Wadhwa Anmol Fortune – Goregaon (West) – Price, Location, USPs

Wadhwa Anmol Fortune entrance

What would be a real estate buyer’s wish list when he looks out for a property? Well, a large part of the audience would be looking out for a reputed developer, large and luxurious flats, advantageous location and lastly convenient financing option in terms of payments. All these are seemingly coming under one roof, if one is looking out for a property in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai. Wadhwa Anmol Fortune located at Unnat Nagar, Goregaon West is worth looking at considering its advantageous location and large size flats with a touch of luxury and being developed by one of the reputed builders – The Wadhwa Group. The 2.2 acres of land parcel where the project is being developed was taken over by The Wadhwa Group in 2014 from the erstwhile real estate developer Polycon Realtors. The project has all necessary approvals in place and is on its way for a completion by 2018.

Wadhwa Anmol Fortune: About The Project

Wadhwa Anmol Fortune site photo
Anmol Fortune site photo

The project Anmol Fortune is coming up at Unnat Nagar, Goregaon (West).The developer Wadhwa Group is placed amongst the most eminent real estate companies in Mumbai. The group has over 45 years of experience in the real estate business and has the track record of completing the projects in a timely manner. It undertakes developments of both residential as well as commercial buildings’; the prominent amongst the commercial buildings includes marvelous “The Capital” located at Bandra Kurla Complex – BKC in Mumbai. The Wadhwa Group’s Anmol Fortune has an impressive legacy and lineage. The Anmol Group of projects (Anmol Pride & Anmol Prestige) in Goregaon West are a tribute to the meteoric rise in Goregaon; as one of the most progressive and sought after suburban destination in Mumbai.

The Anmol Fortune is designed well considering the project being located at Unnat Nagar which is a hilly region. The project has proposed two towers namely Tower E and Tower F of 32 storeys’s each (of which some flats are reserved for the existing tenants). However, because it is a hilly region Tower E would be having 2 levels of podium + Amenities + 32 floors while Tower F would be having 4 levels of podium + Amenities + 32 floors. In terms of offering, both the proposed towers will have 2, 2.5 and 3 BHK flats. According to the developer, currently, the bookings are going on upto 23rd floor for Tower E and 27th floor for Tower F (with around 65% of booking completed) until all the necessary approvals and clearances are in place for the balance floors. The developer claims that the remaining approvals would gradually be in place; thus, completing the project in a timely manner by 2018. In terms of construction activity, at present, nearly 7 & 9 slabs of Tower E and Tower F respectively are completed.

Wadhwa Anmol Fortune: Offering spacious living spaces

Wadhwa Anmol Fortune site photo
Anmol Fortune site photo

A typical 2 BHK flats would be having a saleable area of 1105 sq ft (670 sq ft carpet area) while a 2.5 BHK would be having saleable area of 1400 sq ft (875 carpet area) for the buyers. The key highlight of the project is the large 3BHK flat which has a carpet area of 1400 sq ft. The hall size of the 3 BHK flat has a carpet of around 420 sq ft which is generally equivalent to a complete 1 BHK flat in other buildings.  Thus, the consumers’ problem of space constraint has been taken care by the developer by offering spacious flats.

The developer has made available easy payment options along with the box pricing (uniform pricing for a bunch of units across certain floors).The starting ticket size (including a car parking) for the Anmol Fortune’s 2 BHK flat is around Rs 1.77 crores. In addition, there would be stamp duty, registration and other charges, thus, taking the overall cost slightly above Rs 2 crores. The payment is broadly divided into 6 parts spread over the next two years. The first 3 parts accounting for 45% of total amount to be paid in 2016; the 4th part accounting for 20% in 2017 and the last two parts accounting for 35% in the year 2018. However, this may vary from person to person and according to the buyer’s selection of flats and other terms of payments.

Pricing Chart – for Anmol Fortune
Configuration Carpet Area (sq ft) Floor Pricing (Rs)
2 BHK 670 1st to 10th floor 1.77 cr
2 BHK 670 11th to 20 th floor 1.87 cr
2.5 BHK 875 1st to 10th floor 2.17 cr
2.5 BHK 875 11th to 20 th floor 2.28 cr

Wadhwa Anmol Fortune: Advantageous location

The location of the Anmol Fortune is a big advantage for the buyers. It is well connected to all parts of the Mumbai city. The project is located  at Unnat Nagar – Goregaon (West) which lies between S.V. Road and Link Road and is less than 5 minutes drive from both the parallel roads. Apart from that, it enjoys easy connectivity to the rest of Mumbai city via Western Express Highway and the arterial Jogeshwari –Vikhorli Link Road (JVLR). The project is situated at a walking distance to the Goregaon Railway station. Further, all the basic and luxurious necessities are within 5 kms from the project site thus, making it convenient for the buyers.

