Documents to check before Buying Property

Buying a property  is not a straightforward process, but consists of many steps. You can read more of it in our Checklist: Property Hunting article. In this article, we focus on the most important part of it all: Documentation. There is a rise in fraudulent cases when it comes to this aspect of real estate. Hence, one should ensure that one’s builder has provided all necessary documents, with all terms and conditions clearly laid out in them, before finalizing the deal. Here is a list of documents to be checked before buying any property:

  1. Title Deed: This document traces the legal owners of the property. It confirms whether the builder has full rights over the property. You can obtain it from registration offices in case the builder does not have it.
  2. Sale Deed: This is the only document that will prove transfer of ownership from the builder to you. It should be compulsorily registered. It comprises of the terms and conditions that you and the builder have agreed upon. Make sure the name of the property is bearing a clear title.
  3. Approval Plan: This document shows that the property layout is authorized by the jurisdiction commissioner or the local body in charge. A few other documents/certificates need to be submitted to get this document:
  • Title Deed
  • Property Assessment Extract
  • Property PID number
  • City/Panchayat survey sketch
  • Tax receipt
  • Sanction plans
  • Drawings of the property
  • Demand drafts
  • Foundation certificate
  • Land use certificate
  1. Tax Receipts: If you are buying a property in a resale transaction, make sure you have all the previous tax receipts. These receipts will notify you if there are any pending bills. In case the seller doesn’t have the receipts you can obtain them from the municipal body by using survey number of the property. Electricity and water bills also hold similar importance.
  2. Power of Attorney: The POA is a legal document that gives the authority of the house to a person (X), other than the owner. This document lets person X to mortgage, sell and demolish the property on behalf of the owner. Be extremely cautious when offering a POA, as these could be liable to misuse.
  3. Land Use Certificate: It is illegal to use agricultural and industrial land for residential purposes. The Tahsildar office and land regulatory will provide with a NOC in cases where the land use has been converted. The conversion certificate is given to agricultural lands so that they can be used for residential properties.
  4. Encumbrance Certificate: EC verifies that the property is free of any legal dues. It consist of registered transactions made in the name of the property before the EC is registered.
  5. Completion certificate: The CC is a vital and mandatory legal document that a is given once the property is completed. It states that the building has been constructed in compliance with rules and according to official plans.
  6. Occupancy Certificate: In simple terms this certificate states that property is ready to be occupied. This will be given once the local authorities perform a check on the property.

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Bestech Group – Work Ethics In Line With Real Estate Regulations and Development Act (RERA Act)

Bestech Park View Ananda entrance

While I was browsing for details of Bestech Parkview Altura, I landed on the company’s webpage which listed down the following about the project –

  1. License No. 22 of 2012 dated 27-03-2012 issued by the authorities
  2. Building plans approved 21-03-2016
  3. BR 3 and Environmental clearance received

And right below was the following statement – any interested party can visit the firms’ office at Gurgaon to go through the approvals of the project and all relevant documents. Throughout my career in real estate I have always thought to myself why do real estate firms treat the project files as sacred or so to say even the buyers think these documents are not so easy to procure. However the truth is that every buyer has the right to satisfy his curiosity, doubts and apprehensions by going through project documents. In fact all the lenders to the company (on the specific project) or to the buyers (mortgage purposes) go through the approvals, project title and other relevant documents before funding the property*. So most of the times real estate buyers end up relying on the brand recall of the developer, their marketing pitch or the fact that leading banks are providing funds against the property. Very peculiar to India many real estate decisions are driven by emotions and inspired by those in know how i.e. friends and relatives. Bestech Group which has launched its first residential project at Gurgaon after a gap of 3 years goes a step ahead by inviting the interested buyers to their office, scan the papers, seek answers all this over a cup of tea or coffee.

