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PBEL City project near APPA Junction, Hyderabad

PBEL City – Project Updates as of March 2017

One of the stated aims to the Government of India is to build plenty of smart cities to house the country’s ever increasing population,...
PBEL City Club House

PBEL City – The Club House and Benefits

How many of us have taken gym memberships at the start of the year only to realize that we end up wasting our money?...
PBEL City, Appa Junction

PBEL City, Appa Junction – How It Bonds Together – Community Living Snapshots

Today, in the metro cities of India, community living is highly popular due to the perks it comes with: A safe haven for children...
PBEL City Appa Junction

PBEL City Appa Junction – Commissioning of Club House and STP

Discuss about gated communities in Hyderabad, and one would find that no conversation is complete without the mention of PBEL City Appa Junction. This...
PBEL City Hyderabad

PBEL City – Listing the location advantages

Location, location and  location! is the buzzword when it comes to selection of property and its pricing. Some of the main criteria considered while...
PBEL City Hyderabad

PBEL City Hyderabad – 5 Things To Watch Out For

PBEL City Hyderabad located off the ORR near Appa junction is home to 750 families. Several others will join the community close to the...
PBEL City, Hyderabad

PBEL City – A Lively Residential Community Off ORR

It is tough to imagine a conversation on Hyderabad's infrastructure and not talk about the Outer Ring Road (ORR). This massive road project is...