Godrej Eternia- Pune’s Central Commercial Nerve!

Godrej Eternia by Godrej Properties Limited is located in Shivajinagar which marks the core of the mega city Pune.  Godrej Sherwood victorious of best residential project of 2002 marks the onset of Godrej properties in Pune followed by Godrej Eternia that individuates itself as the first Commercial centre in Pune established in 2005.

Godrej Eternia – All at one go!

  • Location– Located just off the Old Mumbai Pune road in Shivajinagar one can easily access Eternia by City Bus, Pune Local, Auto’s or any other mode of transport as all the public transport modes sojourn outside Eternia. For those carrying private vehicles Eternia has ample parking space too. This commercial hub provides connectivity and accessibility from major residential areas like Pimpri Chinchwad, Koregao Park, Model Colony to name a few.

  • Planning – The planning point of view unveils Burgess Concentric Zone theory applied to a city. The theory speaks of a Central Business Hub taking its roots in the core of the city and all other land uses are arranged concentrically around it. Pune’s development is considered concentric as the age old Wada structures form the core of the city and all other development is concentrically arranged. Godrej Eternia is that Central Business Hub in Pune.

    Glass camouflage exterior
    Glass camouflage exterior
  • Architecture – The Godrej Eternia Commercial complex is designed by Ratan Batliboi Architects and the construction was managed by Semb Corp Infrastructure. The special feature as aforementioned by the manager at Godrej Eternia is that very few pillars are used in construction of a massive 10 floor structure. The exterior of this complex catches a glimpse of the infrastructure outside as the entire complex is camouflaged of glass exterior. The complex has a 3m wide footpath aligned parallel to it with trees providing shade and food stalls offering a munch break for the working population inside the complex.

    Brand avenue at the ground floor
    Brand avenue at the ground floor
  • Complex Specifications

    Godrej Eternia is a combination of three wings namely A, B and C with B wing completed in 2000, C wing in 2005 and A wing in 2009. Eternia occupies a total area of about 2,30,000sq.ft. Both A and C wings form a 10 floor structure and B wing forms a 3 floor structure. The occupancy rule followed by A and C wings at Eternia is that 70% is reserved for IT companies and 30% for Commercial firms. B wing is entirely occupied and owned by Shoppers Stop Fashion Company. Some of the commercial firms currently in A and C wings are Ace Perkins, Range Rover, @ home and major IT companies are L&T, Endocto Therms, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services. The A wing is owned by the famous Jahangir Hospitals in Pune.

    The underground parking

    B wing exterior view
    B wing exterior view
  • Amenities– Eternia is provided with parking facility from basement to 2nd The offices commence from the 3rd floor. The complex is secured by CCTV surveillance and security 24*7. 2 lifts for every wing are provided. Water facility, DG backup, security caters to the mass population working in this complex.

    Dual lift from basement
    Dual lift from basement
  • Pricing Index– The current market rate for commercial and IT space inside the complex for rent turns out to be 90-120Rs/sq.ft/month for IT and 70-80Rs/sq.ft/month for commercial. The price to sell again depends on the firm that either owns or is working on temporary basis.

Godrej Eternia- The largest commercial centre in Pune is followed by other similar commercial hubs namely Godrej Millennium and Godrej Castlemaine in Koregaon Park and Bund Garden Area maintaining the legacy of Godrej Properties Limited in Pune long back since 2000. With future forecasting of Pune to be turning out a major IT hub, Godrej has kept in view the purveyance of Commercial centers fuelling the increasing IT scenario.

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  1. since its Godrej I will consider it slightly less risky as compared to other projects on Kanakpura road and ORR..also if the location is good, staggered payment will make it attractive

  2. Kanakpura Road is close to NICE road and Outer ring Road. It connects to major posh parts of Bangalore and connectivity to IT parks is assured.

  3. Got from another website. Posting for benefit for everyone.
    Location – Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru
    Distance from MG Road – 19.8 Kms
    Distance from Railway Station – 14.3 Kms
    Distance from Airport – 50.5 Kms
    Nearest Metro station – 8 Kms
    Nearest Ring Road – 1 Kms

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