Wadhwa Anmol Fortune site photo
Anmol Fortune site photo
  • Shopping Malls – Inorbit Mall, Hypercity, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Obeori Mall, Mega Mall
  • Schools – Billabong, Rustomjee, Obeori International School are among others
  • Recreations –  Goregaon Sport club and Celebration club
  • Hospitals – Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani, Siddharth Hospital
  • Hotels –  Flag’s, Westin, Rude Lounge, Picasso, Imgae Restaurants, Khyber are among others

The Wadhwa Group project goes complete with a host of amenities. The Anmol Fortune offers internal amenities (like Vitirfied floorings, POP finishes on internal walls, International standard sanitary fittings), external amenities (Fitness centre, Swimming Pool, Power backup for lifts, bank ATM in complex, Children play area amongst others) and security amenities (Video door phone, CCTV surveillance, sprinklers as per regulations and others). For these several reasons Anmol Fortune might just appeal for those searching dwelling spaces in Western suburbs of Mumbai.

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Wadhwa’s Takeover of Unnat Nagar – Goregaon Project – A Sigh Of Relief For Tenants

Every business has its own characteristic with respect to the capital requirement for running the business. Some businesses require less capital and are termed as asset light businesses while others require huge capital investment and are termed as asset heavy businesses. The real estate business falls into the latter category starting with the cost of acquiring a land parcel, getting approvals at various stages and development costs; thus requiring large funds for completion of any project. Certainly, the working capital requirement for any company operating in the real estate business is huge as initially the funds are required to be deployed for construction related activities and at the later stage the selling takes place generating cash flows for the business. Hence, the business in itself is of high risk and high returns in nature.

Considering the nature of business, the buyer’s eye-brow often tends to lift up, asking what if the developer in the mid of construction activity faces some headwinds in terms of approvals or cash crunches and is not able to complete the project? What if the developer leaves the project in between? Well, the obvious response to these would be delays and disappointments. The solution to this kind of situation now a days’, is takeover of the existing mid-way project by some renowned developers’. The project located at Unnat Nagar, Goregaon West is a well known takeover project by the renowned real estate developer – Wadhwa Group from Polycon Realtors in 2014 and is named as Anmol Fortune.

The story goes long back to 2005 when a land parcel measuring 2.2 acres at the prime location of Unnat Nagar – Goregaon West was handed over by the local tenants to the Polycon Realtors. The Unnat Nagar area lies between S.V. Road and Link Road and is less than 5 minutes drive from both the parallel roads. Apart from that, it is easily accessible to the Western Express Highway and Goregaon railway station. Thus, the project’s advantageous and prime location; has grabbed many eyeballs. The developer and the tenants had agreed upon for construction of 4 Towers viz: A, B, C and D with a distribution of flats to the existing tenants and the balance new flats to the prospective buyers’. Based on such agreement, the construction activity was started with Tower C and went good upto 10 storeys of the proposed 20 storeys. However, post that, the construction activity unfortunately halted due to some financial crunches faced by the developers – Polycon Relators. It did not move further for many years then until it was takenover by the Wadhwa Group.

Anmol Fortune site photo
Anmol Fortune site photo

With around 9 years post the initial construction was started; the said project development was taken over by the Wadhwa Group from the Polycon Realtors. With this takeover, the hopes of the discontented tenants rightly came back bringing cheers. The Wadhwa Group did not break the tenants hopes’ with giving out the possession for Tower C (all 20 floors) which was half constructed (10 floors) by the previous developer – Polycon Relators. The top 10 floors (11th to 20th) were constructed by the Wadhwa Group with some of the existing tenants has already shifted in their new homes in Tower C.

The Tower C which is now ready for possession has Ground + Podium + 20 floors and is constructed as per the old Development Control Regulation (DCR) norm which has a Balcony. The tower C is of 20 storeys with 4 flats on each floor (excluding 2 refuges) thus, comprising of 78 flats. Out of such 78 flats, 18 are allotted to the existing tenants and the balance is let out for sale by the Wadhwa Group. Further, as per the developer, most of the flats are sold out and currently only limited inventory is left for sale in Tower C.

