHK apartment of 1610 sq. ft. costs Rs. 86 lakh, a 1695 apartment can be purchased for Rs. 90 lakh, while an 1825 sq. ft. apartment comes to Rs. 97 lakh. The pricing is an indicator of the premium nature of the project as well as the developer’s brand.

Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze: Amenities Overview

Aparna is known for its amenity-rich projects and in Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze, it takes this several notches ahead. To begin with, the landscaping of the complex deserves a mention, be it the fountains at the entrance or the beautiful lawns along the lakefront as well as between the residential towers. This creates a green and peaceful environment within the complex while also providing spaces for social interactions among residents, creating stronger bonds between them. With vehicular movement restricted to a designated path, residents can take a relaxed walk or jog along the pathway provided in the lawns without needing to worry about vehicles.

Swimming pool in clubhouse of Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze project in Chandanagar, Hyderabad
Swimming pool in clubhouse of Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze

The clubhouse is an impressive structure, having a built up area of 30,000 sq. ft. It boasts of a beautiful entrance lounge and numerous facilities such as a day care for residents’ children, guest suites for residents’ visitors to stay in, a video lounge to watch movies or sports programmes, spa, air-conditioned gymnasium and a billiards/pool room. An elevated swimming pool with deck chairs is a good place to relax, while enjoying a view of the neighbouring lake.

Cricket net and tennis court at Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze project in Chandanagar, Hyderabad
Cricket net and tennis court at Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze

Next to the clubhouse are a cricket net, tennis court and basketball court. In addition, towards the southern side of the complex (away from the entrance) is a skating rink and a second swimming pool. There are fitness stations and children’s play areas at regular intervals in the lakeside as well as the central lawns. The latter also has two badminton courts. To complete the picture, is a fully functional commercial complex next to the entrance, which has a supermarket, ATM and a pharmacy.


Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze has come a long way in a very short space of time. This project has many positives; the biggest being the construction quality, the plethora of amenities, the vastly improved connectivity, the developer’s reputation and the ready to move in apartments. Among the most sought after projects in Chandanagar, this premium project has plenty to offer to prospective residents, looking for a peaceful lifestyle in a thriving community.

Aparna CyberZon, Nallagandla – Project Overview, Analysis & Status Review

Aparna CyberZon in Nallagandla, Hyderabad

The popularity of Cyberabad (as western Hyderabad is referred to) continues to grow among major multinational companies, particularly in the IT and pharma space, which in turn attracts hordes of the brightest talent from across the country. An inevitable boom in real estate saw prices heading northwards and people looking for more affordable homes, which at the same time are loaded with facilities for a comfortable life. Nallagandla is one such area that has been a major beneficiary of this boom and Aparna Constructions and Estates Pvt. Ltd. (Aparna, in short), one of Hyderabad’s leading developers, has come up with many projects here, one of which is Aparna CyberZon.

Aparna CyberZon is one of Aparna’s five projects in Nallagandla, which also include the completed Aparna Cyber Commune and Aparna Sarovar, the nearly-complete Aparna Sarovar Grande and the under-construction Aparna Cyber Life. The fact that they have so many projects in the same area and all have attracted plenty of interest is proof of the heavy housing demand here. I recently visited the project site and provide my impressions below.

Aparna CyberZon: Location & Connectivity

To get to Aparna CyberZon, if approaching from the old Mumbai Highway, one needs to get on to the Kanchi-Gachibowli road and take the first left towards Aparna Cyber Commune. Aparna CyberZon comes just after the former. In general, the roads to the project are quite good, if approaching from this direction, but not so good if coming directly from Gachibowli or Tellapur. That said, for techies working in the major districts of Hitec City and Gachibowli, this project is a decent option. Major IT hubs such as DLF Cyber City (9 km), Financial District (10 km), DivyaSree Omega (10 km) and Cyber Towers (11 km) are not too far from here. Whether it is the project name or their sales pitch, Aparna makes no bones about who their target segment is.

Public transportation connectivity to this area offers a mixed picture. Buses are rather few and infrequent, as of now. However, Lingampally MMTS Station is barely 2 km from here and offers good rail connectivity to the entire city, particularly the major railway hubs of Secunderabad and Nampally. The Hyderabad Metro service, due to launch in June 2017, won’t help residents of this project much as the nearest station, Shilparamam, is around 11 km away. What is of greater utility to residents, however, is its proximity to the Outer Ring Road, which gets them to other parts of the city as well as the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (40 km), which can be reached in around an hour from here.