Excavation work being carrying out at the Bestech Altura site
Excavation work being carrying out at the Bestech Altura site

In my discussions with the management of Bestech I was informed that Parkview Altura was “soft-launched” in the month of April 2016 only after all building plan approvals were in place. For those who have tracked the Gurgaon real estate market, Bestech’s home ground, they would know that a project before it is launched has to conform to the following –

  1. Land acquisition or development rights
  2. Letter of Intent from Director Town and Country Planning
  3. Approvals process including environmental clearance
  4. Building plan approvals

The above is for illustration purpose only as the long list of approvals includes height clearance, tree cutting, storm water & drain department, structural plan amongst others. Every Indian market has its own peculiarity and these approvals aren’t uniform and one has to approach various departments to seek permissions. Thereby the process can take a long time as well.

EWS construction at Bestech Grand Spa
EWS construction at Bestech Grand Spa

The Delhi NCR property developers especially those at Gurgaon for years followed aggressive sales strategy of “pre-launch”, “soft launch” and then formal launch. Several buyers and investors used to be lured by much lower prices at “pre-launch” and “soft launch” phases, but there was a catch. In many cases these two phases preceded the building plan approvals, the formal go ahead from authorities, which meant the buyers were at significant risk of project not being approved in time and in worst cases “never”. There are other scary stories in this market where projects were pre-launched by certain real estate developers at the second stage itself i.e. on receiving Letter of Intent. In extreme cases some projects were pre-launched anytime between stage 1 and 2 as listed above**. For those who are new to this process followed at Gurgaon a buyer/ investor would not be allotted any unit number or be awarded a formal sale letter at these stages, since building plan approvals aren’t in place. Despite the Haryana Government putting an end to the risky practices of “pre launches” before project approvals the menace didn’t really stop.

Site office at Bestech Altura site
Site office at Bestech Altura site

Bestech Group has stayed away from such practices which mar a healthy business relationship and puts buyers at risk. Like one can easily see in case of Park View Altura, the developer “soft launched” the project only after receiving all approvals. Work has recently begun at the site and in any case interested parties can request Bestech for review of approval documents. The much discussed Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016 (RERA Act) once implemented makes it mandatory for real estate developers to possess all approvals before going ahead with project marketing, sales and construction. The RERA Act will require real estate developers to upload all the information on a project i.e. its land, insurances, approvals and construction updates on the website of the relevant RERA authority. Even before RERA was proposed Bestech has been following authorities’ guidelines to the hilt including the norm that asks developer to deposit 30% of the customers’ receipt in Internal Development Works (IDW) account and the same is periodically audited by DTCP. Their strict adherence to policies and guidelines is one of the reasons that in any conversation with the Bestech team we always find them confident about being a dominant player even once the regulations get stronger.

Prospective buyers at Bestech Grand Spa site
Prospective buyers at Bestech Grand Spa site

If one were to scan the Bestech Group’s web portal they would not only see project details but also construction updates, approval status of new projects and corporate information. In preparation to complete compliance with RERA Act Bestech Group has institutionalised best practice of sharing important documents with interested parties. The Governance at the firm is also one of the reasons for it to be backed by leading domestic and foreign institutional investors.

*there is no assurance that the due diligence performed by the institutions can be entirely relied upon. There have been instances that even financiers have erred in vetting documents

** based on discussions with real estate developers, intermediaries and buyers in Gurgaon real estate market

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Bestech – A Firm Delivery

The firm of Park View fame, Bestech has been garnering headlines for their new offering – Bestech Parkview Altura at Sector-79 in Gurgaon. This is one of the few launches Gurgaon has seen in times when the market here has been slowing down. This launch is their first in residential segment in past three years.

Bestech Group forayed into real estate business more than two decades ago. Since then it delivered quality and customer satisfaction with projects not only limited to residential and commercial sectors but also hospitality and retail. The scale of delivery and achievements are plenty – Bestech has accredited to its name a total development of 30 million sq. ft. and of this 11 million sq. ft has already been delivered, another 7. Million sq. ft is under development and a total of 11.5 million sq. ft is under planning. The Group is a brain child of Mr. Dharmendra Bhandari and Mr. Suni Satija who are themselves civil graduates. Bestech is name much familiar in NCR not only with consumers but also intermediaries, financiers and media. The firm’s claim to fame has been  timely delivery of projects, quality construction and better specifications. Below are some facts that form the backbone of the much familiar sounding statement (we gathered the data during our interactions with the firm’s management):

