Raunak Group – Building Homes That Offer Value

The First Mover Advantage (FMA) in marketing gives a company a significant lead in developing brand loyalty and recognition before other companies can enter the same space or segment. Off late noteworthy marketers also recognise the benefits of being a Late Mover. Raunak Group first started developing real estate in Thane in the late 90’s and more recently in 2010 at Kalyan, and in short span of time has established deep connections and a recognition in these markets for quality, affordability and value in their developments.

The Raunak Group has been in the real estate business since the mid-80’s. They first ventured in the upmarket Bandra-Khar-Santa Cruz area of Mumbai and then slowly diversified away from the city as prices of real estate started to steadily rise and go out of the reach of the common man. Raunak Park was the first layout project they developed in Thane and Unnathi Woods (Phase 1, 2, 4 and 5) on Ghodbunder Road was the first project in the affordable mass housing segment.

Unnathi Woods(PC:Raunak Group)
Unnathi Woods(PC:Raunak Group)

The goal was to build quality budget housing in locations that were upcoming. Identify locations away from the city and develop property which will appreciate in value as the infrastructure is developed and more people move to suburbs. For example, apartments in Unnathi Woods – Phase 7 are currently being sold for close to Rs. 50 lakhs whereas the earliest apartments developed in 2006-2007 were sold for Rs.12 lakhs. So these earliest residents have seen an appreciation of 4x or so in their property value as the area where they live has seen unprecedented development and infrastructural improvements.

Two of the Raunak Group’s biggest ongoing projects are Unnathi Woods in Thane (40 acres) and Raunak City in Kalyan (35 acres). While they continue to develop various properties across the city in varying budget sizes, we focus on what has resulted in them becoming a valuable and easily recognisable brand name in the budget housing category. It is no mean feat that the Group has sold over 2,000 homes in the latter category and 5,300 homes overall since its inception.

Focus on Affordable and Budget Housing

It is easy for real estate developers these days to focus on developing premium residential projects. As people acquire higher qualifications, incomes rise and aspirations soar, there is a constant demand for homes in gated residential communities and luxurious highrises in cities like Mumbai. Bucking the trend, the Raunak Group has chosen to focus on the rising numbers in the middle class and first home buyers and their aspirations to be home owners. By developing large gated communities in new suburban areas with good connectivity and providing quality amenities at affordable prices, Raunak is fulfilling these aspirations.

Occupied Phase 1 above the sales office

Quality and Planned Construction

Even though Raunak Group promises budget homes, they deliver more than that. The use of quality brands for tiles, paints, fixtures and lifts ensures a beautiful house to walk into. Each home is ergonomically planned to ensure maximum utility and minimal wastage of space. The layout of flats takes into account how families will plan their furniture settings and utilise available space. This affords homeowners a sense of pride to walk into a house that they can call home.

Amenities provided by Raunak Group

Transforming Houses into Homes

Part of the appeal of owning a Raunak home lies in the wide, open spaces surrounding the property. This includes landscaped gardens, kids’ play area, jogging and walking paths, ample parking as well as swimming pool, gym and clubhouse. The newer phases of Unnathi Woods even boast the latest puzzle parking system. To ensure residents do not have to rely only on public transport, a private shuttle bus service is also provided. All of these facilities improve the quality of life and provide a relaxing atmosphere to the residents.

Jogger’s Park that Raunak is developing with TMC

Eco-Friendly Residences

Raunak Group prides itself in designing environmentally friendly homes. It is one of the few developers to comply with requirements to install solar panels on the building rooftops to power common lighting, generators and water heating. Facilities for rainwater harvesting and wastewater treatment (STP) are provided. The signature of a Raunak Group residential space is the greenery and open spaces. In a city starved of open spaces where children and senior citizens can relax, residential spaces with parks and gardens are an oasis. Raunak Group plan their developments with more than sufficient open, green spaces.

Raunak City Sector 2 Children’s play area

Over the last 35 odd years, Raunak Group has delivered 48 lakh sq. ft. of homes and offices and is currently developing 65 lakh sq. ft. of real estate across the city in various budget categories. Raunak Group’s brand loyalty is at its peak – proof is the fact that most of their ongoing development residential homes are sold out.