Aparna CyberZon : Social Conveniences

Residents of Aparna CyberZon have a number of good options to choose from, when it comes to their kids’ education. Some of the good schools in the area include Sancta Maria International School (3 km), Manthan International School (3 km), St. Ann’s High School (4 km) and Chirec International School (5 km). Arguably, Hyderabad’s best-rated higher educational institutions are close by as well, such as University of Hyderabad (3 km), Indian School of Business (10 km) and ICFAI University (11 km).

The picture changes, when one looks at healthcare options. The best options nearby are Citizens Hospital (0.8 km) and Mythri Hospital (4 km), with others such as Continental Hospital (10 km) slightly further away. Shopping options in the immediate vicinity of the project too are rather limited, though Aparna are planning to build a mall nearby to address the same. However, as of now, residents will need to travel to Kukatpally, Gachibowli or Madhapur for the mall experience.

Aparna CyberZon : Site Overview

Aparna CyberZon project in Nallagandla, Hyderabad
View of the Nallagandla Lake from Aparna CyberZon

Aparna CyberZon sits on a 21 acres land parcel. It is a large project, comprising 20 apartment towers having 10 residential levels, above a cellar for parking. The project has a good network of internal roads, while the amenities are spread out across the complex, particularly its outer periphery. The clubhouse lies near the entrance and is surrounded by beautiful lawns. One side of the complex overlooks the Nallagandla Lake, which provides a good backdrop. Aparna is planning to construct a lakeside road, connecting all of its projects.

Aparna CyberZon project in Nallagandla, Hyderabad
Completed apartment buildings at Aparna CyberZon

When I visited the project site, I could see that all buildings were complete and many apartments were already occupied. The clubhouse too is up and running. For someone looking for a ready to move in apartment, this is an interesting option.

Aparna CyberZon : Apartment Overview

Aparna CyberZon offers residents a choice of 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments, with a total of 1530 units in all. While the 2 BHK apartments are of size 1245 and 1265 sq. ft., the sizes for 3 BHK are more varied ranging from 1430 – 1855 sq. ft. All apartments are either east-facing or west-facing. Residents of each apartment will be provided 2 parking spaces.

Structurally, there are more similarities between the 2 BHK and smaller 3 BHK apartments (for instance, both have 2 toilets: 1 common and 1 attached), with the only point of difference being the additional bedroom. The larger 3 BHK apartments come with a dressing area attached to the master bedroom and 3 toilets, all of which are attached ones as well as a store, next to the kitchen.

Living room in apartment in Aparna CyberZon project in Nallagandla, Hyderabad
Living room in apartment in Aparna CyberZon

The living and dining room, kitchen and all bedrooms have vitrified tile flooring, with the tiles developed in-house by Aparna themselves. The developer promises continuous water supply and has an onsite water softening plant to handle water drawn from bore wells before supplying to residents’ homes. Power backup of up to 6 points will be provided for residents of 2 BHK apartments and for 7 points to those of 3 BHK units. All apartments will have provision for Internet connectivity and for cable TV and telephone in the living room and master bedroom.

The base price of a west-facing apartment is Rs. 4299/sq. ft., while that for an east-facing apartment is Rs. 4399/sq. ft. The all-inclusive price for a 2 BHK apartment is ~Rs. 54 lakh, while that for a 3 BHK one ranges from ~Rs. 62 – 81 lakh, depending on the apartment’s size. Compared to the neighbouring Aparna Cyber Life and Aparna Sarovar Grande projects, apartments in this project are more affordable.

As far as monthly rents are concerned, 2 BHK apartments are available from Rs. 21,000/-, 3 BHK for 25,000/- and above, and 4 BHK for Rs. 32,000/- or more. Resale price for a 2 BHK typically is upwards of Rs. 65 Lacs, which is higher than the new booking price and may vary according to interiors and finishes.

Aparna CyberZon : Amenities Overview

Aparna CyberZon is one of the most amenity-rich projects in this part of the city. The centerpiece is the clubhouse, Club@CyberZon, which is a whopping 74,000 sq. ft. four level fully air-conditioned structure. It contains a multi-cuisine restaurant, which I saw many residents ordering from during my visit, a supermarket for groceries, guest rooms, and a pharmacy for medicines. Among the facilities available for relaxation/recreation include a lounge, multipurpose hall, massage parlour, mini theatre and meditation hall. For the more athletic types, there is a gymnasium, badminton court and a large swimming pool.

