Purva Swanlake: Premium living in the new hot-spot of South Chennai

Over the last ten years in the city of Chennai, the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) has grown at the speed of an investor’s dream and this is not even the end of the development seen here. A number of developers have seen the opportunity this area presents and put their best efforts into building complexes here that have better facilities than anywhere else in the city. Of these builders, Puravankara stands out as a name that one has grown to trust. After having established a reputation in Bangalore and Kochi, Puravankara has steadily been building their presence in Chennai. Having lived in a Purva apartment for four years in Bangalore (Purva Venezia), I had a very high standard that I expected them to maintain in their project, Purva Swanlake.

Purva Swanlake: Location & Connectivity

The entry to the basement parking at Purva Swanlake project in OMR, Chennai
The entry to the basement parking at Purva Swanlake

Purva Swanlake is located just past the OMR-Kelambakkam Junction on the OMR. The location is a prime one in terms of distances to various parts of the city accessible from here. The best part about this location is the fact that no matter now far away a place is in terms of kilometres, the travel times are always within half an hour. SIPCOT, the major attraction for investors in the area, is located 10 minutes (5 km) away. This reduction in travel time actually opens up the general working day so much. One has time to take care of fitness and not have that daily rush to get out of the house and reach work in time. SIPCOT houses various top IT companies, including the largest TCS office in Asia.

The badminton and tennis courts at Purva Swanlake in OMR, Chennai
The badminton and tennis courts at Purva Swanlake

While SIPCOT is the major attraction of this location, there are several other factors that make living in Kelambakkam a pleasure. For one, there is absolute peace and quiet. One gets to enjoy life without the sound of constant traffic and the pollution of living in the midst of the city.  There are also plenty of activities around the area for people of all ages. The proximity as well as the good connectivity to the East Coast Road (ECR) opens up a whole other host of activities to keep the family occupied on the weekends. A few popular destinations on the ECR are MGM Dizzee World (8.7 km), Dakshin Chitra (8.5 km), Crocodile bank (8 km) and Muttukadu Boat House (6.5 km). In addition to all this, the location is ideal for families that like to travel. Mahabalipuram, the place of the Shore Temple is half an hour away, and Pondicherry is two hours away. Further to the South if one is interested, are extremely culturally rich temple towns like Chidambaram.

Purva Swanlake: Social Conveniences

The OMR is well covered in terms of educational institutions, with plenty of schools and universities to choose from. A few examples are the PSBB Siruseri school located within the L&T campus (7 km) and the Hiranandani Upscale School (7 km). In a larger radius, within a half hour is the PSBB Millenium School. There are a lot of university campuses in the vicinity as well-Hindustan University (1.3 km), Sathyabama University (10 km) and SSN College (6.2 km) being a few. Chettinad Health City, located 1.5 kilometers away will take care of all the health needs a family could have.

Purva Swanlake: Design

The pool housed within the clubhouse complex at Purva Swanlake in OMR, Chennai
The pool housed within the clubhouse complex at Purva Swanlake

The construction was very simplistic in Purva Swanlake, with fifteen towers arranged in the plot interspersed with little pockets of landscaping that provide an element of surprise while rounding certain bends. The grey and white buildings have creepers growing on the walls in some places, creating a beautiful contrast.

A view of the clubhouse at Purva Swanlake in OMR, Chennai
A view of the clubhouse at Purva Swanlake

The clubhouse is designed in a more angular fashion to provide a contrasting balance to the rectangular nature of the apartment blocks. This clubhouses houses all the indoor facilities like the multipurpose hall, snooker rooms, yoga rooms, squash court and gym. The one major difference in Purva Swanlake and other Puravankara constructions is the lack of the central play area. While this struck me as odd, all my doubts were assuaged when I saw the park. I was treated to a view of a sprawling area with a tiny sliver of sea sparkling in the distance. In this area were the tennis and basketball courts as well as a huge landscaped garden for the residents to come and spend their evenings. The evening sea breeze provides a much-needed respite from the heat of Chennai.

Purva Swanlake: Specifications

View of the green expanse in Purva Swanlake in OMR, Chennai
View of the green expanse in Purva Swanlake

Purva Swanlake consists of 15 blocks of only 3 BHK apartments. Nine of the blocks have 14 storeys with 2 blocks each of 9, 10 and 11 storeys. With the OMR being bounded by the gentle hillocks to the West and the sea to the East, you are guaranteed an amazing view either way. The parking is provided in the basement as well as on stilt level and on the first floor (open parking). The areas of the houses vary from 1710 to 1805 sq. ft. The flats are going at a rate of Rs. 4199 per square foot (as of 28th July 2017). The rental rates are around Rs. 22,000 for a month.


In conclusion, Purva Swanlake is a complex that offers all the facilities required for the modern-day family. The USP is definitely the park, where the aura of calm and the feel of the sea breeze is enough to de-stress one with even the most hectic work schedule. The connectivity of this area is doubled with the proximity to the Vandalur-Kelambakkam road, which connects to the GST, another arterial road, in half an hour. The feeling of living in a community and yet having the calm and quiet of a holiday home is definitely something which I consider a huge plus point and which makes Purva Swanlake a good option for investment.

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