Mumbai’s tryst with rains…continues


Yesterday was yet another unfortunate day in Mumbai’s history for owning up to a poor infrastructure network and limited connectivity to quickly transport the millions of those who have made this city their home. These days it is difficult to find a clear winner among our country’s metropolitan areas as to which is the one that offers great living quality. During my recent visits to Hyderabad, which I personally considered to offer a great quality of living, traffic jams, overflowing sewage drains and garbage dumps on empty plots did make me rethink my stance. I guess on relative basis both Hyderabad and Pune score over others, but then there are economic challenges that these cities suffer from in comparison to others.
RERA introduction is a month old event now, yet the customer isn’t back in the market as far as our interactions with developers suggest. There is definitely a positive outlook but then not everyone has “Ready to move in” properties to offer which seem to be the buzz word today. We have tried our best to expand our coverage in recent days and also set up a Youtube channel to carry video/ infotainment content on real estate –
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2. Virar (Mumbai) and upcoming Shapoorji development –
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