Elevated seating platform, overlooking the Nallagandla Lake, in Aparna CyberZon project in Nallagandla, Hyderabad
Elevated seating platform, overlooking the Nallagandla Lake, in Aparna CyberZon

Elsewhere in the complex are lawn tennis courts, basketball court, jogging track and children’s play area. Another standout feature are the tree house like elevated seating areas, overlooking the Nallagandla Lake. For a resident looking to just relax or spend some quality time with friends and family, this is a great place to be in, providing a beautiful view as well as a peaceful environment.


For a home buyer looking for a ready to move apartment in an established complex by a reputed builder, Aparna CyberZon does appear as a decent option. It boasts of a good community and a plethora of amenities of all kinds as well as overlooks a natural water body. As more people settle in Nallagandla, one can expect better connectivity to one’s workplace as well as better social conveniences, which should make living here an even more pleasurable experience.

Golf View, Nanakramguda – Project Overview, Analysis & Status Review

The western side of the city of Hyderabad, which is often referred to as Cyberabad, owing to the massive presence of Information Technology (IT) companies here, is among the most sought after residential locations. In particular, the areas of Gachibowli and Hitec City, which hold most IT offices, have long attracted plenty of demand from home buyers. As a result, property prices have seen a sharp increase in these areas, with most home buyers looking for more affordable options nearby. One such option is the Golf View apartment project.

Golf View is a project by Theme Ambience Constructions Pvt. Ltd., which has many residential projects in the city to their name such as Indralok Complex and Whisper Valley. I came across this project while cruising down the Outer Ring Road and decided to check what all it has to offer to residents.

Golf View: Location & Connectivity

Golf View derives its name from the Emaar MGF Boulder Hills Golf Course, which is almost adjacent to this project, although the view of the golf course may not last long with another project coming up behind it. Located right next to Nanakramguda Junction on the Outer Ring Road (ORR), this project offers convenient connectivity to all parts of the city of Hyderabad. Primarily targeting the IT crowd employed nearby, this project offers a convenient place to live in, at a very short distance from their work place. Financial District is barely 1.5 km from here, while Wave Rock SEZ (3 km), DLF Cyber City and Raheja Mindspace IT Park (both 6 km) and Cyber Towers (8 km) are all a short drive away.

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad is 28.5 km away, but can be reached within 30 minutes using the ORR. The nearest railway station is Hitec City, which is 9 km away. The upcoming Hyderabad Metro will have a station at Shilparamam (6.5 km), which would provide a further boost to inner-city connectivity from here. Bus connectivity is not too good at present and Nanakramguda Road, on which this project is located, is not in the best of shape, though there are plans of widening it to handle greater volumes of traffic.

Golf View: Social Conveniences

Being located very close to the happening area of Gachibowli, Golf View offers a wide range of social amenities for residents of the project. The most sought after schools in Cyberabad such as Oakridge International School (1.5 km), Delhi Public School (2 km) and Phoenix Greens International School (5 km) are a short drive away, as are prestigious higher educational institutions such as Indian School of Business (4.5 km), ICFAI University (7.5 km), NIFT (8 km) and University of Hyderabad (7 km).

Malls such as Inorbit Mall and Forum Sujana Mall are within 10 km from here, as are a number of shopping centers. The clubhouse of the project also contains a functioning grocery store for residents’ daily needs. For medical care, options include Continental Hospital (3 km), Himagiri Hospital (3.5 km), Care Hospital (5 km) and Max Cure Hospital (7 km). In short, residents of this complex definitely have a number of options available to them for meeting any of their varied needs.

Golf View: Site Overview

Golf View occupies a 4 acre land parcel, of which around 70% is open space, which is an important factor for any prospective resident looking for a home in this market. The constructed area consists of 5 residential buildings, each having 15 residential levels, built above 2 levels (ground and cellar) for vehicle parking as well as a clubhouse. All buildings have 2 passenger lifts and 1 service lift to facilitate ease of movement for residents.

Clubhouse in Golf View project in Nanakramguda, Hyderabad
Clubhouse in Golf View

At the time of my visit (February 2017), I could see that the clubhouse and most blocks were completed and already most apartments were occupied. The exterior of block A was largely complete, although most apartments needed work. The complex also has a Water Softening Plant to soften water coming from the bore wells as well as a Sewage Treatment Plant, which recycles used water and reuses it for watering the gardens etc.

