Lakeview Apartments – A Reality Check!

The country-wide epidemic of poor air quality due to toxic air pollution and smog issues is very common these days. Economically developed countries are also faring quite badly in air quality indices. People living all across the globe are breathing toxic air daily. The intense race towards technological & infrastructural development has created a concrete jungle around us, handicapped natural habitat with lesser trees, and suffocating, polluted air to breathe. This, in turn, has produced compact & congested residential developments.

In this bustling clamour of city life, getting an opportunity to connect with nature becomes priceless. To sprawl out in a field surrounded by calming water bodies, whispering trees, and chirping birds and to look up at the endless blue sky, sounds almost unreal. Connectivity to nature works like a shell to a pearl & ensures our well-being while getting disconnected from it has harming consequences for our mental, physical & spiritual wellbeing.

Lakeview Apartments | Image Credit: Web
Lakeview | Image Credit: Web

A peaceful locality, with all the amenities, and ample greenery around is what one looks for while searching for a perfect dwelling. Few more additions to this list include an unhindered view of the surrounding naturescape and calming water bodies.

Such aspirations of a home buyer have created a competition amongst real estate developers to lure customers with tempting project features such as lake view apartments, homes with 270-degree views, BlueWaters residences, Ocean Blue Homes, and many others like that. We come across with these names every other day on the roadside hoardings, banners, brochures and even while browsing on the internet.

But is it the true picture? Are they really serving you the same recipe as offered?

lakeview apartments | Image Credit: web

I have covered several such projects, and what I came across is that – It might not always be true. It reminds me of an old saying – “All that glitters isn’t gold!”

The fact above seems quite justifiable in this case as well.

So, don’t get carried away with lavish handmade brochures and fancy artistic impressions that advertise projects with sky-high buildings right beside a blue lake with surplus greenery around. Because most of the times, it is just to attract the customers. I came across a similarly hyped project which has all good things mentioned about it on its blogs, hoardings, etc., and particularly the usp of the project – its proximity to a lake. It was a good project. But the lake would be either too dirty and would not be adding much value to the appeal or quality of the project. Then there are cases where the lake is a bit far or comes with a dingy driveway/ walkway to access it. While some projects are already surrounded by other high-rise buildings in the locality. The unusual case is when the developer somehow manages to get a land parcel near a random lake, and they would use it as a marketing strategy.

On the other hand, there are projects which will surprise you with truly impeccable features as promised by the developers, be it an impressive breathtaking lake view or an expansive balcony with infinity pool & sunbathing decks, or an epic eyeshot of the rich greenery unfurled around. We have covered several such “Lake View Apartments” projects, some of which include Indium Lake Forest, Orchid Lakeview, Sumadhura Lake Breeze, Brigade Lakefront, Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Embassy Lake Terraces, Citrus Aries Lakeview, Unicca Emporis, Century BreezeMaia Pelican Grove, M3M Marina, DNR Reflection, Aparna Hillpark Lake Breeze, PRA Lake District, and a few more.

Indium Lake Forest: Bird's Eye View
Indium Lake Forest: Bird’s Eye View
Brigade Lakefront at Whitefiled
Brigade Lakefront at Whitefield

In practice, how well can we understand a project without actually having a thorough understanding of the locality? Questions such as if the lake in the vicinity is clean/serene enough to offer such great views, the actual orientation of the apartment, etc., always come across one’s mind. Additionally, if there is any other existing/upcoming high rise buildings in the surroundings, it will surely block the views from the apartment itself. Well, no brochures, no hoardings, no fancy sample apartments, and no virtual walkthroughs can actually show you the real picture. One needs to get into its details with physical facts about the project.

These are some things to keep in mind before buying a house:

  • Understand the location and its benefits.
  • Do your own online research & a bit of homework before planning a visit.
  • Visit the project site and understand what’s on offer
  • There will be various features & offers associated with the project. Evaluate the best one for you & your family, whatever suits the idea of your dream home.

These steps will enable one to take better-informed home purchase decisions, be it a ‘Lakeview Apartment’ of your choice or if one is looking for lavish homes with other luxury features. Refer to this guide on our website to enlighten yourselves with some more home buying facts.

lakeview apartments | image credit: web

We at PropStory, do all this work for you! We do a thorough research on the project, then we visit the site and get an understanding of the locality. Lastly, we prepare a detailed & engaging description of the project for you. Our property/project report contains area, price & amenities details, information about the locality, social infrastructural details with actual site photographs. Read our report on various such projects to get a better understanding of it. Also, know how we prepare these amazing stories for you on PropStory’s Secret Recipe. PropStory operates in major Indian Cities including Mumbai, Thane, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi NCR.

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