It is raining discounts & offers in realty market


We hardly hear of launches in the residential market these days and this trend itself may pave for recovery in the markets, when would that happen is anyone’s guess. Among the many views, news and reviews we keep hearing about resumption of an uptrend in the real estate market we are also caught up in the melee of offers, discounts & property fests. The impact of these isn’t captured by any property analyst as they comment on the sticker price only.
Propstory partnered leading players in the Bangalore market recently and delivered excellent results in a time bound manner. That said we also believe these tactical events are necessary when the customer has been on sidelines for a very long time and it would take him more than convincing to make a home purchase.
We have increased our coverage of properties significantly and here are some notes for your perusal –

3. Pune – Senior living at Gagan NuLifePisoli area note

And one of our analysts penned down “Why it makes sense to sell an old house today” from her recent experiences.
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