As per the plan of the Polycon Developers, apart from Tower C, other Towers namely A, B and D were registered and proposed under the said land parcel however the same was not feasible with the new developer. Hence, the Wadhwa Group proposed to construct Tower E and F as against the previously proposed Tower A, B & D. The flats are available for sale in Tower E and F which are fully developed by the Wadhwa Group.

Anmol Fortune site photo
Anmol Fortune site photo

Thus, with the takeover of the project by the Wadhwa Group, the existing tenants got a sigh of relief as the hope for timely & better execution remains the key for the project. We would be discussing all the other parameters (in terms of advantageous location, pricing, area and much more) of the other two towers (E & F) of the Anmol Fortune project located at Unnat Nagar Goregaon West in our next note.

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Rajesh LifeSpaces, On Going Payment Plan Offers – Making It Easier To Own A Home In Mumbai

At a recent friends’ get together the conversation was centred on home loan EMIs. Most of my friends are married and quite a few of them have been paying EMIs/ pre-EMIs for almost a year now for their under-construction homes (the latter is the interest component one pays on the loan availed on an under construction property). The huge amounts each one mentioned they were paying on a monthly basis left me feeling I should pack up, leave the city and settle down in the mountains somewhere! But as I was travelling home that evening I noticed a hoarding about an attractive payment plan for residential properties being offered by Rajesh LifeSpaces. What followed was a little investigation into what the scheme is about and how it affects both the home buyer as well as the developer.

White City Entrance
White City Entrance

As one ventures into the residential property market, one is slammed with various schemes offered by different developers. Once you filter through all the noise, clutter and jargon you are left with two major plans: construction linked and subvention plans (few more variants of finance scheme exist, which are out of purview of current discussion). Most of us are familiar with construction linked plans as they have been in existence for a while now and offered by all banks as well as developers. The home buyer puts a down payment on the house at the time of booking and what follows is a series of payouts made by the bank to the buyer and which is passed on to the builder based on certain predetermined construction milestones. In these plans the buyer pays the interest on the loan availed which constitute a substantial portion, at least initially. EMIs or Equated Monthly Installments come into play only after the property is completely developed.

The subvention plan is designed by developers to help buyers, specifically first home buyers and derived from the latin term ‘subventus’ or to help. In a subvention scheme, a buyer needs to pay the initial down payment at the time of booking the flat, in this case, 10% of the booking value of the flat. The buyer also needs to pay the stamp duty and registration for the flat. This is important as the documents serve as proof of ownership and enable the bank to provide the financing for the construction – this is usually 70% of the flat value.

Distinguishing features (how the offer from Rajesh LifeSpaces works):

  1. The first and most significant difference in a subvention scheme is that the pre-EMIs which consist of the interest component of the loan are paid by the developer till the buyer receives possession for fit-outs of the flat.
  2. The bank disburses the loan on behalf of the buyer towards the project based on preset construction milestones.
  3. The final 15% of the flat value is to be paid by the buyer at the time of possession for fit-outs. The bank shall disburse the remaining 5% at the same juncture.

Rajesh LifeSpaces have introduced this plan for a select few of their under-construction projects where as per current construction stages, a buyer under the conventional plan is to pay over 50% of agreement value within few days of booking. These are the current projects where Rajesh LifeSpaces is offering the subvention scheme:

Project Balance due
White City 67%
Raj Infinia 47%
Raj Spectrum 20%

Let’s look at the subvention scheme in the context of Ram, a home buyer of a Rs. 1 crore flat being developed by Rajesh LifeSpaces.

Finance Scheme offered by Rajesh LifeSpaces
Finance Scheme offered by Rajesh LifeSpaces

There are some clear advantages of a subvention scheme for a buyer:

  1. Two year pre-EMI ‘holiday’ is the biggest advantage given the fact that these consist of significant portions of interest in the initial period of paying EMIs.
  2. These two years gives the buyer time to plan finances while there are no outgoings towards the home loan yet.
  3. Since the developer is paying the pre-EMI until possession for fit-outs, the onus is on them to be timely with construction milestones and ensure timely delivery of the project.
Podium level at Raj Infinia
Podium level at Raj Infinia

A subvention scheme is very attractive and useful for home buyers who want to book luxurious homes and also have the additional time to plan their finances to ensure a good life in these luxurious homes. Moreover the finance scheme allows a good entry point for a property investor as well whose initial/ upfront investment is low and in case he is looking to sell it by the time of handover, he can still do so with limited equity investment. Rajesh LifeSpaces is developing some of the most sought after residences in Mumbai’s western and central suburbs. The developer is keen that more people can enjoy its bespoke habitats and a subvention scheme looks like a convenient plan for these buyers to afford such homes.

