Know Us Better

What is PropStory?

A one of its kind content platform in real estate sector PropStory is bringing development firms and buyers/ investors close to each other through information exchange. PropStory team is led by seasoned professionals in real estate and technology. Through proprietary research including – actual site visits, interaction with property firms, sales professionals and intermediaries PropStory team generates content on leading and consumer oriented firms and their products.
Years of past experience and understanding of the sector has helped us develop strong relationships with property development firms and extract information which an average consumer will find it tough to aggregate.

Why was it started and what is the content we talk about?

The founders of PropStory believed that apt content in real estate sector was missing and there was a huge gap in online real estate marketplace –

  1. Understanding of a residential project through an expert’s vision
  2. Unique Selling Points or distinguishing features of a residential project that make it stand out from the rest
  3. To be able to appreciate quality in construction, method of development, background of a property developer and current finance plans
  4. A third party investigation of a property developer and its projects

Before PropStory was set up the only options a property buyer had were

  1. Similar looking brochures
  2. Talk to a relative/ friend
  3. Take advise of an intermediary
  4. Developer websites

All these alternatives were transaction oriented and would not help an average person in shortlisting of properties based on differentiators. Apart from these one could travel to property sites on his own to acquire information and this can be a costly and time consuming affair

PropStory presents “project descriptions” in a storyline through actual images taken by our professionals. These images and project information is painstakingly collected through intense travel and long discussions with sales professionals. We send a copy for fact check by senior management of development firms. With this approach we are able to procure information that an average buyer will find tough to collect

What is the variety of content that one can expect to see on PropStory?

At PropStory, we cover topics related to various aspects of Indian real estate. The content on our website can be broadly classified as below

Property visits : We undertake visits to upcoming properties, interact with their sales office, take photographs of the project site and write about them

Area surveys : We consider it important that while investing in a property, the area it is built in is equally important. Therefore, we do a thorough research on the locality and keep updating the same as changes come by.

Current trends and developments in the real estate sector and finance : Real estate sector is one of the fast changing and unpredictable sectors of all time.We believe in keeping our readers updated on this front. One of our recent coverages include the Real Estate Regulatory Act.

What are the cities that PropStory covers right now?

We have our presence in 8 cities across the country as of today: these include Mumbai, Thane, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida, Bangalore and Chennai.

Why doesn’t PropStory provide opinions on legal matters?

PropStory does reporting of actual site visit in the best possible manner. That is what our strength is. We are not investigative journalists and capture essence of a property visit in our elaborate write ups. We do not look at property titles or investigate on approvals or construction quality or builder-buyer contracts. Some of these issues are very difficult to deal with aptly, hence we leave it to consumers/ investors/ buyers to post their issues/ grievances/ inquiries/ insights on We can help establish a contact with property development firm but we can’t commit on the same or resolution of issues.

Why do most property write up have a positive bias on PropStory?

As discussed earlier we carry features on our portal that are well researched for differentiators and unique selling points. Thereby most of our work does read with a positive bias. We deliberately avoid projects that are controversial or covering developers with murky track records, again a reason why most of our content harps on strengths in this sector.

How does PropStory help a home buyer?

The content published on our website is based on actual site visits undertaken by the portal’s team. The home buyer can thus be assured that property – upcoming or developed that he sees along with the notes are authentic (in notes developed by PropStory team); in a typical site visit undertaken, we do a thorough survey of the project site, interact with the on site professionals to obtain first hand information regarding the project by discussing each and every aspect of the project.

This will help a home buyer in assessing the properties he is interested in, without having to visit them himself. The content is published only after it is verified by the project team.

Our strong capability to deliver on site reporting is what both consumers and industry like. We have been very selective in choosing projects and developers we wish to cover.

Nothing that PropStory team is publishing must be considered as an offer for sale or an advise or an opinion. The posts by PropStory team attempt to focus on differentiators of select property development firms and their competitive advantages. When PropStory team discusses projects again it attempts to narrate the unique features and current state which it believes make it stand out from competition.
If there were to be 10 steps in decision making of a home buyer referring PropStory content will be a few of them, however PropStory as said earlier, shouldn’t be considered either a classified or an intermediary.

How does it help a developer?

We offer unique content services to property development firms. We take utmost care in partner selection as corporate governance and past track record is of utmost important to us.

Our current services include generating and transmitting ample informative content on real estate projects/ brand/ past projects/ consumer experiences. We transmit this content through our email, facebook posts, twitter feeds, linkedin, facebook groups etc.
We do have commercial relationships with a select list of clients however in no way should that be considered an offer for sale, an advise or our opinion on them. We have spent years in this business and do believe (with some room for error) that the firms we work with are amongst the strongest in this business. That said we advise utmost caution to anyone referring our portal that he/ she if were to make a decision basis he/she is doing this at his/ her own risk.

Does PropStory aid any kind of real estate transactions?

No. The Portal does not engage in the business of making or enabling real estate transactions.

Does the PropStory community take ownership of the content published?

We try our best to source accurate information through primary contacts with developers and banks and their respective internet platforms, however the nature of real estate business is such that changes may occur faster than envisaged by us. Nothing on this platform should be construed as an offer for sale, advise or recommendation. We hope readers of this platform will use their discretion when consuming information. PropStory team can not be held responsible for any untoward incident or financial loss that may occur to any of our reader who transacts thinking content as either of offer for sale, advise or recommendation.

Why doesn’t PropStory cover all projects from all developers in every city?

There are two parts to this answer

  1. We like to work with a select list of developers and even if we are reporting on a property without having a commercial relation with a developer, we do so for only developers of similar profile. In no way should this mean that the developers we work with are in our recommended list. Several other factors are important for a firm like ours to initiate a commercial relationship.
  2. We are a small and growing firm, thereby our current scale doesnt permit us to cover every property. However users can post on this platform on properties they wish to talk about as this site acts also like a forum

Is PropStory a property review site? is not a property review site and nothing on this platform should be considered an opinion or an advise or an offer for sale. If at all we run advertisements on this platform those are again on behalf of our clients only, in no way will it mean a recommendation or an advise.

Could I ask you to visit a project on my behalf?

Yes, we would love to do it within our capacity and resource availability. If we can, we would do it and write similar reports, if we can not, we will add it in our list of projects to visit and would inform you. Please note again, it would not be review of site, but would give you a good amount of information for you to take further decisions.