Golf View: Apartment Overview

Bedroom in sample apartment in Golf View project in Nanakramguda, Hyderabad
Bedroom in sample apartment in Golf View

Golf View offers 2 BHK and 3 BHK residences of varying sizes. Block A comprises of 6 units per level, of which there are three each of 2 and 3 BHK. Block B has 5 units per level, with 3 units of 3 BHK and the remaining 2 being 2 BHK. Block C has four apartments per level, all of which are 3 BHK. One can conclude that there are more 3 BHK units, as compared to the 2 BHK ones.

While the 2 BHK apartments of offer have a size of 1295 or 1395 sq. ft., the apartment sizes available for 3 BHK include 1735, 1770, 1805, 1920 and 2005 sq. ft. The 2 BHK apartments come with a single balcony, while 3 BHK apartments have two. In the larger 3 BHK apartments, a puja room and a dressing area in the master bedroom have been provided.

Kitchen in sample apartment in Golf View project in Nanakramguda, Hyderabad
Kitchen in sample apartment in Golf View

The design of the apartments deserves a mention. All apartments are open on 3 sides and have no common walls between them. While the openness of the apartments ensures the circulation of plentiful natural light and ventilation throughout the apartment, having no common walls with one’s neighbours protects residents’ privacy.

The base price of an apartment in Golf View is Rs. 4,770/sq. ft. Additional charges are applicable for amenities, parking, registration, maintenance and other legal formalities.

Golf View: Amenities Overview

The club house of Golf View is already operational and is quite impressive to look at. It contains a grocery store, a covered swimming pool and kids’ pool, library and multipurpose hall, along with a crèche to take care of residents’ children when their parents are at work. Also, present is a meditation center and facilities for both indoor and outdoor games for residents looking for a more active lifestyle.

Partially-covered Swimming pool in clubhouse of Golf View


Golf View is a compact residential complex, offering a comfortable lifestyle for residents along with proximity to their workplaces and great connectivity to major transportation hubs and social amenities in the neighborhood. With apartment prices here being much more affordable than many other projects nearby, it is an option worth considering for a customer looking for good value for their investment in a home.

Aparna HillPark Gardenia, Chandanagar – Project Overview, Analysis & Status Review

View of the entrance gate of Aparna HillPark Gardenia project in Chandanagar, Hyderabad

The rise of western Hyderabad (better known as Cyberabad) as a major IT, financial and educational hub has developed not just the areas of Hitec City and Gachibowli, where these establishments are located, but many other areas around them while expanding the city’s boundaries at the same time. Among the biggest contributors to this development has been Aparna Constructions & Estates Pvt. Ltd., which has come up with a number of projects, catering to various segments of home buyers. One such project is Aparna HillPark Gardenia, a luxury villa project in Chandanagar.

The origin of this project is interesting: Aparna purchased a large land parcel, adjacent to the site of this project and began construction there. All the land-owners, who together held the area on which the project stands, decided to approach Aparna to develop their land as well. Aparna agreed and the villas that have come up since have been divided, with some owned by the land-owners and the rest by Aparna. Hence, one can approach either party to purchase a villa here. In this article, we look at Aparna HillPark Gardenia in greater detail.

Aparna HillPark Gardenia: Location & Connectivity

Gangaram Cheruvu (Lake) near the site of Aparna HillPark Gardenia project in Chandanagar, Hyderabad
Gangaram Cheruvu (Lake) near the site of Aparna HillPark Gardenia

To arrive at Aparna HillPark Gardenia, one needs to take the Hyderabad-Mumbai highway till Chandanagar and then, turn on to PJR Enclave Road. After about a kilometer, one needs to take a left turn from the signboard indicating the project. A short picturesque drive with a hill on one side and a lake (Gangaram Cheruvu) on the other side later, one arrives at the project site. Aparna has 3 other projects next door: Aparna HillPark Avenues, Aparna HillPark Boulevard and Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze. This project primarily caters to professionals and businesspeople, working in the nearby areas of Miyapur, Kukatpally and Lingampally as well as head honchos of various IT companies around Hitec City and Gachibowli, who desire (and can afford) an independent villa.

While the Hyderabad-Mumbai highway (2.5 km away) is well-serviced by buses, none come towards the project. Aparna runs regular shuttle buses from the project site to the highway for the purpose. Chandanagar MMTS railway station (4 km) is the nearest railhead, from which one can take a suburban train to the major train stations of Secunderabad and Nampally. The Hyderabad Metro, due to be launched in June 2017, will further improve connectivity to the project with the nearest station, Miyapur, being 6.5 km from here. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad (42 km away) is at the opposite end of the city, but can be easily reached in around an hour, using the Outer Ring Road expressway, which is not too far.