Top 5 delivered residential projects by Bestech Group at Gurgaon: Project Location Sizes Total units Start of construction End of construction
1. Park View City-I Sohna Road, Gurgaon 3BHK apartments. Size varies from 2345 sq. ft. to 3939 sq. ft. 526 September-2004 August-2007
2. Park View City-II Sohna Road, Gurgaon 3/4BHK apartments. Size ranges from 1859 sq. ft. to 2639 sq. ft. 443 September-2005 August-2008
3. Park View Residency Sector-3, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon 2/3BHK apartments. Size ranges from 1415 sq. ft. to 1920 sq. ft. 689 January-2007 January-2010
4. Park View Spa Sector-47, Gurgaon 2/3BHK apartments. Size ranges from2995 sq. ft. to 3495 sq. ft. 396 June-2009 September-2013
5. Park View Spa Next Sector-67, Gurgaon 3/4BHK apartments. Size ranges from 1790 sq. ft. to 2685 sq. ft. 467 February-2010 April-2014


Bestech Parkview City- Delivered Project
Bestech Parkview City- Delivered Project

Under the Park View series Bestech has a number of other projects in Gurgaon which are at present under-construction. Park View Grand Spa is placed in Sector-81, Gurgaon with a total of 19 lac sq. ft. comprising  of 561 apartments, 30 penthouses and 7 luxurious villas. One of the striking features of the project is an 8 acre central park. Park View Sanskruti is a project featuring 3BHK and 4BHK apartments in sector-92, Gurgaon, adorning all modern day luxurious facilities. A new tower was launched in the project Park View Spa in sector-47 in the year 2014, with an exclusive development of only 30 apartments of 3BHK + Lounge segment. Following suit is the recent announcement of Parkview Altura, with 3BHK and 4BHK apartments and high end specifications with split AC’s, modular kitchen and a number of sports engagements. A special Possession Linked Payment Plan (25:25:50) has also been announced for the project with first 25% to be paid in first four months, next 25% on completion of super structure and balance 50% is to be paid when the project is nearing completion.

Bestech Park View Ananda
Bestech Park View Ananda

Park View Ananda at New Gurgaon is a project the firm is currently handing over to buyers. It is a project which has received several accolades in media and is already inhabited.

The firm has been performing well even in commercial developments. Here are the top 5 delivered commercial projects by Bestech at Gurgaon (we gathered the data during our interactions with the firm’s management): Project Location Size (in sq. ft. ) Start of construction End of construction
1. Bestech Centre Point Sushant Lok, Gurgaon 30,000 November-1999 November-2001
2. Central Square Sector-56, Gurgaon 74,000 August-2005 December-2007
3. Bestech Cyber Park NH-8, Gurgaon 5,60,000 July-2007 October-2012
4. Park View Business Tower Sector-48, Gurgaon 7,65,000 March-2009 November-2011
5. Orient Bestech Business Tower Sector-34, Gurgaon 6,52,000 February-2008 August-2013


The Bestech Group also has a commercial project under-construction, Bestech City Gate located in New Gurgaon. The project is a mix of modern day retail and office spaces, with retail shops ranging from 1000 sq. ft. to 6500 sq. ft. The project once complete will lend the much needed ready retail backing for the residents of New Gurgaon.

Bestech Group initiated their journey in the hospitality sector 15 years back, and their major assignments include Park Plaza Noida, Radison Blu Suites Gurgaon, Radison Blu Hotel Indore and Radison Blu Hotel Nagpur. The group has strategic partnership to develop 49 hotels spanning 11 cities in India with the Carlson Rezidor Group.

Their timely delivery has been appreciated by the industry, and Bestech was recognized for same when they won the title of “Best Timely Delivery of the projects in Gurgaon” at The Infra & Realty Sutra Awards 2014. Another award that recognized their dedication for timely delivery was the “Excellent Delivery Track Record” award at the NDTV Property Awards 2014. Their project Bestech Parkview Ananda was also conferred as the “Premium apartment project of the year – North” at the prestigious NDTV Property Awards 2015. All this has been possible for firm’s background in construction, owned equipment and machinery, stringent quality checks and experience gained over the years.

