7 Reasons why one can consider buying property in Pune’s Boat Club Road

Boat Club Road is located in the heart of Pune city and owes its name to the Royal Connaught Boat Club, located on this road, which conducted boating activities on the Mula-Mutha River. Since the British era, Boat Club Road has built a reputation as an exclusive high end residential destination and is arguably, the most preferred address in the city. We look at why prospective home buyers should consider this location.

  1. Connectivity matters to you

Boat Club Road’s central location means it is well-connected to all parts of Pune city. Whether one is looking to commute to the market, office or to transportation hubs, all can be reached in a short time from here. Pune airport is barely 6.5 km away, while the main land transport hubs of Pune Station and Shivajinagar are only 2.5 and 5 km away respectively.

  1. You are spoiled for shopping options

Boat Club Road is close to some of Pune’s best luxury shopping destinations, such as Phoenix Market City and Nitesh Hub malls. For those who prefer the option of browsing through markets, one of Pune’s primary destinations, MG Road in Camp is within 3.5 km from here, with Laxmi Road a further 2 km. Beside this, many brands have their showrooms in and around Boat Club Road.

  1. Culinary options are also aplenty
City Point on Boat Club Road, housing Mainland China and Sigree restaurants
City Point on Boat Club Road, housing Mainland China and Sigree restaurants

Boat Club Road is also among the best places to satisfy one’s culinary cravings, with a host of old-timers and newcomer restaurants and joints offering a variety of options. Some of the most popular ones in this area include Sigree, Mainland China, Zamu’s Place and 10 Downing Street.

  1. You want a luxury, high end home

Boat Club Road is the most high end housing destination in Pune and it’s logical that home buyers paying a premium expect their home to have the best features, fittings etc. Major developers in the city such as Panchshil, Clover, Gera, ABIL and Kolte-Patil have their projects in this area. Many senior executives of companies as well as some of Pune’s most reputed business people reside here.

  1. You have the developer as your neighbour!
Gera Plaza, headquarters of Gera Developments, on Boat Club Road
Gera Plaza, headquarters of Gera Developments, on Boat Club Road

Most of the reputed developers in Pune have chosen Boat Club Road as their headquarters in the city and the list includes Sobha, Kolte-Patil and Gera. Not surprisingly, residents in this area have few complaints regarding their homes and if they do, they tend to get acted upon quickly!

  1. You want to stay close to your workplace

Boat Club Road is right next to the important business districts of Bund Garden Road and Dhole Patil Road, as well as the nearby IT hubs of Yerwada and Kalyani Nagar. One can also reach Shivajinagar and FC Road within 20 minutes from here, using the riverside Sangamwadi road.

  1. You are particular about quality schools and hospitals being close to home
Wadia College near Boat Club Road
Wadia College near Boat Club Road

Unsurprisingly, an area such as Boat Club Road is surrounded by numerous service providers. For schooling, residents have the choice of St. Felix High School on this road itself, with popular institutions such as St. Mary’s School, Bishop’s School and St. Helena’s School in Camp, within 5 km from here. Some of the top colleges in the city such as Wadia College and College of Engineering Pune (COEP) are also close by. The same applies to healthcare facilities as well; Ruby Hall Clinic and Jehangir Hospital are barely 1-1.5 km away, while Inlaks Hospital is around 2 km from here.

Read this before you purchase a home

While Boat Club Road is indeed an intriguing option, a note of caution is in order. The area sees heavy traffic and parking is a major issue. Prospective residents must take care that their home comes with sufficient parking facilities to cater to their vehicle(s).

Boat Club Road
Boat Club Road

The average base price of a multistory apartment on Boat Club Road is ~Rs. 15,400/sq. ft., but for a quality apartment by a reputed developer, one can expect to be asked to shell out at a rate up to Rs. 19,000/sq. ft. Not only is the price in this locality the highest in Pune, it is more expensive than even Navi Mumbai, comparable only to Palm Beach Road there. Rental rates are equally high, the average being Rs. 29/sq. ft. In short, only the well-heeled can afford a home in this premium locality.