The 5 W’s of Wadhwa Atmosphere, Mulund: Answered

Wadhwa Atmosphere: Where is it located?

A good project has two things; either a big land parcel or a good location. Oftentimes, one or the other is compromised on. In a very rare case, Wadhwa Atmosphere a project in Mulund by the Wadhwa Group comes with both. The project is situated on the Mulund- Goregaon link road in Mumbai, which after completion will connect the eastern and western suburbs.  The Eastern Express Highway is 1 km away and LBS Marg is 1.1 km away from the site, both of which connect Mumbai to the suburbs and Thane. The site is also well connected by railways, Nahur station being a seven minute walk [550 m] and Mulund station [1.6 km] being a 10 minute drive.

Wadhwa Atmosphere: What are the project specifications?

Approach from Nahur station to Wadhwa Atmosphere in Mulund, Mumbai
Approach from Nahur station
Mulund-Goregaon link road in front Wadhwa Atmosphere in Mulund, Mumbai
Mulund-Goregaon link road in front Wadhwa Atmosphere

Project Wadhwa Atmosphere is being built on a 14 acre site, with construction happening in 2 phases. The first phase of construction includes 3 towers of 37 floors each, having 2 basements and 3 levels of podium parking. The configurations on offer are 2, 2.5 and 3 BHK and the sizes range from about 600 sq ft to 1,000 sq ft of carpet area. The 3 BHK premium flats come with a deck and balcony, while the upper floor 2 BHK flats have only balconies.

The club house and amenities zone are situated at the podium level. Apart from amenities, there is also a car free zone dedicated for walking at the ground level.

Wadhwa Atmosphere: Why should I choose this?

Gate of Wadhwa Atmosphere in Mulund, Mumbai
Gate of Wadhwa Atmosphere
Wadhwa Atmosphere under construction in Mulund, Mumbai
Wadhwa Atmosphere under construction

One of the primary reasons what makes Wadhwa Atmosphere attractive in the real estate market, is its locational advantage. All amenities are situated closeby at a conveniently accessible distance. Hospitals such as Fortis (800 m) and Sanjeevani (2.6 km); Schools such as St. Pius High School (1.3 km); Hypermarkets such as D- Mart (800 m) and malls such as R- Mall (4.4 km).

At project Wadhwa Atmosphere, I observed that they had a reason behind every space that was provided. The space utilization has been done adequately, leaving behind no negative spaces. The 3 BHK flats face both east west directions; while the 2 and 2.5 BHK flats face either the east and west direction. Climatology studies in architecture say that this is a suitable direction for houses to get a good supply of natural light and ventilation. This feature is the most attractive in the aptly named Wadhwa Atmosphere project, wherein the flats are very airy due to the cross ventilation. Also, as the houses face in two directions only, privacy for every flat is maintained.

If we enter a typical 2 BHK flat, we can see the kitchen on one side. It appears bigger due to the inclusion of the dry balcony inside the kitchen area. Also, the alignment of the window has been done well so as to provide enough natural light to both the kitchen platforms. The dining area has an openable corner window which allows for natural light and helps in cross ventilating the area along with the living room.
The passages in the flats at Wadhwa Atmosphere are small, which reaffirms that there has been no space wastage. The smaller bedroom has an L shaped window which is good for bringing in more natural light and giving wider views. The master bedroom has been offset inside to get an unobstructed view from the L- shaped window of the smaller bedroom. The master bedroom also has two windows which aid in cross ventilating the space and provision of natural light.

The towers will be connected by a sky walk and will have a functional terrace equipped with a spa, meditation area and library.

Wadhwa Atmosphere: When is the possession?

The project is expected to be complete by October 2018. I could see the Mivan construction happening at a good pace; the horizontal and vertical construction was being done simultaneously. Also parallely, the podium level construction has started.

Wadhwa Atmosphere: Who is involved in the project?