A number of groups boast of keeping up to their employee expectations and treating them as an integral part of the organization, Bestech moves a step ahead to cater to the workers at the construction sites as well. Worth a mention is their CSR effort termed as the “Mobile Crèches ”. The mobile crèches are day care centres for the children who live at the construction sites and caters to their need for nutrition, education and healthcare. Several thousands of families and children have benefitted from these services and facilities.

Site for New Launch-Bestech Altura
Site for New Launch-Bestech Altura

One of the major complains in the real estate sectors have been relating to the delivery woes. NCR has witnessed projects delayed by over 3-4 years. The list is long and several noteworthy names fall into the list as well. Amidst all this, Bestech has emerged as a developer with a solid delivery track record. We also believe that firm’s typical way of operation i.e. manage few projects at a time is also a contributor to their achievements. Moreover firm is backed by credible financial partners, more recently JP Morgan backed them in their project Bestech Park View Altura.

New Gurgaon – The Next Residential Hub

DLF Gardencity SIgnboard on entry from NH8

A strategic positioning, affordability factor and availability of land led to the development of a new micro-market in Gurgaon few years ago. Sectors-80 to 95 along the NH-8 connecting Gurgaon to Manesar formed the realty market of New Gurgaon. Connectivity to these sectors is granted by the NH-8, Dwarka Expressway and Kundli Manesar Palwal Expressway. Infact, the Dwarka Expressway is an extension of the New Gurgaon, via which the region will get seamless connectivity to Delhi. Land banks were acquired by top developers in NCR and mega townships were planned. DLF, Godrej, Vatika, SARE, Bestech are some of the prominent names that have been delivering projects in this area and fuelled the demand for new projects as well. We list 5 delivered and 5 ongoing projects in New Gurgaon for one’s planning there next investment in New Gurgaon (this list isn’t in any particular order and selection of properties is purely for illustration purposes) :

Godrej Frontier, New Gurgaon
Godrej Frontier, New Gurgaon
Vatika G-21 at Vatika INXT City, New Gurgaon
Vatika G-21 at Vatika INXT City, New Gurgaon

6 delivered projects in New Gurgaon:

Project Name Location Unit Sizes Amenities Resale Price
Godrej Frontier Sector-80 Gurgaon 3BHK/4BHK apartments and 19 penthouses

Sizes vary from 1812-4611 sq. ft.

Health club, Gymnasium, Swimming pool, Tennis court, Yoga and Meditation halls 90 lakh onwards
DLF New Town Heights Sector-86, 90 and 91


2BHK/3BHK/4BHK apartments, Townhouses and Independent Floors

Size ranges from 1285-3350 sq. ft.

Clubhouse, Gym, Swimming pool, Lawn Tennis court, Multipurpose court 75 lakh onwards
Gurgaon 21 Sector-83 Gurgaon 2BHK/3BHK/4BHK apartments.

Size ranges from 1230 sq. ft. to 2408 sq. ft.

Club, Swimming pool, Children’s play area, community and retail centre, Tennis court. 65 lakh onwards
Bestech Park View Ananda Sector-81 Gurgaon 2BHK/3BHK apartments.

Size ranges from 1360 sq. ft. to 1790 sq. ft.

Club/Multi-purpose hall with café, Tennis court, Badminton court, Yoga huts, Squash court. 80 lakh onwards
Vipul Lavanya Sector-81 Gurgaon 2BHK/3BHK/4BHK apartments.

Sizes vary from 1225 sq. ft. to 2225 sq. ft.

Health club with steam and jacuzi, Tennis court, Squash Court, Gym, Clubhouse, Swimming pool 60 lakh onwards
SARE Royal Greens Sector-92 Gurgaon 2BHK/3BHK/4BHK apartments

Size ranges from 950 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft.