A home in Boat Club Road in Pune signifies that one is part of the most premium residential destination in the city. Apart from being a status symbol, the comfort and convenience it offers residents is unparalleled in the city. Residential real estate here is now, by and large saturated, though commercial properties have seen a big jump in recent years, who have been attracted by all the aforementioned factors.

8 Reasons why Koregaon Park is a compelling real estate destination

If one draws a list of the most happening places in the city of Pune, Koregaon Park would be at or near the top of that list. A beautiful locality near the city center and along the banks of the Mula-Mutha River, Koregaon Park magnetically attracts NRIs, expatriates, students and visitors alike. We look at why you should seriously consider purchasing a home in this ‘jewel’ in Pune’s crown.

  1. You are a nature lover

Osho Teerth Park in Koregaon Park
Osho Teerth Park in Koregaon Park

If you are fond of living among green surroundings and breathing in fresh air every morning, while living in the heart of the city, Koregaon Park is for you! This area has a large green cover with a number of trees (particularly standing out are the venerable banyan trees), helping mitigate the pollution due to the traffic the area sees. There are a number of gardens as well to walk or meditate in, the most famous being the Osho Teerth Park, built along a beautified ‘nallah’.

  1. You are a die-hard foodie

Koregaon Park is considered to be Pune’s food capital for good reason. The area is dotted with restaurants; it’s hard to walk 50 meters without coming across one. These restaurants cater to all taste buds and to all budgets, so whether you prefer India, Continental, Oriental, Italian, Mexican and even Brazilian cuisine, you can find it a short walk/drive away. Some of Pune’s best hotels such as Westin, Blue Diamond and the O Hotel are all here, as well as famous outlets such as Malaka Spice, German Bakery and ABC Farms, to name just a few.

  1. You are a shopaholic

Nitesh Hub Mall in Koregaon Park
Nitesh Hub Mall in Koregaon Park

For shopping enthusiasts, Koregaon Park is the best base camp in Pune. With a variety of stores as well as malls such as Nitesh Hub and Jewel Square to choose from, one is not short of options. Also, located within a 7 km radius are other prime shopping and entertainment destinations such as Phoenix Market City, Amanora Town Centre and Seasons Mall.

  1. You prefer purchasing a home from a reputed developer only

For the brand-conscious clientele in Koregaon Park, it’s but natural to expect that they would want a quality home built by the best names in the business. This area, earlier known for its luxurious bungalows, is now seeing a rise in multipurpose apartments, owing to paucity of land.

Pune’s most reputed developers such as Kolte-Patil, ABIL, Panchshil Realty and Clover have popular, stand-out projects in Koregaon Park, providing the best of amenities and allowing customers to buy their dream home. For a real estate investor, returns on an investment on an apartment by a noted developer are likely to be much greater.

  1. You want to maintain a Western style standard of living

Koregaon Park is the most preferred living option for expatriates, NRIs and the wealthy classes of Pune city. Not only is the area beautiful and full of quality restaurants, it is also the location of some of the best housing complexes in the city, offering a first world standard of living. Among the amenities that come with your apartment (depending on the project) are Italian Marble flooring, private elevators, private swimming pool, Jacuzzis and even preinstalled kitchens.

  1. You love to party and don’t want to go far

Many of the biggest events and shows in Pune are held in and around this area. Some of the most popular venues include the Westin Hotel, Hard Rock Café and Elysium Lawns, which are all a very short drive away.

  1. Your office, the airport and railway station are close by

Koregaon Park attracts many senior management personnel, working in companies in the neighbouring IT hubs of Kalyani Nagar, Yerwada and Viman Nagar. The city’s main transport hubs, the airport and railway station, are very close by as well, at a distance of 5.5 km and 3.5 km from this area respectively.

  1. Plenty of options for education and medical care

A major benefit of being in a central location such as Koregaon Park is the facilities available in close proximity. Residents can send their kids to quality schools such as Bishops Co-ed School, Lexicon International School and Symbiosis International School, which are a short distance away. They can avail of some of Pune’s top hospitals for medical care needs, including Inlaks Hospital in Koregaon Park itself and Jehangir Hospital and Ruby Hall Clinic, within 3 km.