Raunak Group was recently awarded the – ‘Brand of the year Emerging No.1’ for the year 2016-17, through consumers’ votes. Perhaps this extinguishes any doubt about the demand for Raunak Group properties and their brand recognition.

Unnathi Woods – Phase 7 – Project Master Plan, Layout & Unique Points

Unnathi woods, Ghodbunder road thane

Ghodbunder Road in Thane is very quickly developing into one of the most coveted residential neighbourhoods in the central suburbs of Mumbai. Many of the major players in real estate development have delivered or announced prime gated communities and luxury towers in this area. Conspicuous among these is the Raunak Group which is developing homes that appeal to wider audience in the middle class, especially the first home buyer. The Group has been part of the real estate landscape in Thane for some time now. One of their biggest projects in Thane is – Unnathi Woods, a sprawling 40 acre township started in 2009 off the Ghodbunder Road.

The first phase of Unnathi Woods was completed in 2012 and over the last seven years Phases 2, 3, 4, 5 and Park View have been completed and a whopping 1,106 homes delivered. In Phase 3 one building is delivered and the other one will be delivered in the next 6 months. Phase 6 is 75% completed. Phase 7 of Unnathi Woods is one of the more sprawling ones in this project. We reviewed some of the salient aspects of this Phase and how it compares vis-a-vis the other Unnathi Woods phases.

Location benefits

Like the other ones, Phase 7 also enjoys the location benefits of being situated five minutes off Ghodbunder Road. By itself this arterial road is home to every possible amenity a potential home buyer could look for. This includes connectivity to other suburbs and main roads in Mumbai. Connecting to the Eastern and Western Expressway is a prime convenience in addition to the proximity to suburban railways, and a reliable bus and public transport system. Malls, convenience stores, hospitals, schools and colleges are all within driving distance and can be quickly and easily accessed.

Unnathi Woods Phase 7, Ghodbunder road thane
Unnathi Woods Phase 7

Unnathi Woods Master plan & Layout

Phase 7 consists of four towers of exclusive one bedroom apartments. Two of the towers – G1 (Stilt + 13 floors) and G2 (Stilt + 17 floors) have been launched and construction of the 1st slab has been completed. Possession of these two towers is expected in December 2020. Prices start at Rs. 47 lakhs. G3 and G4 on the other hand are yet to be launched. All four towers surround the clubhouse and swimming pool, and are bordered by landscaped gardens. Additionally, three of the towers – G1, G2 and G4 directly overlook the Jogger’s Park being developed by Raunak Group and the Thane Municipal Corporation. Most apartments in these towers will enjoy the calming green scenery.

Unit configurations

G1 consists of a standard configuration of 575 sq. ft. units while G2 has 2 configurations, 575 and 660 sq. ft. The larger unit in G2 is designed with an ensuite bathroom cum toilet as well as an additional common one. The floor layout of both the towers is similar to a plus sign with almost equidistant arms. At the end of each arm are two apartments, making it eight apartments per floor. The design ensures a sufficiently wide and private passage to each of the two flats at the end of each of the arms. There are two high speed elevators to service each of these towers.

Unnathi Woods Phase 7-G1 and G2, Ghodbunder road thane
Unnathi Woods Phase 7-G1 and G2

Internal Amenities

The spacious living cum dining room in all apartments of Unnathi Woods Phase 7 boast a sundeck. Additionally, the bedroom has also been designed to ensure space for a wardrobe. All the apartments have been fitted with modern amenities which include high-end electrical and bath fittings, vitrified tiles, granite kitchen platform, superior quality windows and glass fittings and video door phone.

External Amenities

Phase 7 is the only one in the Unnathi Woods project to boast of its own clubhouse and gym with all modern equipment and amenities as well as swimming pool in addition to landscaped gardens and kids play area. Besides these, residents will also enjoy spacious lobby, and 24 hours security, in addition to the usual spacious parking in the stilt area, solar panels and generator back-ups for lifts water pumps and staircase. Phase 7 is easily accessible via spacious and well maintained internal roads which are part of the Unnathi Woods complex.

