Godrej Greens, Undri – Another Promising Landmark

A cursory look at Godrej Properties various projects across the country reveals that each of these projects boast of plenty of greenery, enabling residents to leave the pollution of the city behind and live a healthy lifestyle. Godrej has aimed to reinforce this association further in Pune by naming its upcoming project in Undri as Godrej Greens. If the initial plans for this project are anything to go by, Godrej is taking a step further in this direction by providing a large variety of green areas for residents to revel in.

Godrej has recently announced the launch of Godrej Greens in Undri. We visited the site to get an idea of the plans for this project. Having already analyzed the location, specifications and prices of apartments in this project, in this article, we focus on other key aspects of this promising project.

‘Greens’ for all purposes

Godrej Greens is planned to offer bountiful greenery to residents and visitors alike. They will be greeted, as they enter, by the welcome boulevard with its beautiful shrubs and flower beds. In addition, this project will boast of the largest central greens in Undri, a 1.5 acre space — providing a welcome relief from the concrete jungle this micro-market is fast becoming.

For the sportspeople, there are the active greens, containing a badminton and a basketball court. The stepped gardens form a natural amphitheater where residents can gather for meetings or to watch performances. A celebratory green serves as the perfect location for any parties. For people looking to indulge in yoga or meditation, the yoga greens are just about right.

A billboard of Godrej Greens highlighting some of the green areas planned in this project
A billboard of Godrej Greens in Undri, Pune.

For the benefit of residents in general and senior citizens in particular, a tree plaza with benches for sitting will be provided. A separate green area, called as the rain gardens, will have a provision to store the rainwater and recharge the ground water reserves in the area, which can then be used by residents. Another planned area, forest greens, aims to replicate the forest vegetation, with a walking pathway provided for residents.

Godrej didn’t stop there. The sculpted gardens serve as a lovely place for a walk with friends and family. For kids and casual gamers, the large green concourse suits them to a tee. This also comes with an open air theater, for residents to watch movies or any special TV programming. There is also a herb garden, providing fragrance to residents and herbs for cooking!

Amazing greenery around the complex

A major feature of Godrej Greens is its location near the beautiful green Sahyadri Hills, which overlook the project site. Residents need not go far from their home to enjoy the beauty of nature and the pollution-free environment.

A picture of the view of the green hills around Undri from the site of Godrej Greens
View from the site of Godrej Greens

Open and safe homes at Godrej Greens

While it comes to the apartments at Godrej Greens and their layout, a few salient points stood out. One major aspect is the usage of large windows in the living room and bedrooms, allowing natural light and air into the home. Hence, reducing the need to use electrical appliances during the day. It also allows the residents to take in their lovely green surroundings.

Indicative Image of the entrance lobby of a model apartment at Godrej Greens in Undri, Pune.
Model apartment at Godrej Greens, Pune

While the 2 BHK and 3 BHK type 1 apartments will have 2 terraces, with one each attached to the living room and master bedroom, the 3 BHK type 2 apartments will have a third terrace attached to another bedroom. Another feature to be provided only in the 3 BHK type 2 apartments is a powder room for residents/guests to use for getting ready, which is located just outside the master bedroom. All homes would be provided piped gas facility and RO water filter.

Indicative Image of the kitchen in a model apartment at Godrej Greens in Undri, Pune
Kitchen in a model apartment at Godrej Greens, Pune

Another standout feature is the attention paid to safety and security of residents both within their homes and the complex. All homes will be equipped with video door phones, gas leak detectors, fire alarms, and a public address system receiver. Visitors will only be allowed in after verification and there is a provision of tyre busters or barriers at the entrance gate to stop any unauthorized vehicle. Similarly, razor wires will be used on top of the complex walls to dissuade an intruder from entering by scaling the walls.

Godrej Greens: Amenities

Located at the heart of central greens is the 4000 square feet clubhouse, which will have a terraced garden along with a cafeteria, serving as a socializing zone for residents. The clubhouse will have facilities for indoor games as well as space for parties and get-together’s. Next to the clubhouse are the swimming pool, stepped gardens (amphitheater), open-air theater and a yoga plaza.

Playgrounds for kids and facilities for outdoor sports such as basketball and badminton (active greens) will be placed at suitable locations across the complex with safe walking paths provided to access them. These green amenities come at no additional cost to residents, which is an added benefit on top of the affordable apartments they will get to live in.

Promise of good returns for investors

For a real estate investor, Godrej Greens represents an intriguing opportunity particularly in the light of recent developments. Undri’s recent inclusion into PMRDA limits promises rapid infrastructural development and the fast-tracking of large projects such as the 170 km. long Pune Ring Road project, which will pass nearby and connect Undri to the rest of Pune city and PCMC.

Another major development is the announcement of a new Pune International Airport at Purandar, which is easily approachable from Undri. The airport project should further boost road construction in the region, improving connectivity both internally and externally to other parts of Pune. With land prices still relatively lower in Undri than its neighbouring areas, the possibility for significant appreciation and good returns is quite high.


Pune has, over the years, been renowned as one of the greenest cities in India, though the green cover has slowly been depleting and pollution levels have increased in recent times. Godrej Properties, through Godrej Greens, appears to be creating a microcosm of Pune’s traditional environment to benefit its residents. Having looked at the detailed plans of this project, our initial impressions are quite positive.

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      Alternatively, you can pay a visit to their sales office at site (which they share with Godrej Prana). As the project is in pre-launch phase, it’s likely you can get a good deal. Also, keep watch on the impact of the recent black money crackdown initiated by the government, which may lead to a correction in property prices.

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