The Flip Side of Koregaon Park

While Koregaon Park is undoubtedly quite attractive for the reasons mentioned above, it’s not exactly all smooth sailing for someone considering purchasing a home there. These are some of the points you may need to ponder on:

  1. Too much traffic puts you off

North Main Road in Koregaon Park
North Main Road in Koregaon Park

The heavy and extremely haphazard traffic in the area is the biggest problem residents face, particularly during peak hours and over the weekends. Traffic jams are common and the time taken to reach a nearby place could be quite a bit, if caught in one. Particularly on North Main Road, the noise pollution tends to be quite high. The limited carriage width of the roads here just cannot handle such large volume of traffic.

  1. You don’t like having to hunt for parking

Finding a proper parking spot, should one wish to visit a restaurant or party place in the area, for one’s car can be considered a real achievement. Parking along the North Main Road and Lane 1 is not allowed and the inner lanes are often clogged with vehicles as well, leading to one spending plenty of time and energy on the same.

  1. You lack the necessary finances to purchase a home here

Koregaon Park is an evergreen housing destination, with demand for a home always quite high. Considering the area’s location and reputation as a place for the well-off, one must be prepared to pay a significant premium for a home here. The average base price for a multistory apartment here is ~Rs. 11,350/sq. ft., which can go up to Rs. 15,000/sq. ft. for more luxury projects. Renting a home here requires a significant financial outlay as well, the average rental rate being Rs. 27/sq. ft.

  1. Security issues

Koregaon Park’s popularity unfortunately also, attracts unsavory elements. The Osho Commune here attracts a large number of visitors from abroad as along with the Pune Chabad House, has for long been a target of terror groups. The popular eatery, German Bakery, was the target of a bomb blast in February 2010, which killed 17 people. Security has since been beefed up in the area, with roadblocks and checks by the police a common occurrence.

New and upcoming projects

Ajmera Aria by Ajmera Builders offers 4 BHK apartments, having an area of 5,850 sq. ft. along with amenities such as a swimming pool, party lawn and business meeting rooms.

Vascon Engineers’ long-delayed and awaited project Vascon Windermere offers spacious 3 BHK, 4 BHK and 5 BHK apartments of area ranging from 3,000 – 6,600 sq. ft., coupled with sports courts, shops and a clubhouse.

Vascon Windermere in Koregaon Park
Vascon Windermere in Koregaon Park

Marvel Basilo by Marvel Developers is another premium project coming up in this area, with 3.5 and 4.5 BHK apartments, along with automated apartment management systems, allowing residents to control their homes remotely as well as concierge services offered to residents.


Koregaon Park is among the best locations in Pune to stay or invest in. The demand for quality housing in this area has always been high and with demonetization and the RERA Act coming into force shortly, is only likely to increase further. While an apartment here is not affordable for everyone, those investing here are unlikely to be disappointed.

Talegaon – An affordable residential destination west of Pune

As one drives down towards Mumbai from Pune on NH4 (not the expressway), the town of Talegaon-Dabhade is one of the first places one will pass. This town is largely known for its lakes, greenery and the hills around it. In recent times, it has also emerged as a hub for affordable housing in the region, catering to industrial workers and IT employees alike. Not surprisingly, many developers have invested in numerous housing projects in and around this town.

In this article, we analyze the present and future prospects of this town, touted as Pune’s next satellite city after Pimpri-Chinchwad and see whether this hype is justified.

Location & Connectivity

Talegaon’s biggest advantage is indeed its location directly on NH4, which allows for a quick commute to Mumbai, Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad and even Satara and Kolhapur and has hence, attracted investors from these cities. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway too is barely 2 km away and can be reached from Talegaon in a very short time indeed. Talegaon, which is a prominent industrial area itself, is also connected to the industrial hubs of Chakan and Shikrapur by road. In fact, most residential projects in Talegaon are either on NH4 or the Talegaon-Chakan road.

Talegaon also lies on the main Mumbai-Pune railway line. Regular local trains ply from Talegaon to Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad daily and offer a convenient mode of transport for many office goers residing here. Pune Municipal Transport (PMT) also runs a regular bus service to and fro Talegaon, hence connectivity is not an issue here. Internal road quality, however, is not that good, with many kaccha roads and last mile connectivity lacking. Also, with the narrow arterial roads (other than NH4), traffic bottlenecks are formed and jams are a common occurrence, but unfortunately, not much has been done in this regard. Another inconvenience for those travelling by road is the toll they need to pay at Somatane Phata near Talegaon daily.

