Raunak Group – Building Homes That Offer Value

The First Mover Advantage (FMA) in marketing gives a company a significant lead in developing brand loyalty and recognition before other companies can enter the same space or segment. Off late noteworthy marketers also recognise the benefits of being a Late Mover. Raunak Group first started developing real estate in Thane in the late 90’s and more recently in 2010 at Kalyan, and in short span of time has established deep connections and a recognition in these markets for quality, affordability and value in their developments.

The Raunak Group has been in the real estate business since the mid-80’s. They first ventured in the upmarket Bandra-Khar-Santa Cruz area of Mumbai and then slowly diversified away from the city as prices of real estate started to steadily rise and go out of the reach of the common man. Raunak Park was the first layout project they developed in Thane and Unnathi Woods (Phase 1, 2, 4 and 5) on Ghodbunder Road was the first project in the affordable mass housing segment.

Unnathi Woods(PC:Raunak Group)
Unnathi Woods(PC:Raunak Group)

The goal was to build quality budget housing in locations that were upcoming. Identify locations away from the city and develop property which will appreciate in value as the infrastructure is developed and more people move to suburbs. For example, apartments in Unnathi Woods – Phase 7 are currently being sold for close to Rs. 50 lakhs whereas the earliest apartments developed in 2006-2007 were sold for Rs.12 lakhs. So these earliest residents have seen an appreciation of 4x or so in their property value as the area where they live has seen unprecedented development and infrastructural improvements.

Two of the Raunak Group’s biggest ongoing projects are Unnathi Woods in Thane (40 acres) and Raunak City in Kalyan (35 acres). While they continue to develop various properties across the city in varying budget sizes, we focus on what has resulted in them becoming a valuable and easily recognisable brand name in the budget housing category. It is no mean feat that the Group has sold over 2,000 homes in the latter category and 5,300 homes overall since its inception.

Focus on Affordable and Budget Housing

It is easy for real estate developers these days to focus on developing premium residential projects. As people acquire higher qualifications, incomes rise and aspirations soar, there is a constant demand for homes in gated residential communities and luxurious highrises in cities like Mumbai. Bucking the trend, the Raunak Group has chosen to focus on the rising numbers in the middle class and first home buyers and their aspirations to be home owners. By developing large gated communities in new suburban areas with good connectivity and providing quality amenities at affordable prices, Raunak is fulfilling these aspirations.

Occupied Phase 1 above the sales office

Quality and Planned Construction

Even though Raunak Group promises budget homes, they deliver more than that. The use of quality brands for tiles, paints, fixtures and lifts ensures a beautiful house to walk into. Each home is ergonomically planned to ensure maximum utility and minimal wastage of space. The layout of flats takes into account how families will plan their furniture settings and utilise available space. This affords homeowners a sense of pride to walk into a house that they can call home.

Amenities provided by Raunak Group

Transforming Houses into Homes

Part of the appeal of owning a Raunak home lies in the wide, open spaces surrounding the property. This includes landscaped gardens, kids’ play area, jogging and walking paths, ample parking as well as swimming pool, gym and clubhouse. The newer phases of Unnathi Woods even boast the latest puzzle parking system. To ensure residents do not have to rely only on public transport, a private shuttle bus service is also provided. All of these facilities improve the quality of life and provide a relaxing atmosphere to the residents.

Jogger’s Park that Raunak is developing with TMC

Eco-Friendly Residences

Raunak Group prides itself in designing environmentally friendly homes. It is one of the few developers to comply with requirements to install solar panels on the building rooftops to power common lighting, generators and water heating. Facilities for rainwater harvesting and wastewater treatment (STP) are provided. The signature of a Raunak Group residential space is the greenery and open spaces. In a city starved of open spaces where children and senior citizens can relax, residential spaces with parks and gardens are an oasis. Raunak Group plan their developments with more than sufficient open, green spaces.

Raunak City Sector 2 Children’s play area

Over the last 35 odd years, Raunak Group has delivered 48 lakh sq. ft. of homes and offices and is currently developing 65 lakh sq. ft. of real estate across the city in various budget categories. Raunak Group’s brand loyalty is at its peak – proof is the fact that most of their ongoing development residential homes are sold out.

Raunak Group was recently awarded the – ‘Brand of the year Emerging No.1’ for the year 2016-17, through consumers’ votes. Perhaps this extinguishes any doubt about the demand for Raunak Group properties and their brand recognition.

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