Aparna HillPark Gardenia: Social Conveniences

If one is to look at the various social conveniences which residents of Aparna HillPark Gardenia can access in the neighbourhood, one can see some good options, but not too many of them nearby. The best schools in the vicinity include St. Anns School (4.5 km), Sancta Maria International School (6.5 km) and Chirec International School (10.5 km), although the most preferred options for residents were Oakridge International School and Delhi Public School (both 15 km away), which also run buses to here. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU, 10 km), University of Hyderabad (11 km) and NIFT (11.5 km) are among the most prominent higher educational institutions in the vicinity.

Supermarket and clinic near the entrance of Aparna HillPark Gardenia and Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze projects in Chandanagar, Hyderabad
Supermarket and clinic near the entrance of Aparna HillPark Gardenia and Aparna HillPark Lake Breeze

Hospitals such as Pranaam Hospital and Healix Hospital are within 4 km from here, but the more reputed ones nearby include Citizens Hospital (9 km) and Mythri Hospital (5 km). Aparna has set up a supermarket and clinic near the entrance of the project, from where residents can purchase their groceries or get normal medical treatments done. Also, the nearby Hyderabad-Mumbai highway boasts of a number of shopping centers, providing all kinds of products for residents.

Aparna HillPark Gardenia: Site Overview

Aparna HillPark Gardenia occupies an area of 16 acres, 80% of which is open space. The project contains 116 luxury duplex villas, of which 43 come under the land-owners’ share, while the remaining are with Aparna. All villas are arranged in blocks, which are criss-crossed by roads, with parking space for 2 vehicles provided within each villa. A set of 14 villas nearest to the entrance are at a slight elevation compared to the rest and offer a nice view of the entire project.

Fountain and garden at the entrance of Aparna HillPark Gardenia project in Chandanagar, Hyderabad
Fountain and garden at the entrance of Aparna HillPark Gardenia

At the time of my visit, I could see that exterior work was completed for most villas, though I got the impression that many of the early purchasers are getting their interiors done before moving in. An onsite sewage treatment plant (STP) treats sewage from homes and reuses it for watering the gardens, while a water treatment plant augments the water supply to the complex by softening the water drawn from bore wells. The project also has a clubhouse and a swimming pool, but they were not accessible at the time of my visit, so I cannot comment on the same.

Aparna HillPark Gardenia: Villa Overview

All villas in Aparna HillPark Gardenia are 4 bedroom, duplex villas, which are either east-facing or west-facing. Villa sizes vary greatly, from 3,409 sq. ft. to 5,205 sq. ft. (including ground floor, first floor and parking), though most villas are at or near the lower area figure. Each villa comes for a price starting from approx. Rs. 2.8 crores upwards.

The ground floor of each villa has the portico, which is sufficient to park two cars. As one enters the apartment through the foyer, one comes across the drawing room, followed by the living and dining room. Next to the dining room is the kitchen, which contains a store and a utility area. Next to it is a deck, leading to the villa’s private garden. Also, on this floor are one bedroom (with attached toilet) and the maid’s room and toilet, which have a separate entrance from the rear.

The first floor contains a lounge as well as the Pooja room, master bedroom and two other bedrooms. Each of these bedrooms has an attached toilet and a dressing room. The best part of this floor is the large sit-out provided next to the lounge, which allows residents to soak in the cool air and enjoy the beautiful sunrise or sunset from the comfort of their homes. A large terrace lies atop the villa, with a staircase provided for internal movement of residents.

The developer is offering 100% power backup for all appliances, including ACs and geysers. All bedrooms, kitchen and the living and dining room have vitrified tile flooring, while the staircase and entrance has amalgamated marble flooring. Provision will be made for cable TV, telephone points and internet connection in all rooms of the villa.

Aparna HillPark Gardenia: Amenities Overview

All amenities in the complex are concentrated in and around the clubhouse located near the rear of the complex. The clubhouse comes with ample parking space and has facilities such as an air-conditioned lounge, gymnasium, steam room, spa, swimming pool and kids’ pool, along with facilities for indoor games such as billiards, snooker and table tennis.