An internal road in Talegaon
An internal road in Talegaon

Talegaon caters primarily to two sections of residents: the IT sector employees working in Hinjewadi IT Park (24 km) and Talawade IT Park (14 km) on the one hand and those working in the industrial hubs of MIDC Talegaon, MIDC Chakan (21 km) and Pimpri Chinchwad (21 km) on the other. These hubs house major companies such as General Motors, L&T, Bajaj and Volkswagen. The demand for homes is comparatively greater from the latter segment i.e. the industrial staff and that has kept prices lower in this area.

Social Amenities

When it comes to social amenities, Talegaon is a rather mixed bag. It has none of the malls or mega shopping cum entertainment centers, which are present in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad. Good restaurants too are rare, with the dhabas along NH4 probably being the best option for those looking to eat out. However, the town has a number of grocery stores catering to residents’ daily needs.

Talegaon has a number of educational institutions. Schools such as the Heritage School by Pearson, BK Birla Centre for Education and High Vision English Medium School offer quality academic and value-based education to children. Each of these schools is affiliated to CBSE, with the first two offering hostel facilities as well. For higher education, one can choose from among DY Patil College of Engineering, DY Patil Management Institute, MIMER Medical College and Tolani Maritime Institute.

For medical care too, a number of hospitals are available in and around Talegaon and Somatane Phata such as Lifeline Multispeciality Hospital, Unique Hospital, Sparsh Hospital and Pioneer Hospital.

Affordable Homes

Among the biggest positives of purchasing a home in Talegaon is its affordability. Land prices and property prices are far lower than those in its neighbourhood and this offers good value for money to home buyers. The average base price for a multistorey apartment is ~Rs. 3950/sq. ft. It is equally affordable to take an apartment on rent, with an average rental price of Rs. 9/sq. ft.

As most properties in Talegaon cater to the budget segment of home buyers, there is a preponderance of 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments, though 3 BHK apartments and villas are also available at some high end projects. One can get a 1 BHK apartment for rates starting from ~Rs. 17 lakh, with a 2 BHK apartment available for a starting price of ~Rs. 21 lakh.

Pollution free living with scenic views

Another big attraction of Talegaon to a home buyer lies in its beautiful green surroundings. Whether it is hills, lakes or the Indrayani River flowing nearby, Talegaon can be said to lie in the lap of nature. Talegaon is actually at a greater altitude than the popular hill station of Lonavala (25 km away) and hence, has great weather throughout the year. Most properties in Talegaon offer amazing views of the neighbouring hills and residents can enjoy a peaceful and pollution free life.

Green hills near Eagle's Nest society in Talegaon
Green hills near Eagle’s Nest society in Talegaon

Attractive to investors/vacation home buyers

An important feature of real estate in Talegaon is its attractiveness to investors or for those looking for a second or vacation home. In many projects, 50% or above of the apartments are purchased by these categories. For investors, Talegaon’s connectivity, upcoming infrastructural developments and the high probability of good returns serve as key attractions. In fact, land rates have more than doubled from an average of ~Rs. 1890/sq. ft. in December 2009 to ~Rs. 3950/sq. ft today, with plenty of scope for further appreciation.

Vacation/second home buyers are drawn by Talegaon’s climate, green surroundings and the lower property rates here. Talegaon’s proximity to popular tourist destinations such as Lonavala, Khandala, Karla and Bhaja caves etc. make it a good base camp for thrill-seekers as well as those looking for a peaceful, carefree holiday.

Upcoming projects in Talegaon

Having seen some of the key features of the real estate sector in Talegaon, we now highlight some of the upcoming projects in this town, which illustrate these features.

One of Pune’s major upcoming developers, VTP Realty, is launching their project Bhagyasthan, which is just off the Talegaon-Chakan road. This 11 acre project consists of budget homes of 1 RK, 1 BHK and 2 BHK configurations. Planned to be ready for possession around the end of 2018, these homes will boast of VTP’s signature quality engineering. Amenities such as a basketball court, clubhouse with gym, herbal garden etc. are also planned for the benefit of residents.

