Old Mahabalipuram Road – 10 Reasons Why This Property Market Is Doing Well

The Old Mahabalipuram Road, or the OMR has become a goldmine of investment opportunities over the last decade. With the rise of the IT/ITES industry in Chennai, and the setup of IT parks along the OMR, the road has bloomed into a self-sufficient entity providing occupation for all. Tidel Park marks the start of the OMR, and the SIPCOT Park is towards the end of the toll road.

Old Mahabalipuram Road: Housing

 With every second complex on the OMR being an IT park, there has been a boom in the construction of apartments close to these workplaces. The range of apartments fit the criteria for all family types and are especially suitable to young couples and families that have moved to Chennai for the first time. Villa complexes offer a place for older families with old parents while modern apartment complexes are more suitable to younger families. Complexes on the OMR tend to be self-sufficient to compensate for the distance from the center of the city, and take care of all the needs of a family.

Hiranandani Upscale, OMR, Chennai
Hiranandani township


The construction of large scale gated communities has led to the inclusion of schools within these complexes. Established school chains like PSBB and Sishya have opened branches along the road. The schools are distributed from Perungudi upto Navalur, with Abacus Montessori School and Sishya being closer to the city. There are also schools like the Hiranandani Upscale school and Gateway international school that cater to the varied education types that parents might prefer for their children.



 There are offbeat hobbies to be pursued on the OMR with the presence of the Chennai Equitation Centre at Shollinganallur, and the AKDR Golf village at Mettukuppam. These ventures offer these activities at slightly more affordable rates than in the city, allowing people to pursue them. AGS cinemas in Navalur offers the latest movies with superior theaters for a good movie experience. The emergence of surfing and scuba diving on the ECR makes that a common weekend activity for young couples or anyone willing to conquer the sea.



There has been a sprouting of top-class fitness studios with Slam fitness, and Flux opening in Perungudi in 2015. The Quad, a fitness center for an alternative and fun way to workout, has recently opened close to SRP tools. YMCA, and Krishnan tennis academy take care of sports needs for the residents of the OMR.




 Phoenix Market City, the largest mall in Chennai, is the closest mall to the OMR, at a distance of 7 kilometers. The section of the OMR closer to Thiruvanmayur is also home to big brands like Max and W. The Grand Mall is at a 4-5 kilometer distance from the OMR. Grocery shops like Nilgiris, and the new Waitrose from London are open all along the OMR making shopping easy.

AGS cinemas, Navalur
AGS cinemas, Navalur


The OMR is a hub of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels offering the best of world cuisine. Gateway by Taj is distinguishable by its distinct ‘G’ shape. Novotel has two branches on the OMR, as well as Holiday Inn. Fortune hotel and Asiana occupy the middle sections of the OMR. In addition to these there are standalone restaurants like Mainland China, Sigree and Barbeque Nation.

Paradise Biryani is the latest hit on the OMR, and there are also popular chains like Anjappar, Sangeetha and Seashell that have branches here. The OMR food street offers a one-of-a-kind street food experience with chaat shops like Ajnabi being present.


 This is perhaps the greatest advantage of the OMR. Chennai is located at a very convenient distance from several destinations that are ideal for weekend getaways. Pondicherry, Mahabalipuram, Chidambaram are a few on the extensive list of places to visit. The proximity to the East Coast Road (ECR) means that families can take off to the many resorts on the ECR such as Fisherman’s Cove, Temple Bay, The Dune and enjoy a relaxing weekend with the sun and sand. Spending a day at MGM Dizee World, or the VGP Theme park is most Chennai kids’ dream and the OMR makes that a 20 minute drive away. Artisans’ villages like Dakshinchitra and the Cholamadalam Artists’ Village provide a beautiful insight to their ways of life, and are less than 10 kms away from the OMR.

Barbeque Nation and 747-theme restaurant
Barbeque Nation and 747-theme restaurant
Gateway by Taj, Shollinganallur
Novotel and Ibis hotels-opposite SIPCOT IT park
Novotel and Ibis hotels-opposite SIPCOT IT park


Apollo Cradle maternity hospital
Apollo Cradle maternity hospital


Starting from the established Apollo Hospital closest to the city, to Chettinad Hospitals near Mettukuppam, to Global Hospitals near Shollinanalur, there are healthcare options all over the OMR. Apollo Cradle offers world-class facilities for the safest delivery for new mothers.

Easy to get to work

 Proximity of apartments to the workplaces means that there is that much less hassle to get to work every morning. Hours spent stuck in traffic waiting to get back home are cut down drastically. One may even be lucky enough to go home for lunch everyday!


The OMR is surrounded by the ECR on the side, and the GST road on the other. Proximity to these major roads offer ease of access to the factories in Sriperambudur, or the companies present along the GST. Buses to Thiruvanmayur, the hub in South Madras, are frequent-both air conditioned and non-air conditioned. Share autos offer a faster way to get to the city. The facility of the small bus in available if one wants to travel short distances or to the interiors.

While the move to the outskirts of the city can be tedious, the recent development on the OMR has made it an undisputed option for people working in the IT parks. The development is only going to soar from hereon, leaving no lack of options now for people looking to shift, and making it one of the most viable areas of investment in Chennai.

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  1. OMR is close to East Coast road. OMR is traffic and pollution free and is surrounded by trees and fresh air. link roads at Neelangarai and Pallavakkam are in the pipeline.

  2. There is a proposed rail line from Chennai to Pondicherry and Cuddalore, through Sholinganallur, Kelambakkam, Thiruporur and Mahabalipuram. This will be an added boost to the connectivity of OMR

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