Along the periphery of the complex are green lawns for residents to walk in or engage in social interactions with each other. In addition, there are pergolas, a basketball court, tennis court as well as a party lawn behind the clubhouse for any private or community functions.


Aparna HillPark Gardenia offers good quality villas for home buyers, who wish to have their own private home, separate from the usual apartments and at the same time, wishing to take possession at the earliest, as most villas are ready to move in. Built by a reputed developer in the midst of plenty of greenery and natural beauty and away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, this project holds plenty of appeal for its target class.

My Home Vihanga, Gachibowli – Project Overview, Analysis & Status

My Home Vihanga project in Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Any first-time visitor to Cyberabad (the IT district in the western side of Hyderabad city) cannot help but be amazed by the numerous new-age complexes, both residential and commercial. Many of these are architectural wonders and contain several amenities for those residing or renting them. Among the real estate firms, which have contributed greatly towards the impressive façade of this area, is My Home Constructions. The developers have a number of existing landmark projects such as My Home Hub, My Home Jewel and My Home Abhra. They also have upcoming ones such as My Home Bhooja, My Home Avatar and My Home Vihanga, which we shall focus on.

My Home Vihanga is among the most visited projects in this part of the city, owing to the developer’s reputation and its location. I visited the project site to understand what does it promise to prospective residents as well as see where the project is at currently.

My Home Vihanga : Location & Connectivity

My Home Vihanga is located a short drive away from Wipro Circle in Financial District in Gachibowli. To get from here to the project site, one needs to take the road to Tellapur and take a right turn just before Q-City and follow the road for around a kilometer. This project is located very close to offices of major companies such as Microsoft, Accenture, ICICI Bank, Wipro and TCS, all within 3 km from here. Other major IT hubs such as Raheja Mindspace (9 km), Cyber Gateway (9.5 km) and Cyber Towers (10 km) are also not too far from here. This project primarily is aimed at those working in companies in these areas.

The road leading up to the project site needed work, but that should be completed along with the project. Public transportation connectivity to the site is an issue, few buses operate here and the nearest railway station, Hitec City MMTS Station, is around 12 km away. The upcoming Hyderabad Metro will have its nearest station at Shilparamam (10.5 km). Hence, for residents, using their own vehicles or relying on the ubiquitous taxi services are the best option for commuting. This project is around 5 km from the Outer Ring Road expressway, using which one can reach the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad (32.5 km), within around 40 km.

My Home Vihanga : Social Conveniences

In contrast to the limited public transport options, those desiring to own or reside in My Home Vihanga have not much to think about when it comes to various social amenities, its neighbourhood boasting of plenty of them. Among the top schools nearby are Oakridge International School (4.5 km), Delhi Public School (5 km), Phoenix Green International School (7.5 km) and Chirec International School (8.5 km). Prestigious higher educational institutions too abound, with Indian School of Business (ISB) and University of Hyderabad on either side of the project, with NIFT and ICFAI University within close proximity as well.

Residents have plenty of options for shopping (malls such as Inorbit and numerous departmental stores) and dining (serving all kinds of cuisine). For healthcare too, the options are many, the most prominent being Continental Hospitals (2.5 km), Himagiri Hospital (5 km), Ambicare Clinic (7 km) and Care Hospitals (7.5 km).

My Home Vihanga : Site Overview

The complex of My Home Vihanga occupies an area of 21 acres, of which 74% will be open space. The residential area consists of 20 apartment blocks, each in pairs with a central landscaped garden. Along the center of the complex too will be large landscaped lawns, kids play areas and various other amenities for residents. Vehicle movement will be restricted to the outer periphery of the complex, allowing safety of movement for residents within the complex. Also along the periphery are both the clubhouses and the swimming pool.

My Home Vihang
My Home Vihang

The developer is to hand over possession of apartments around June 2017. At the time of my visit, I could see that the exterior of nearly all buildings was complete, with work on the interiors going on. The central landscaped gardens and the clubhouses were still under construction.

My Home Vihanga : Apartment Overview

My Home Vihanga has 20 apartment blocks, each having 17 residential levels, built above 2 levels of parking. It contains a mixture of 2 BHK (areas of 1115 and 1275 sq. ft.) and 3 BHK (areas of 1690, 1740, 1835 and 2160 sq. ft.) units, with nearly 2000 units in all. In all blocks, the corner apartments are larger than the central ones. While most blocks have 6 units per level, four blocks (7, 8, 13, 14) will have 7 per level. For ease of movement within the building, 4 lifts (3 passenger and 1 service) and 2 staircases will be provided.