Club, Gymnasium, Swimming pool, Indoor games, Health club. Reading room, Family longue 45 lakh onwards


Godrej 101 - New Gurgaon
Godrej 101 – New Gurgaon
Bestech Ananda entrance
Bestech Ananda entrance

 6 ongoing projects in New Gurgaon:

Project Name Location Unit Sizes Amenities Price
DLF Sky Court Sector-86 Gurgaon 3BHK apartments

Size ranges from 1846 sq. ft. to 1867 sq. ft.

Sky club, Swimming pool, Tennis field, Nursery school, Kids play area 1.28 crore onwards
Bestech Pak View Altura Sector-79 Gurgaon 3BHK/4BHK apartments

Size ranges from 2015 sq. ft. to 2675 sq. ft.

Club/Multi-purpose hall with café, swimming pool, kids pool, basketball and badminton courts, Yoga huts, school. 1.06 crore onwards
Vatika Tranquil Heights Sector-82A Gurgaon 2BHK/3BHK/4BHK apartments

Size ranges from 1635 sq. ft. to 3335 sq. ft.

Clubhouse, Gym, Swimming pool, Cycling and Jogging Tracks, Meditation Centre 1.15 crore onwards
Godrej 101 Sector-79 2BHK/3BHK apartments

Size ranges from 1383 sq. ft. to 2366 sq. ft.

Clubhouse, pool side café/longue, party terrace, half Olympic size Swimming pool 90 lakh onwards
SARE Sports Parc Sector-92 Gurgaon 3BHK apartments

Size ranges from 1295 sq. ft. to 1660 sq. ft.

Sports centered with swimming pool, cricket pitch, football ground and others, Spa, Rock climbing. 78 lakh onwards
Lotus Woodview Residences Sector-89, 90 Gurgaon 2BHK/3BHK/4BHK apartments.

Size ranges from 1090 sq. ft. to 4362 sq. ft.

Club, Spa, Gymnasium, Pool side café, Swimming pool, Shopping arena, Medical facilities, Nursery School 78 lakh onwards
Vatika Market Place- Second retail at Vatika INXT City
Vatika Market Place- Second retail centre at Vatika INXT City

Vatika India Next is one of the largest township in New Gurgaon, with projects like The Seven Lamps, Lifestyle Homes, Gurgaon-21, City Homes in the process of handing over for possession. With about 4000 homes offered for possession including villas, apartments plots, about 1400 families have already shifted and started living. The township has the only organized shopping complex of the area where residents can shop for all their needs and find places of recreation as well. The township is also a home to the senior school wing of “Matrikiran School” that commences operation this month.

The development potential of New Gurgaon is largely dependent on infrastructural initiatives by the Government. The infrastructural development has not kept pace with the growth of New Gurgaon, be it the arterial roads or sector connectivity or delayed completion of Southern Peripheral Road, or Dwarka Expressway. The KMP expressway after missing several deadlines is reported to complete its Manesar-Palwal stretch of 53 kms this year, which will give relief as an alternate route to NH-8. The Government at Happening Haryana Summit in Gurgaon, proposed a  bypass route that passes through the sectors of 84/88, 85/89, 86/90, 87/91 and connects to sectors-14/15 and 7, 8 in Manesar as an alternate to the toll at Kherki Daula.  The lack of infrastructure has been a hindrance in the overall potential development of the market. The speedy completion of the infrastructure initiatives will boost the commercial and social development of the area. Further New Gurgaon will witness a number higher habitation after its direct connectivity with Delhi is established. After all the place is still within the reach of a large set of middle class individuals who can afford quality housing that is replete with amenities, and still priced at 20% lower than Sohna Road residences.

Bestech Parkview Altura, Sector 79 Gurgaon – Furthering Quality & Delivery Promise

Hoarding at Bestech Parkview Altura

Bestech, the firm behind numerous residential projects at Gurgaon and famously associated with Parkview series of group housing projects has announced soft launch of Bestech Parkview Altura. Gurgaon as a property market has been growing radially as its central business and residential districts of Golf Course Road, MG Road and Golf Course Extension road have gone out of reach of middle class home buyers. Also Gurgaon continues to see interest of corporations and in recent times start ups for business set up and expansion. Prime employers in Gurgaon include Maruti, Hero Honda, McKinsey, Genpact, Google, TCS amongst others. Keeping future demand and demographics in mind Gurgaon’s current master plan include areas along Dwarka Expressway and beyond as part of the future city. For those who know this geography, New Gurgaon is a region sandwiched between sectors along Dwarka Expressway and Manesar.