Unnathi Woods Inner roads, Ghodbunder road thane
Unnathi Woods Inner roads

While Phase 7 may only be 30% completed till date, it has also seen rapid bookings which stands as a testament to the high demand for quality budget housing in Mumbai suburbs. Unnathi Woods is already home to 1,106 families and many of these families are from typical middle class background, first home buyers who have benefited from Raunak Group’s quality residential developments.

Raunak Group was established in the year 1980 and came to prominence for building residences in Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan. Over the years they have developed and delivered gated communities of over 4.8 million sq. ft. Currently they are developing 6.2 million sq. ft. across various parts of the city and state.

‘Walk to Home’ at Raunak Heights

Raunak Group's Raunak Heights is an example of affordable housing

It is no surprise if I tell you that most Mumbaikars spend an average of four hours daily, commuting to work and back, which is almost a quarter of their lives. The need to change this pattern has led to the development of sister cities like Thane, which has begun to see a lot of IT parks and MNCs coming up in certain areas. With the objective of providing budget residences for the professionals working here, Raunak Group has launched the project Raunak Heights. The concept behind this project, ‘Walk to Home’, is simply to reduce commute time between a person’s workplace and house.


The Raunak Heights project is located at Ghodbunder Road, an area that is presently undergoing rapid infrastructural development. A D-mart, located right on the service road off Ghodbunder road, serves as a major landmark. The road next to D-Mart is the access road to the site, which is further internally located at an approximate 15-20 minutes walking distance. The blaring noise of the busy Ghodbunder road died down as I reached closer to the site.

D- Mart beside which approach road starts, Raunak Heights, Thane
D- Mart beside which approach road starts
Approach road, Raunak Heights, Thane
Approach road

Social Infrastructure

The livability score at Ghodbunder road is always good, owing to the upsurge of residential projects as well as social infrastructure, which goes hand in hand. Located nearby are schools such as New Horizon Scholar School [2.4 km], Saraswati Vidyalaya High School [2.1 km], Dnyan Ganga Education Trust [300 metres], D. G Internatinal High School [300 metres], Hiranandani Foundation School [4.5 km]; Hospitals such as Titan Hospital [4.6 km], Shree Sai Hospital [4.3 km], Jupiter Hospital [7.6 km]; Malls and hypermarkets such as D-Mart [1.4 km], Hypercity [1.4 km], R Mall [6.6 km].

Titan Hospital, Raunak Heights, Thane
Titan Hospital
Dnyan Ganga College, Raunak Heights, Thane
Dnyan Ganga College

Site Layout

Raunak Group has bought a 30 acre land parcel at Ghodbunder Road, where they are developing various projects according to user need. The project Raunak Heights stands on a 1.5 acre linearly shaped site. It will compromise of 3 buildings- H1, H2 and H3. With the entrance at the east end, the west end of the site will allow for a scenic hill view from the upper floors. While more than 50 percent of the land is open space, there are various landscaped pockets with dedicated functions. To mention some; a gathering lawn, a sculpture plaza, a meditation and yoga lawn, a senior citizen area, swing court, palm court, play area for children, parent seating area, exercise deck and a play court.

Hill View , Raunak Heights, Thane
Hill View
Raunak Heights as seen from a distance, Raunak Heights, Thane
Raunak Heights as seen from a distance

Building and Apartment Layout

The target segment for project Raunak Heights, mainly being working professionals, the configuration on offer is 1 BHK apartments with areas of 645 sq. ft. and 651 sq. ft. Each building will be 20 storeyed, having 8 apartments per floor. Each floor will also have 2 staircases and 2 lifts, one of them being a stretcher lift. All the apartments have a buffer passage from the lobby to the main entrance door. These passages also have windows, which facilitate natural light and ventilation in the lobby.

The apartments are suitably planned, without the wastage of space. Each apartment has two toilets, one common and one attached to the bedroom. The bedroom has a separate wardrobe niche, which gives a clear rectangular usable space. The linear shape of the site has allowed every building to have its own space and all the buildings have been placed at a certain distance from each other. Due to this there is no visibility between the apartments of any two buildings, thus ensuring privacy.


The price of these apartments range from INR 47 lakhs to INR 51 lakhs.