Living, dining and puja room in sample apartment in My Home Vihanga project in Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Living, dining and puja room in sample apartment in My Home Vihanga

All apartments are designed to be open from 3 sides and no two apartments will have any common wall. Not only does this design ensure privacy of residents, it also allows for effective natural lighting and cross-ventilation of each apartment. While the 2 BHK apartments have only a living and dining area, the 3 BHK apartments have a drawing room as well. Between the 3 BHK apartments as well, there is plenty of variance with regards to provision of a dressing area in 1 or more bedrooms as well as containing a store room or not. All apartments, whether 2 or 3 BHK, will have 1 common toilet with the remaining being attached ones.

Bedroom in sample apartment in My Home Vihanga project in Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Bedroom in sample apartment in My Home Vihanga

All towers have been designed to withstand heavy winds or earthquakes. For security of residents, intercom facility will be provided in homes as well as lifts and motion sensor cameras will be used for common areas. All homes will have provision of Wi-Fi, Direct to Home (DTH) television and telephone connections and piped gas supply, with meters to track usage. The living, drawing, dining rooms and all bedrooms will have 600X600 mm vitrified tile flooring, adding to the elegance of the apartment.

The base price of an apartment at My Home Vihanga is Rs. 4600/sq. ft. Taking into account charges for parking places, amenities, documentation, maintenance etc., the all-inclusive price for a 3 BHK apartment here lies in the range of Rs. 97 lakh to Rs. 1.25 crore.

My Home Vihanga: Amenities Overview

Under-construction clubhouse in the My Home Vihanga project in Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Under-construction clubhouse in My Home Vihanga

All of My Home Constructions’ projects are known to be rich in amenities provided to residents and the plans for My Home Vihanga illustrate the same. The complex is planned to have not one, but 2 clubhouses, to cater to the large number of residents of the complex. Among the amenities these clubhouses will contain are a saloon, spa, restaurant, convenience store, guest rooms, crèche and ATM, along with badminton courts and facilities for indoor games.

The complex will have a swimming pool next to the second clubhouse. In addition, the central landscaped areas will have kids’ play areas, sit-outs and a jogging track for residents to keep fit. For outdoor sports enthusiasts, there will be basketball and tennis courts as well as a skating rink.


My Home Vihanga has a number of positives, such as a developer having an impressive track record, a convenient location, comfortable and well-equipped homes and numerous amenities for residents. Though there are some areas of concern such as limited public transportation options, with more people settling in the area, this can be expected to only improve. The project does appear to be an appealing option for someone working in the vicinity and looking for a comfortable home, with a short timeframe for taking possession.

RK-CPR Bella Vista, Nallagandla – Project Overview, Analysis & Status Review

Sample villa in RK-CPR's Bella Vista project in Nallagandla, Hyderabad

The Information Technology (IT) revolution in India has been a big driver of development in many urban areas of the country, while also bringing to a greater number of people previously unheard of levels of prosperity. With an improvement in their living standards, people’s aspirations have grown similarly, particularly when it comes to choosing their dream home. While apartment complexes are still popular, an increasing number of people are now opting for standalone villa projects. The city of Hyderabad has in recent times seen many such projects come up, one of which is the Bella Vista project in Nallagandla.

Bella Vista is being developed by CPR Constructions Pvt. Ltd. and RK Infracorp Pvt. Ltd. The promoters have plenty of experience in both apartment and villa projects in Hyderabad and Tirupati. During my recent visit to Nallagandla, I chanced upon the project site and decided to pay a visit to check it out. This article summarizes my observations from this visit.

Bella Vista: Location & Connectivity

Bella Vista is located a short distance from the Aparna Sarovar project in Nallagandla, which is one of the fastest growing suburbs of western Hyderabad. Targeting primarily executives of the IT companies based in this part of the city as well as businessmen and professionals such as doctors, this project’s location offers ease of connectivity and promises reduced commuting time. For IT executives in particular, reaching their workplaces from here will be less of a hassle as the major IT hotpots such as Financial District (7 km), DLF Cyber City (9 km), Raheja Mindspace IT Park (15 km) and Cyber Gateway (15 km) can be conveniently reached from here.

Direct bus connectivity to the project site is rather limited as of now. However, Lingampally railway station, the starting point of Hyderabad’s suburban MMTS train network, is only 4 km from the site and offers an inexpensive mode of communication to other parts of the city as well as the main railway hubs of Secunderabad and Nampally. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad is around 37 km from the project site and can be reached via Gachibowli and the Outer Ring Road.