NH 8 Entry when approaching from Sector 79
NH 8 Entry when approaching from Sector 79

Social Connectivity

Amongst these is sector 79 which is located on a proposed 60 meter road which takes off from National Highway 8. I took a left at the second flyover post the Kherki Daula toll booth while driving from Gurgaon to Manesar to approach the sector. Several apartment projects are under construction in this area which is now being called New Golf Course road, for it has 4 operational golf courses along it. These include one at Karma Lake Land, Tarudhan Valley, Golden Green and ITC Classic Golf Course. The concentration of schools and hospitals is more towards Manesar and these can be accessed within 15-20 minutes of drive from the project. The reputed schools include DPS Manesar, Ompee World School, Bal Bharti Public School and hospitals that lie in vicinity of project site include Rockland Hospital, Yashlok Medical Centre and Life Care Hospital. Like various developing nodes, work on which has now gained pace, this 60 meter road on which Sector 79 is located will get linked to Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) and eventually to Golf Course Extension Road. Also with Dwarka Expressway development in an accelerated mode (recently declared a National Highway) now, Sector 79 will gain a quick connectivity to it as well. Bestech Parkview Altura will be on the 60 meter main road and further be flanked by 24 meter roads at its boundaries. The project is coming up on a 10.1 acre land and there are about 500 apartments in the complex. These are all premium 3BHK, 3BHK+Servant and 4BHK apartments. Sizes of these vary from 2000-2675 sq ft. The 3BHK+Servant is about 2150 sq ft in size.

Bestech Parkview Altura current access
Bestech Parkview Altura current access


Soft launch price is about Rs. 5,200 per sq ft of saleable area. At this rate the all-in price of the smallest configuration apartment will be about Rs. 1.25 Cr. There is something to cheer for the buyers looking at this property. Probably for the first time ever the firm has introduced possession linked plan (PLP) during the launch for a chosen few buyers. Those concluding a transaction will have to shell out 25% of property price within 4 months of purchase, remaining 25% will be due at completion of structure (about two years away) and last instalment of 50% will be due near handover by developer.

Sign board to Karma Lake Land near Bestech Parkview Altura
Sign board to Karma Lake Land near Bestech Parkview Altura

There are 7 towers of G+17 or G+18 structure and each will have 4 apartments on every floor. In the typical format that Bestech now seems to have mastered, all the towers will come on the periphery of the project site. Such a lay out frees up central area for landscaping and amenities and thus the name Parkview. Close to 75% of the land will be for these purposes and habitable towers will only be on 25% of the land. The almost fully fitted Parkview Altura homes by Bestech will come with air conditioners in the entire apartment, marble flooring throughout living, dining and bed rooms and modular kitchen. The club house will come with a gymnasium, squash court, board games, tennis table and hall. A basket ball court, two tennis courts and one swimming pool will be available in complex for those who follow these games or developing interest in them.

Current access to Sector 79 leads to ITC's Grand Bharat property
Current access to Sector 79 leads to ITC’s Grand Bharat property

Bestech Parkview Ananda

With Parkview Alturas launch Bestech has hit the Gurgaon property market with a new product after a span of 3 years. Global real estate investor and investment bank, J P Morgan is an investor in this project. The firm delivered Bestech Parkview Ananda at Sector 81 in the year gone by. Other noteworthy projects by firm include Bestech Parkview Spa in Sector 47, Bestech Park View Spa Next in Sector 67, Bestech Park View City-1 and Bestech Park View City 2 on Sohna Road. Bestech is one of the few in this sector which has largely stuck to delivery and quality schedules and thereby it enjoys a strong brand recall with consumers (Read about the brand Bestech).