H1 building at Raunak Heights, Thane
H1 building at Raunak Heights
Entrance to building, Raunak Heights, Thane
Entrance to building

About the Builder

Raunak Group has delivered over 5,200 homes across Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan, since its inception in 1980. Within Thane itself Raunak Group has delivered major residential complexes like – Raunak Park, Unnathi Gardens Phase I and II, Laxmi Narayan Residency, Raunak Residency, Park View and Unnathi Woods. Therefore those interested in Raunak Heights have enough to validate about the Group’s performance as a developer in this micro market. Raunak Group has been extremely careful in planning aptly sized homes for those price sensitive Mumbaikars who were finding it tough to own a property in this budget even in Mumbai’s suburbs. Recently Raunak Group also got awarded the “Emerging Brand of the Year” in Real Estate for the year 2016-2017 by WCRC.

Download further information on Raunak Heights from builders portal

Unnathi Woods – Site Assessment & Construction Progress

There was a time when Thane was considered a world away from Mumbai; it was literally another district. It has slowly but surely metamorphosed into a suburb and now it occupies the status as one of the most happening centres of Greater Mumbai! Its ideal location, specifically along the arterial Ghodbunder Road, allows it to straddle both the western as well as central suburbs and offers itself as a popular social get-away with its numerous malls, restaurants, high street stores and recreational spots.

This has led to increasing demand for housing and commercial space which has in turn led to spiralling costs, thus putting a once affordable suburb, nearly out of reach of the middle class, salaried home buyer. The influx of major names in real estate development also means more luxurious residential and gated accommodations have mushroomed, further increasing prices. In such a scenario, the Raunak Group occupy a unique position in Thane’s housing market with their budget residential township – Unnathi Woods – which allows the middle class home buyer to own a residential property in a coveted location.

Occupied Phase 1 above the sales office
Occupied Phase 1 above the sales office

Raunak Group started development of the Unnathi Woods township in 2009 and delivered the first few residences in 2012. Over the last 7 years it has completed phases 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and delivered a whopping 1,061 homes at one location itself. It owns a huge parcel of land, 45 acres, just 5 minutes off the Ghodbunder Road and has been gradually developing pockets of it and handing over to the buyers. Currently phase 3 – consisting of two towers: C1 and C2 – is being completed. C2 has been delivered with OC and handed over to owners, while finishing touches are being applied to C1 with possession expected imminently. Phase 6 and 7 are the other two sub-projects currently being developed within Unnathi Woods.

The Raunak Group was established in the year 1980 and came to prominence for building residences in Mumbai, Pune, Thane and Kalyan. Over the years they have developed and delivered gated communities of over 4.8 million sq. ft. Currently they are developing 6.2 million sq. ft. across various parts of the city and state and one of these is Unnathi Woods in Thane. The Unnathi Woods township is being developed in a phased manner over a 40 acre parcel of land and spacious inner roads separate the various phases from each other, providing residents a homely, safe and desirable residence.

Unnathi Woods Phase 3 - completed and under-construction tower
Unnathi Woods Phase 3 – completed and under-construction tower

Unnathi Woods Phase 3 is almost completed and comprises of two towers: C1 – Stilt+17 floors and C2 – Stilt +16 floors, consisting of 1 bhk as well as 2 bhk apartments with configurations ranging from 625 sq. ft. to 1035 sq. ft. The prices of 2bhk units range from Rs.81 to Rs.84 lakhs while the 1 bhk units are sold out. C2 received the Occupancy Certificate in October 2016 and is now occupied while possession of C1 is expected by December 2017. Parts of Phase 3 enjoy wide, green views as it overlooks the reserved land as well as the soon-to-be developed jogger’s park on the north while the eastern side looks onto the grounds of New Horizon Scholars’ School and the greenery beyond.

Unnathi Woods Phase 6
Unnathi Woods Phase 6

Unnathi Woods Phase 6 consists of two towers similar to Phase 3. F1 is Stilt + 16 floors and F2 is Stilt + 14. Possession of F2 is expected by December 2017 and comprises of 1 bhk and 2 bhk apartments. The 1 bhk units which are completely sold out range from 596 to 646 sq. ft. priced at Rs.52 lakhs onwards. The 2 bhk apartments start from Rs. 75 lakh onwards for a standard 875 sq. ft. Phase 6 will be surrounded by landscaped gardens and includes puzzle parking facility. Parts of it overlook the reserved ground and the jogger’s park beyond. Construction of F2 is 65% completed while F1 will soon be launched.