Located on NH4, as one enters Talegaon, is Naiknavare Developers’ Lakeshore Residency. As the name suggests, this project is next to a lake (which was, unfortunately, dry when I visited). Comprising of 2 BHK and 3 BHK homes along with convenience stores to meet residents’ daily needs, it functions virtually as a mini-township. Residents can avail of amenities such as a swimming pool, lawn, amphitheatre etc.

Site photograph of Lakeshore Residency in Talegaon
Site photograph of Lakeshore Residency in Talegaon

Moving further on NH4 towards Wadgaon, one comes across Tata Value Homes’ La Montana project. A beautiful Spanish themed township, being built on a 20 acre land parcel, it boasts of spacious and comfortable 2 BHK homes. Located next to green hills, residents can enjoy a pollution free environment while availing of the numerous amenities such as a jogging track, Jacuzzi, banquet hall, healthcare centre and even a school.

Located next to La Montana is another project by Naiknavare Developers, named as Eagle’s Nest. Offering a variety of housing options ranging from 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments to row houses and duplex apartments, this project caters to a wide spectrum of home buyers. With the beautiful Western Ghats right next to it and amenities such as a community center, water bodies, pavilions and senior citizen’s seating area, residents will be spoilt for choice.

Site photograph of Eagle's Nest in Talegaon
Site photograph of Eagle’s Nest in Talegaon

Further along the highway, as one passes Wadgaon, one comes across Clover Realty’s Clover Casablanca project. This project has 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK condominiums and boasts of the IGBC Green Homes Gold Certification. Clover is providing plenty of amenities to residents including a putting green, cricket pitch and skating rink, among others.


Talegaon has a lot to offer to home buyers, looking for greater value. The town may not have the advanced infrastructure and luxuries of a city, but its climate and surroundings are a major attraction. For those working in nearby areas, Talegaon is an appealing option. With ever improving infrastructure and more enterprises setting up base (Foxconn is setting up a major manufacturing facility here), the future does look promising for this town along the western outskirts of Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad.

A for ‘Ashok Meadows’ ..An upcoming project at Hinjewadi

As you enter Ashok Meadows

While on our way to one of the upcoming projects at Hinjewadi, jostling through the unavoidable traffic and trying to beat the heat despite travelling by an AC Cab, we finally made it to Ashok Meadows; the welcoming gates and lush plantations made us forget the bad weather. A short while in their site office, we were served chilled water to quench our thirst and to prepare ourselves for a recce around the project after one of their polite executives briefed us about the must-knows of this project. The company vehicle took us around at the main site and sporting the civil hats (essential for safety purposes), we stepped out to explore more and as we furthered, the man accompanying us ensured he was updating us about everything we strode past.

The clubhouse, Ashok Meadows
The clubhouse

There were many a peculiarities that kept us engrossed and made us inquisitive about the design and architecture adopted here at Ashok Meadows. Especially, the podium level apartments, quality and variety of amenities offered, the number of services provided, age groups catered to, orientation of buildings and apartments were characteristic of the project. Moreover, the notion with which passageways were constructed to and fro the amenity area from each of the podium level apartments to ensure maximum accessibility without compromising upon safety is something to quote.

Arrangement of buildings

The existing development spans in a trapezoidal shape, unfolding in 3 sections wherein the buildings overlook and surround the central amenities portion. The buildings at Ashok Meadows are positioned at a deck above the ground which they call the podium level. All the buildings are connected to each other through a long corridor, which also connects down to the landscaped garden.

Amenities to look for

Swimming pool, Ashok Meadows
Swimming pool
One of the many sports courts, Ashok Meadows
One of the many sports courts

As we climbed down the stairway connecting building straight to amenity area, we walked ahead and had a look at the already functional and fully-equipped Clubhouse which had a party deck at its top and vertical terracing done on its side. Also, there was kid’s play area, café and outdoor seating provision, an amphitheater, pet park, seating plazas, timber deck and swimming pool with a separate baby pool, not forgetting the jogging track & skating rink. A host of indoor sports to be enjoyed by its residents were arranged for inside the clubhouse. On its backside were the well laid out sports courts attached to each other, catering to varying interests of players.