Sobha International City – Layout of Presidential Villas

Formal living room at Sobha International City Presidential Villa

After a long haul, the Dwarka Expressway hit the headlines on a positive note early this month. The Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has granted a National Highway status to the Expressway, at the Happening Haryana Summit 2016. This move will transfer the complete control of the expressway to National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), which will ensure a speedy completion to meet the final deadline of June 2017, as fixed by the state CM, Manohar Khattar. The completion of this Expressway will not only bestow momentum to current realty projects in the micro-market but also, ease the living for residents. Where this news is set to revive the realty market of Dwarka Expressway, Sobha Ltd has already started offering possession of its exclusive development of Sobha International City Presidential Villa. Sobha Ltd started its journey in NCR with its planned development – Sobha International City (for dedicated coverage) spread across Sectors-106, 108 and 109 in Gurgaon. We take you to a level by level tour of one of the highlights of the township – The Presidential Villas:

Sobha International City Presidential Villa : Ground Floor

Bedroom facing rear lawn at Sobha International City Presidential Villa
Bedroom facing rear lawn at Sobha International City Presidential Villa

As we reached the entrance, we were greeted by finely manicured, lush green front lawns and an ample area to park four sedans. The foyer at entrance led us to a formal living room and a large double height ceiling dining room. Just opposite to the dining room is the kitchen, and utility room that is mainly used as a washing area. The utility area leads to the backyard, which has a separate room and toilet meant for the servants. A few steps to the left of the dining room took us to a small powder room, followed by a spacious family lounge. The family lounge has large sized French windows that are a separator to the rear lawns. Next to the lounge is a bedroom overlooking the rear lawns, attached with a washroom. The ground floor is has a well-spaced internal staircase and elevator leading to the other floors.

Sobha International City Presidential Villa : First Floor

We took of the stairs to reach the first floor, and we could oversee the luxurious dining room, we took a left to see a generous sized bedroom, with an area for closet and an elegant bathing and shower space.The balcony of the bedroom gives a view of the villas on the other side of the internal road and the green cover around.

Study Area at Sobha International City Presidential Villa
Study Area at Sobha International City villas

We exit from the bedroom to reach to the opposite end, that starts with a study area  naturally lit by a huge glass window. Next to the study room is the first master suite with a walk in closet area, an attached balcony and 5 fixture master bath.


Sobha International City Presidential Villa : Second Floor

View of terrace garden from bedroom at Sobha International City Presidential Villa
View of terrace garden from bedroom at Sobha International City

We move up to the second floor, to see a beautiful terrace garden right opposite to where the stairs end. To the left of the terrace garden is second master suite again dedicated walk in closet space, balcony and lavish bathing area fitted with a bath tub and shower panel. To the right of the terrace garden is a room for workout space, with a large French window that overlooks the terrace garden, the space can be alternately used for any other purpose as well. Right opposite is a utility space to store any extra bulk item or to be used as a pantry on the floor. The second bedroom of the floor offers a dressing area, washroom and large size window facilitating ventilation and natural light.

Sobha International City Presidential Villa : Terrace

Villas at View from terrace at Sobha International City Presidential Villa
View from terrace at Sobha International City

Ditching the views of the terrace garden, we take the stairs to reach the terrace area. The terrace on the right is a utility terrace that stores all AC units, water heating unit and can be used for all domestic purposes by the servant. On the left is the terrace that overlooks the entire township and surrounding  greens.


Sobha International City Presidential Villa : Basement

Multi purpose basement at Sobha International City
Multi purpose basement at Sobha International City

Once we finish gazing at all the floors, we took a lift to reach the basement. The basement has been created as a multi-purpose area. The sample basement is beautifully done with a private bar and pool table and a theatre. The basement is connected with both the lift and the stairs, and can be designed as per one’s taste and requirement.

Sobha International City Presidential Villa : Prices & Sizes

A number of details have been considered for in the construction process, thereby producing a fine quality product. The pricing for the presidential villa starts from Rs 7 crore and one can also choose from row houses and duplex villas that start at Rs. 3.7 crores onwards. Sobha Ltd has also launched Sobha City, a 39 acre of development in vicinity of Sobha International City. Sobha City is a combination of high rise apartments that range from 1380 sq feet to 2342 sq ft.