Unnathi Woods Phase 7
Unnathi Woods Phase 7

Unlike Phase 3 and 6, Unnathi Woods Phase 7 is a larger one and consists of four towers, exclusively comprising of 1 bhk apartments starting at Rs. 47 lakhs. G1 (Stilt + 13 floors) and G2 (Stilt + 17 floors) have been launched and construction has reached the plinth stage with possession expected in December 2020. G3 and G4 are yet to be launched. G1 consists of a standard configuration of 575 sq. ft. units while G2 has 2 configurations of 575 and 660 sq. ft. Phase 7 will consist of its own exclusive clubhouse with gym and swimming pool.

All three of the phases come with the signature amenities that Raunak Group provides. These include earthquake resistant buildings with back-up generators for lifts, water pumps and staircase. All the towers also come with solar panels to power the common electric facilities as well as to provide hot water. Puzzle parking is a unique feature of these latest phases of Unnathi Woods which is in addition to the parking available in the stilt area.

Unnathi Woods Inner roads
Unnathi Woods Inner roads

The Unnathi Woods project is located 5 minutes off Ghodbunder and thus enjoys proximity to an arterial route as well as the many facilities along it, including hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls and other essential amenities. There are many good schools in the vicinity like New Horizon School which is next door and others like Hiranandani Foundation School, Holy Trinity English School which are close by. The impact  of the locational benefits can be easily understood from the fact that Unnathi Woods is already home to 902 families who enjoy all of these. More important is the fact that many of these families are middle class, first home buyers who have benefited from Raunak Group’s quality, budget residential developments.

Recently Raunak Group also got awarded the “Emerging Brand of the Year” in Real Estate for the year 2016-2017 by WCRC

Visit To Vijay Group’s Township On Ghodbunder Road

Vijay Orovia

There was a time when Thane was considered an underdeveloped cousin to Mumbai for reasons pertaining to its not so great connectivity and preference as residence of those retiring from government jobs. Vijay Group, a property development firm saw Thane’s underlying potential early and entered development projects even when the large Mumbai firms were staying away from Thane. Today, it is one of the developers in Thane that has a large footprint on Ghodbunder Road with several noteworthy developed communities to its credit  Vijay Group has delivered homes to over 5,000 families. Some of the delivered projects include Vijay Park, Vijay Vatika, Vijay Vilas, Vijay Garden, Vijay Nagari, Oswal Park, Umang, Wimbledon Park and Vijay Enclave.

Location: Ghodbunder Road

Industrial development has led to introduction of various facilities such as malls, hospitals, schools, colleges etc. along Ghodbunder road. While the area is far from the railway station of Thane, it is now emerging as a very desirable residential location for social infrastructure is keeping pace with development here. Moreover the road connectivity to area along Ghodbunder Road is now significantly improved.

Vijay Group has been an enabler for people to create their own luxurious lifestyle within Thane city itself. Here we discuss 3 projects by Vijay Group.

1. Vijay Residency

Vijay Residency, located at Ghodbunder Road is township which offers spacious and lavish apartments. It is built on the concept of community living and offers its customers the luxuries of life. Thane Station is 9 kilometres away from here. The project consists of apartments that cover an area of 1,050 square feet to 1,450 square feet. The possession is expected in December 2016. 


The price range is between Rs. 85 Lakhs to Rs. 1.17 Cr. 

source : Vijay Group
source : Vijay Group
current status of the project
current status of the project

2. Vijay Orovia

Vijay Orovia is a project under construction by Vijay Group that occupies 34 acres of land near Hiranandani Estate, Thane. The apartments are from 1BHK to 4BHK with saleable area from 636 square feet to 2,465 square feet. Apart from the amenities provided, the project is located at a place where one has an access to everything. Station is 30 minutes away via bus and share auto facility, D-Mart Store is next to the complex and restaurants, saloons, dentist, ATM store and cafes are located within the project so that residents’ doesn’t have to travel much. Since it shares location with Hiranandani Estate, resident automatically get access to Hiranandani Hospital and school. Currently, the builder is giving away an IPhone to  whoever books an apartment in the project Unique services provided within the project include private theatre, waiting lounge, water softener plant and day care centre for kids.