A gist of floor plans

When seen from the garden below at Ashok Meadows, one can have a perspective tapering view of the building if one looks above at the towers. The podium level can be reached through a ramp. The various configurations available at the project are the following –

Type 1: The amenity view can be enjoyed by relaxing in the patio of every alternate apartment which opens from the dining area.

Type 2: Also, 2 decks are provided in case a patio is not present in the apartment which open from the living as well as master bedroom. This is done in order to achieve double ceiling height in these balconies. The remainder carpet area of the apartment remains undisturbed irrespective of the provision of deck or patio as they are exterior to this space.

Additionally, the 3 BHK apartments have 2 more options: Type 3 & Type 4 that comprise of spacious rooms, kitchen, toilets and larger decks / patios in addition to a powder room. It is to the choice of the customer to select the type of flat as per his or her liking and convenience.

Under construction arena
Under construction arena

A list of figures

At Ashok Meadows, 2 BHK Type 1 flats with deck on odd floors having 1330 sq.ft. saleable area with base rate of Rs.5430 to 5730 cost between Rs. 84.2 to Rs. 88.6 lakh inclusive of agreement value, stamp duty, registration charges, society charges plus taxes. The 2 BHK Type 2 Flats with patio on even floors have an area of 1335 sq.ft. and cost about Rs. 84.9 to Rs.88.4 lakhs.

Coming to 3 BHK apartments, the ones with patio (even floors) are 1650 sq.ft wide ranging from Rs. 1.08 to Rs. 1.12 cr. Similarly, the ones with deck (odd floors) have 1620 sq.ft. space and come at similar costs. Talking about the podium level garden flats, (2 & 3 BHK) they possess total saleable area between 1635-1950 sq.ft. amounting to Rs. 1.02- Rs. 1.27 cr. The other podium floor flats having area between 1639-2378 sq.ft. cost around Rs. 1.04-Rs. 1.60 cr.

It is always interesting and appealing to visit the project in person, for some of the queries can’t be answered by simply reading online/offline– no wonder we spent a couple of hours in the scorching summers of Pune city, delving deeper into the Ashok Meadows project and found it to be a unique proposition at Hinjewadi.

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Verde Residences, Kalyani Nagar – A Striking Addition to Pune’s Skyline

Verde Residences

It was on a pleasant, rain washed evening that I set out to explore the neighborhood of Kalyani Nagar in Pune; slight drizzle, fresh air, the vibrant evening crowd, all made for a good start to my visit. When a locality develops into a beautiful, well equipped neighborhood, by not compromising its abundant green cover, it is an achievement in itself. I would like to say that, Kalyani Nagar in Pune, which is not so far away from the model Koregaon Park area, has achieved this feat in the past few years and has emerged as one of the most sought after residential areas of the city, especially for the affluent. Numerous parks, gardens, tree lined avenues, make it a highly appealing place to live in. In short, my visit to Kalyani Nagar was a delightful experience, with just the right mix of modernity and old world charm, co existing in a beautiful manner.

The abundant green cover surrounding Verde, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
The abundant green cover surrounding Verde
The abundant green cover surrounding Verde, Kalyani Nagar
The abundant green cover surrounding Verde

Located at the edge of this eastern residential haven of Pune, overlooking the Ahmednagar road, is the Verde Residences Collection — a joint development by Pune’s upmarket developers, ABIL Group, Clover Realty and Clover Builders.

Given that Pune has the reputation of being one of the greenest urban spaces in the country; the developers of  Verde Residences seem to have taken a cue from this fact, and have made a sincere effort towards bringing in a Verde aspect to these homes. The project consists of luxurious 3BHK and 4BHK apartments set in three exquisitely designed towers.The residences look over the podium garden and amenities over it.

