PBEL City – Project Updates as of March 2017

One of the stated aims to the Government of India is to build plenty of smart cities to house the country’s ever increasing population, while providing them all necessities and conveniences at their doorstep. While only time can tell about the success of this promising scheme, it is indeed heartening to note that there are some housing projects that offer ‘smart’ living experiences to residents. This allows the residents to focus on their work and other pursuits. One such complex is PBEL City, near TSPA (APPA) Junction in Hyderabad.

PBEL City is a flagship project of Incor, which is a major player in Hyderabad real estate. Having covered the project from its inception till its current stage, one can say that the developer’s attention to quality and providing effective solutions, without any compromises, is particularly noteworthy. I had the opportunity to visit PBEL City recently (March ’17) and assess for myself the progress this much in demand project has made in the last few months.

PBEL City: Construction Status

Amongst the most eye-catching features in the brochure of PBEL City is that all buildings are named after various precious stones (Platinum, Aurum, Pearl and so on), but are these really jewels worth living in? On the face of it, the answer would be in the affirmative for PBEL City owing to two reasons: the construction quality and meeting delivery timelines. Incor has followed a principle of delivering a home, once it is truly complete in all respects. This works well for customers as well, who would prefer a completed home, considering both the comfort and the safety aspects.

During my visit, I could see that tower F (named Crystal) is nearly complete, with work on the interiors on at full swing. Incor aims to provide possession of the same within a 6-month time frame. The pace of construction of Tower H (named Turquoise) is encouraging and seems to be well on the way to meet its delivery target of 2018. Incor has just announced the pre-launch of its newest tower J (named Amethyst), which will come up next to the clubhouse and swimming pool.

PBEL City project near APPA Junction in Hyderabad
An apartment block under construction in PBEL City

PBEL City: More and better conveniences

Hyderabad has been one of the pioneers of the Indian IT industry, whose techies form the major clientele of PBEL City. This discerning, tech-savvy class of home buyers has a strong need for comfort and convenience for their daily needs and it’s essential that the gated community they reside in is, by and large, self-sufficient in this respect. The planning and execution of PBEL City show how the residents’ needs have been kept at the forefront, with conveniences keeping pace with the buildings coming up and the residents moving in.

Among the stand out features of PBEL City is its large Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), said to be the largest of any residential society in Hyderabad. The treated water is used to maintain the gardens and for other purposes including flushing.

Adding to this is the laundry unit provided by Incor in the complex’s basement, which is currently seeing capacity expansion to address this major need of residents. Incor also has provided an onsite office to help residents in paying bills, arranging for transport facilities for themselves or their guests and other such services, generally provided by a hotel concierge.

PBEL City: Club House and Swimming Pool

The clubhouse of PBEL City is called ‘The Square’, which describes exactly how it will be laid out. Comprising of four blocks each of 10,000 square feet in area (making for a total of 40,000 square feet), the Square, once complete, will be the nerve center of this complex. As of now, two blocks are already up and functional.

Yoga and Zumba room in PBEL City project near APPA Junction, Hyderabad
The newly opened Yoga and Zumba room in the clubhouse of PBEL City

We have already covered the large spacious gymnasium in an earlier article. Alongside it now, is a Yoga and Zumba room as well. However, what really caught my eye was the spacious air-conditioned salon catering to both genders as well as the in-house spa.

The saloon in the clubhouse of PBEL City project near APPA Junction, Hyderabad
The saloon in the clubhouse of PBEL City

The swimming pool is often among the most visited amenities in a gated community and PBEL City’s pool is ready for use. Located in the center of ‘The Square’, both the swimming pool and the kids’ pool looked inviting for a quick splash, probably a necessity in the hot weather the city is currently experiencing.

Swimming Pool in PBEL City project near APPA Junction, Hyderabad
The now complete swimming pool in PBEL City

Some of the amenities due to be housed in the under-construction blocks of the clubhouse, have already been provided for residents of PBEL City, such as a day care center and a supermarket for their grocery shopping. These are currently housed at a separate location within the complex and will be moved as soon as the rest of the blocks of ‘The Square’ are completed.

PBEL City: Miscellaneous updates

Construction work has begun on the new ramp for PBEL City, which will subsequently be used for exit only. Incor continues to host community celebrations of major festivals such as Navratri, New Year and other occasions to get residents to form greater social bonds with each other. PBEL City attracts prospective owners as a beacon, with around 250 families having moved here in the last one year alone, taking the number to over 950 occupied homes.


PBEL City is clearly progressing well on all fronts and 950+ families residing here are an attestation of the same. By providing residents convenience, quality homes, safety and the benefit of being located close to their workplaces, this gated community is thriving in west Hyderabad. With more amenities on the horizon and many interested home buyers waiting in the wings, PBEL City could well emerge as a standout destination near TSPA (APPA) Junction and the Outer Ring Road (ORR).

Read more about the project on the developer’s website.

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