A picture of Wadhwa Atmosphere under construction [June 2016] in Mulund, Mumbai
Construction status of Wadhwa Atmosphere [June 2016]
Construction status of Wadhwa Atmosphere [June 2016] in Mulund, Mumbai
Construction status of Wadhwa Atmosphere [June 2016]

The project is a joint venture of the Wadhwa Group, Man Infraconstruction and Chandak Group. The Wadhwa Group have been acknowledged for developments such as Platina at BKC, Solitaire at Powai and Palm Beach Residency at Vashi. The group has been in business for over 45 years and delivered over 10,000 homes across a massive 10 million sq ft of area. Man Infraconstruction is a construction company in India with more than 50 years of expertise in the field. They have executed construction work for 103 residential projects. The 25 million sq. ft. of projects developed by them include residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial space as well. The Chandak Group has more than 25 years of experience in the field. They have completed 30 plus projects and have achieved 2 million sq. ft. of development.

Dosti Ambrosia – Pricing, Offers, Location, Amenities

Dosti Ambrosia at Wadala

Dosti Realty has been in the business since more than 30 years and has consistently come up with residential projects, retail parks, IT hubs, etc and is a well known developer in the Mumbai Metropolitan region. One of the noteworthy projects of the Group has been its development of the famous Dosti Acres project spread on an 18 acre land parcel in the Antop Hill locality. The developer has expanded its presence in the locality further with its new project – Dosti Ambrosia.

The Antop Hill Bus Depot.
The Antop Hill Bus Depot as seen from Dosti Ambrosia.

Traditionally, Antop Hill suffered from connectivity issues due to badly maintained roads, the relatively longer distance from Sewri and Wadala stations of the suburban train network (the Mumbai local trains), etc., but with the Monorail construction going on in full swing, and with proximity to the Eastern Freeway, the Antop Hill Bus Depot, etc., connectivity to this eastern suburb is seeing a meteoric rise.

The main road that leads to the entrance of Dosti Ambrosia.
The main road that leads to the entrance of Dosti Ambrosia.

The transformation of Antop Hill has been furthered by Dosti Realty. The Group has been able to do something similar to what the Hiranandani Group did in Powai in the 90s – it has come up with multiple residential and commercial projects over a period of time, and that has led to the mushrooming of multiple grocery and medical stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, etc. in close vicinity to these residential towers. Then there is IMAX Wadala, a few minutes away, which takes care of the entertainment options. And when you notice that the locality now has a new name – ‘New Wadala’, you know that the transformation is truly complete.

Dosti Ambrosia: Specifications

The project is a single 36 storied tower nestled at the edge of the Dosti Acres Township that the Group has developed. And the first thing that comes to mind as soon as one sees the tower that is the last tower of the Dosti Acres Township is the fact that its construction is complete. The apartments are available for immediate possession, and construction of the amenities is also nearing completion.

The access road from the entrance gate to the tower.
The access road from the entrance gate to the tower.

The tower has 2 and 3 BHK apartments, and the option of combining a pair of two 2 BHK apartments to make it a 4 BHK house. The area of the 2 BHK houses ranges from 1376 to 1416 square feet built up that works out to about 917 to 944 square feet of carpet area. And for the 3 BHK houses, the area ranges from 1669 to 1735 square feet built up that is about 1113 to 1156 square feet of carpet area.

The prices of the 2 BHK apartments range from Rs. 3 to 3.10 Crores, and that of the 3 BHK houses range from Rs. 3.6 to 4.2 Crores.

All the apartments have geysers in all the bathrooms and a water purifier in the kitchens. There is Italian marble flooring all over the apartments, except the balconies which have wooden flooring. Along with that, the bathrooms have Jacquar fittings.

The entrance to Dosti Ambrosia.
The entrance to Dosti Ambrosia.

There are 6 elevators on each floor, and the developer has even provided a bathroom for the cleaning staff, helpers, etc. And to keep the elevators running smoothly, back-up generators have been installed.

The tower also has an entrance and exit that is separate from the access points of the Dosti Acres Township.

Since the project construction is complete, and now only the finishing touches are being added to the apartments, no finance scheme is available. But, since the project is well recognized by the local banks, loans can be availed.

Dosti Ambrosia: Amenities

The entrance to the lobby of Dosti Ambrosia.
The entrance to the lobby of Dosti Ambrosia.

The developer is providing a whole variety of amenities on the podium level of the tower that is right above the 3 levels of parking (the ground floor and two floors reserved for parking). Some of the notable amenities being exclusively provided are a 40,000 square feet garden, a jogging track that is 300 metres long, a children’s play area, a fully equipped gymnasium, and a banquet hall.

Along with that, the residents will have access to a rooftop swimming pool that also offers a panoramic view of the city.