Project delights

  • Green surroundings :The towers overlook 200 acres of lush green stud farms; this will enable the residents to experience nature amidst the hustle bustle of the city.
Verde Residences under construction, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
Verde Residences under construction
Approach Road to Verde Residences, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
Approach Road to Verde Residences
  • Architecture and lighting: The residents are ensured a stunning view of the sunset and the open spaces in their living areas and bedroom since the towers are positioned in a staggered fashion, at an angle to the main road. This is brought about by the architects from the world renowned firm B+H Architects. International lighting design standards and concepts are applied to homes here by professionals from the Unolai Design group, to provide a unique visual environment.
  • Resort like living experience : The amenities here are located at three different levels : Podium level, ground level and common area. The podium consists of a 42 meter long infinity pool, a jacuzzi, spas, state of the art gymnasium, yoga area, outdoor sports area and much more. The ground level has an amphitheater, box cricket area, Herb/aroma garden, activity lawn, charging points for e vehicles and many other innovative establishments.
  • Unique common area features : A reflection pool with floating planters at the entrance of each tower, double height main entrance lobby, high speed elevators, dedicated concierge desk, meeting rooms, lounge area and many such facilities in each tower.
  • Well designed interiors : Intelligent use of space to create a feeling of openness and allow an abundant use of natural light  is employed in designing homes here; the homes have veneer doors, engineered wood flooring, marble flooring,  international kitchen designs and fittings, 100% power backup, 24*7 security systems, home automation and much more to offer to the residents.
Parking space on site, Verde Residences, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
Parking space on site, Verde Residences

Focused on the elite of Pune this project offers varying configurations of 3BHK and 4BHK. Organised into 3 towers, Tower A and C are exclusively for 4BHK residences while tower B has an assortment of 3BHK and 4BHK residences. Both tower A and C have just 2 apartments to a floor while Tower B has 3 apartments to a floor. All towers are served by 3 lifts. The service lift area is well defined and separated from the main resident lifts. So much so that in Tower A and C service lift is towards the back side which permits entry to support staff and maids directly into maid’s room. There are a variety of  plans to choose from; the 3BHK homes are available with an area of 3,040 sqft; the 4BHK homes come in several varieties with area range of 3,795 – 4,910 sqft. The 3BHK homes are priced at Rs.5.05 Cr onwards and 4BHK from Rs.6.53 Cr onwards.

Situated just 7kms from the Pune airport and mere 5km from the city railway station, the project site of Verde Residences has a plethora of basic amenities located all around it; for healthcare, one can depend on various independent clinics and hospitals situated within a 3km radius; some are, Sahyadri Hospital, Aditya Eye clinic,Narindra Heart clinic and many more. Kalyani nagar is also home to Gold Big Cinemas, situated in the popular Mariplex mall, where the young brigade is often spotted in the evenings for its various dining options as well. Nitesh mall, Koregaon park is a mere 2km away; there are numerous supermarkets which have cropped up in the area, like the Reliance Fresh, Just Shoppe, Spar Hypermarket , and the place also has local establishments such as Prabhat supermarket, Raj supermarket to name a few. Speaking of office spaces, Kalyani Nagar is home to multinational companies such as HSBC, Cybage, and Capgemini ; since the location is well connected by road, one can also travel to IT Hubs at Wakad and Hinjewadi with utmost ease. Towards East, business districts of Viman Nagar, Kharadi, Hadapsar and Magarpatta have seen an increasing traction of employers. This proximity to business hubs suits the upper echelons at these multitude of offices, especially those in the IT industry. Dining options are aplenty in Kalyani Nagar; the plush Novotel Hotel on nagar road, The Basil Deck, Hard Rock cafe, Moshe’s Restaurant and bar are some of the upscale options located here; also, the area is bustling with small eateries and shops which serve chaat and authentic Maharashtrian dishes. Kalyani Nagar and its surroundings are dotted with various well established schools and learning centres; the Bishop Convent, Don Bosco High School, Tree House, Little Millennium, Lexicon International etc are a few popular names here.

Kalyani Nagar has attained a premium address on Pune’s map over the past decade. Today people speak of Kalyani Nagar in the same breadth as the tony Koregaon Park. To some Kalyani Nagar might offer better facilities including wider roads and direct connectivity to highway. It is no wonder then that Pune’s most upmarket developers – ABIL, Clover Realty and Clover Builders teamed up to stitch a new saga called – Verde Residences.