Bella Vista: Social Conveniences

When one considers the availability of various social amenities around the project site of Bella Vista, it would be fair to conclude that it is a rather mixed bag. The reason for the same is that Nallagandla is an emerging real estate destination and with more projects coming up and people moving in, more service providers can be expected to set up shop around here.

One aspect residents of this project need not fret about is providing quality education for their children. Many good schools are located in close proximity to Bella Vista, which include Manthan International School, CHIREC International School, Epistemo Global and Sancta Maria International School. Each of these schools is located within a 6-7 km radius of the project and run their own buses to and from various other projects in this area. Higher educational institutions such as University of Hyderabad (2 km) and Indian School of Business (9 km) are also nearby.

Medical care options near the project are rather few, however, with the exception of Citizens Hospital (1.5 km) and Continental Hospital (7 km). While there are a few grocery shops nearby, one needs to travel some distance to Gachibowli to come across major malls and shopping centers. However, I was able to gather that a mall is planned to come up within 1.5 km of the project site in due course, which should greatly benefit residents.

Bella Vista: Site Overview

Bella Vista is coming up on a 10.5 acre land parcel in two phases. The first phase will comprise 60 villas, with the second containing 48, making a total of 108 villas. At the time of my visit, I could see that work on villas for both phases was on in full swing, with the ones in Phase 1 in an obviously more advanced stage (some villas were almost ready for possession). The main entrance gate too was under construction, while work remains to be done on the internal roads.

Under-construction Phase 2 villas in RK-CPR's Bella Vista project in Nallagandla, Hyderabad
Under-construction Phase 2 villas in Bella Vista

The project will be crisscrossed by 30 feet wide roads, connecting to a peripheral 40 feet wide road. A clubhouse and parks within the complex provide space for residents to indulge in sports, relaxation and participate in social or community functions.

Bella Vista: Villa Overview

Each of the 108 villas in Bella Vista is a triplex luxury villa of 4 BHK configuration. The built-up area of the villas varies from 3140 to 3925 sq. ft. All villas come with two car parking spaces. The base price of a villa is ~Rs. 6000/ sq. ft., with the total all-inclusive package working out to be in the range from ~Rs. 1.9 – 2.4 crore.

Living room (along with puja room) in sample villa of RK-CPR's Bella Vista project in Nallagandla, Hyderabad
Living room (along with puja room) in sample villa of Bella Vista

All villas are either east-facing or west-facing, as is the trend in Hyderabad. The ground floor of the villa contains an entrance lounge, drawing room, one bedroom with attached toilet as well as a servant’s room. Moving to the first floor, one comes across the living room (which is double-heighted i.e. its ceiling is the second floor’s ceiling, not the first floor’s), dining room, kitchen, puja room, another bedroom and a balcony. On the second floor are the remaining two bedrooms, including the master bedroom as well as an open terrace.

Bedroom in sample villa of RK-CPR's Bella Vista project in Nallagandla, Hyderabad
Bedroom in sample villa of Bella Vista

Elegant 800X800 mm vitrified tile flooring used in the living areas and the bedrooms of the apartment. Modular electric switches of Roma or Anchor brands will be used in the apartment. Residents will be offered uninterrupted water supply and power backup at all times. In addition, power points for television and air conditioners will be provided in each of the bedrooms. For internal mobility of residents in the villa, a private internal lift and a staircase will be provided.

Bella Vista: Amenities Overview

As with other projects, the main hub of the amenities provided to residents will be the 18,000 sq. ft. clubhouse, which was under construction at the time of my visit. The clubhouse is planned to contain a library, multipurpose hall, steam & spa room, yoga studio and a saloon and beauty parlour. In addition, residents wishing to indulge in sports can take a swim at the pool or indulge in various indoor games.

In addition, the complex will have parks and play areas at regular intervals to residents to play their favourite sports or interact with each other. Also, provided will be an amphitheater and a car wash area.


RK-CPR’s Bella Vista is among the first villa projects in the apartment complex dominated Nallagandla area of western Hyderabad and promises to offer a mix of convenience, comfort and privacy to each of its residents. Construction of this project, which has had some delays earlier, is now getting its act together and proceeding well. While final impressions of the project need to wait till both phases are complete, it is an intriguing option for executives, businesspeople and others, who wish to upgrade their living standard by moving to the large private space that a villa offers.