A part of the 300 metres long jogging track at the podium level.
A part of the 300 metres long jogging track at the podium level.
The children's play area at the podium level.
The children’s play area at the podium level.

In addition to that, the Gymnasium, open play spaces, and the Clubhouse 1 and 2 that are available to the residents of Dosti Acres are available to the residents of Dosti Ambrosia as well.

To end, we would say that if someone is looking at real estate options in the Mumbai Metropolitan region that are available immediately, he may consider getting more details about Dosti Ambrosia.

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Godrej’s latest project in Chembur – Godrej Serenity

Godrej Properties is expanding its regional footprint in Mumbai with its project Godrej Serenity that is coming up in one of the fastest growing suburbs in Mumbai, Chembur.

Chembur has been on the real estate radar for a few years now, and it has only grown in stature with growing connectivity with other parts of the city in the form of the Eastern Freeway (this mega infrastructure project connects Chembur to Colaba), the Santacruz-Chembur Link Road (SCLR), the Chembur-Jacob Circle Monorail (the second phase of the project is under construction), the Mumbai Metro which is located in the nearby suburb of Ghatkopar, the Sion-Panvel Expressway that connects Chembur to New Bombay and continues all the way upto Pune, etc. And add to that the parks like the Diamond Garden, Sandhu Garden, Ambedkar Udyan, the lush green lawns of Acres Club and Golf Club, and the extensive green cover in the form of the planned plantations being maintained by the BMC, the green suburb makes many other suburbs of the city see green!

According to a report by Knight Frank, one of the leading real estate consultancy firms in the world, Chembur has become one of the top investment options in India.

More about the project

The intersection where the road that connects Godrej Serenity connects to the Sion-Trombay Expressway.
The intersection where the road that connects Godrej Serenity connects to the Sion-Trombay Expressway.

The project is coming up on a 1.5 acre land parcel that is located right off the Sion-Panvel Expressway. The road that leads to the project from the expressway is wide and well maintained. And with proximity to landmarks like the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and the Shivaji Circle, reaching the project is very convenient.

With just one tower and 94 homes in the project, it is clear that the developer had a quick turnaround time in mind while planning this project. The delivery date being promised is December 2016, and the Occupation Certificate is expected by October, 2016.

The spacious road which connects the project to the Sion-Trombay Expressway, Godrej serenity
The spacious road which connects the project to the Sion-Trombay Expressway.

The tower has a basement, a stilt parking and lobby level, a podium level, and then there are 17 floors. Up to the 4th floor, there are 44 studio apartments, and from the 4th to the 16th floor the tower has premium 3 and 4 BHK apartments. And on the 16th and 17th floors, there are 2 BHK duplex apartments.

The studio apartments have Italian marble flooring, premium fittings in the bathrooms, and vitrified tiles in the kitchen. Apart from this, no other white goods are being provided.

In the bigger apartments, Godrej is providing Italian marble flooring in living area and the bedrooms (except the master bedroom), wooden flooring in the master bedroom, and vitrified tiles in the kitchen. The bathrooms are fitted with premium fittings, and a geyser and a water purifier are also being provided. From the perspective of apartments in Mumbai city, one interesting amenity that all the 3, 4 and 5 BHK premium apartments have is a bathtub in the master bedroom’s bathroom.


The view at the back of the tower, shot from within it, Godrej serenity
The view at the back of the tower, shot from within it.

Due to the size of the land parcel on which the project is coming up, the amenities will be available only at the podium level.

The developer is providing a gym, a clubhouse, a pool, a play area for children, a jogging track, and lawns. Along with these amenities, there will be ample parking space on the stilt and the basement levels.


The developer is quoting all inclusive prices for carpet area, and not using ‘built-up area’ terminology for the same.

The studio apartments range from 375 to 575 square feet carpet area, and the prices range from Rs. 1.35 to 2 Crores, all inclusive.The 3 BHK apartments have a carpet area of 1453 square feet, and a price of approximately Rs. 6.5 Crores, all inclusive.

The nearly complete tower.
The nearly complete tower.

The 4 BHK and the Duplex apartments have a carpet area of 2092 square feet, and 3972 square feet, respectively, and a price of Rs. 7.5 Crores, and Rs. 18 Crores, all inclusive, respectively.

There is no finance scheme available because the project is nearing completion.

To conclude, for those interested in projects that are almost ready, and also want a renowned name, getting details of Godrej Serenity would be worthwhile.

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