Price range of the flats begins from Rs. 51 Lakhs to Rs. 2.5 Cr.

Source : Google Images
Source : Google Images


3. Vijay Lawns

Located along the Ghodbunder Road the project includes 10 towers of 27 floors each in an area of 34 acres. The project is well equipped with amenities for the needs of residents. The project is barely 8 KM away from Thane station and it is well connected to Eastern express highway. Since the towers are near main road, public transport is easily available. The possession is expected in 2018.


Apartment configuration are from 1BHK to 4BHK and these start from Rs. 84 Lakhs in price.

Vijay Lawns
Source : Google Images

Read more on developer portal

Hiranandani Lifts The Game Further With Hiranandani One Park

If you haven’t seen the giant hoardings reading the digit “1” across the reclamation, bus stops, near to convenience stores and along the highways at Mumbai, you might have been traveling out of the city for a while. Promotions of One Hiranandani Park the latest offering by Mumbai’s elite property development company are found across all prominent locations in the city these days. Hiranandani Group is credited to be behind the transformation of the sleepy suburb of Powai into a much sought after residential and office destination. So much so that Powai today is becoming a hot bed for entrepreneurship and has led to mushrooming of newer neighbourhoods such as Nahar and Raheja Vihar. The Group forayed outside Powai long back. In Mumbai they expanded into Thane where they continue to create more living spaces at the 200 acre township, Hiranandani Estate, and have delivered several homes at Hiranandani Meadows. The sheer size of property development by Hiranandani Group is impressive, I was looked at a display at the Hiranandani Estate sales office which read 104 buildings delivered which are occupied by 5,000 families.

The main road inside Hiranandani Estate
Completed towers at Hiranandani Estate
More occupied buildings at Hiranandani Estate

People familiar with Thane will know that Hiranandani Estate is located at Patlipada, about 9-10 km away from the Thane West suburban local station. Patlipada is along the Ghodbunder Road which is emerging as a highly desirable residential and retail area in Thane city. Typically Mumbai expands along the railways but in case of Ghodbunder Road, the road quality and its upkeep is attracting realty firms to develop lands here. There are further plans to add Thane metro to serve this area. Moreover the stretch of road from Majhiwada junction to Patlipada has little to no traffic jams as most crossings can be circumvented by use of flyovers. I was reading a few notes available online and one point made there made me think for sometime, it read “One Hiranandani Park is the first apartment complex which has controlled access in the long history of development by Hiranandani’s”. As far as my understanding goes this might be really true as the Group is popular for its large scale townships at Powai or Thane, with multiple buildings sharing common infrastructure. For starters, One Hiranandani Park is located along the Ghodbunder Road in front of Brahmand. Unlike the Hiranandani Estate for which one turns right at the Patlipada junction and travels about 250 meters inside, the new project is right on the main road.

The panels outside One Hiranandani Park project site
Service road outside project site next to Ghodbunder Road
Work at full swing at One Hiranandani Park site

The site is approximately 20 acres in size abutting a planned TMC public garden of 22 acres. The configuration on offer are 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK (455 sq ft to 2,250 sq ft of carpet area). As per current prices these apartments start from approximately Rs. 1 Crore to Rs. 5.50 Crore. These are fully loaded apartments with white goods in kitchen to air conditioning in the flat. Exclusive marble flooring in all rooms except common room which will have wooden flooring. Amenities include tennis court, exotic swimming pool, vast gardens and play areas. The work on the site has commenced. In all 8 towers will come up with the smaller configuration apartments facing the main road and the larger ones facing the TMC garden at the back. As is the case with Hiranandani products, there is a premium attached to the product. The conoisseurs may find it a great offering. In my last few site visits I found that Mumbai is moving to use of marble as flooring quickly, a kind of must have up North. Marble slabs will be found in the bathrooms as well at One Hiranandani Park.

Few days back I bumped into an old friend of mine who is really keen at an investment option in Mumbai property. I don’t know whether it was a joke but she said “Would you know where is Hiranandani coming up with a new project, reason I ask is they tend to improve the profile and livability of areas they go to”. She might just be right…