Eldeco Mystic Greens, Greater Noida – Exemplifying Low Density Living

First it was Gurgaon and then it was Noida. Now, Greater Noida is calling out towards real estate investors with its bargain prices, impeccable road quality and future potential for habitation. The Eldeco Mystic Greens, in Omicron I, provides individuals with a project with features unique to itself in the Greater Noida region:

  • It is a G + 4 floors low-rise residential development with lifts. A low density project in which 424 units have been built on 9 acres of land, which is a rare case in a city where dense conglomerations of apartments is the norm
  • The project’s location makes accessing the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and the Yamuna Expressway easy
  • The Omicron I area already hosts schools, hospitals and shopping centres
  • It will soon feature metro connectivity and wider roads

    Approaching Greater Noida from Noida
    Approaching Greater Noida from Noida

Greater Noida has had its fair share of problems: delays in new airport development, incomplete infrastructure and far too many projects has hampered interest and sales in the area. But Eldeco Mystic Greens is the sort of project that will calm the nerves of investors. The growing population of the capital region, which can only be expected to go up, has spurred many developers into building dense, large and superfluous residential projects in the area. By offering low density living choice to home buyers Eldeco has created a niche amidst tall and dense structures around (Read about Eldeco Aamantran).

The Mystic Greens, which is only 30 minutes away from Noida via the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and a little over an hour away from New Delhi (Connaught Place), is an easily noticeable sight in Omicron I. To get to the site’s location, one can use either of the following routes:

  • Travel along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway until they reach Greater Noida, turn into the Greater Noida-Kasna-Surajpur Road and take the third left
  • Travel along the Noida-Greater Noida Link Road until they reach the project

Greater Noida is the much younger sibling of Noida, and as such, has not made as much progress as the latter. There are promising points,however. Most notably, the city is extremely well planned and authorities’ state that the planning will allow for development decades from now, something many cities in India cannot easily do. The region also has an unusually large green belt, making a city as a whole a pleasant mix of residential space, greenery and commercial activity. As with Noida, the metro will soon be coming to the city. The metro will connect commuters to Delhi and other regions of NCR, making inter-city travel significantly easier.

Eldeco Mystic Greens inhabited towers
Eldeco Mystic Greens inhabited towers

A Close Look At The Mystic Greens

Eldeco is no stranger to Noida and Greater Noida. The Mystic Greens stands out with its focus on low density living. Upon full completion of the project, the project will see only 424 spacious homes built on 9 acres of land, a significantly lower population to acre ratio in comparison to other projects. Most projects in the area offer G+15 designs, while this one offers a G+4 design.

The project is a low rise endeavour that is a phased development. It offers 2 and 3 BHK units with a super area starting from 1475 sq. feet to 1731 sq. feet. One phase of the project has been completed and many units (of a total of about 424) have already been occupied. All units of this phase are ready to move into. There will be a total of 21 towers, with each floor housing 4 units, and as we said each tower will have four floors. The project is in its second phase, which will see the completion of towers 12 to 20. Phase 3 will focus on Tower 21.

As for the interiors, the bedrooms will have wooden flooring while the bathroom, kitchen, living and dining area will have tiled flooring. All units from the first floor up will also have a side terrace, with units on the fourth floor also boasting of a 1030 sq. feet roof terrace. The 3 bedroom units all offer a store/Puja room, with the 2 bedroom units offering a study and powder room.

Eldeco Mystic Greens elevation
Eldeco Mystic Greens elevation

The Amenities of Mystic Greens

Mystic Greens will offer the following amenities:

  • A clubhouse for recreational and sporting activities
  • A swimming pool
  • A lawn tennis court
  • A badminton court
  • Banquet Hall
  • A fully equipped gymnasium
  • A shopping complex inside the township


2 BHK options for units in Eldeco Mystic Greens begins from approximately Rs. 62 lacs. Basic price hover in the range of Rs. 3300 – Rs. 3500per sq. foot.

The 3 bedroom units on the ground and first floor have a super built-up area of 1731 sq. feet. They have 3 bathrooms and a store/puja room. Some of these ground floor units also have attached private lawns and courtyards.

The second floor units are identical to the ground and first floor units except that they have an attached side terrace of 25 sq. feet.

The third floor units have 3 bedrooms, in the 2+1 configuration, i.e. there is a smaller third bedroom that doubles as a study. With 3 bathrooms, these units are 1639 sq. feet large and have a side terrace of 73 sq. feet.

The fourth floor 2 bedroom unit has 2 bathrooms, a study room and a powder room, with a size of 1475 sq. feet. The side terrace is 130 sq. feet and, uniquely, these units come with a roof terrace with access through stairs inside the apartment instead of common area. These terraces are 1030 sq. feet large.

Eldeco Mystic Green functional Club house
Eldeco Mystic Green functional Club house

Low density living might soon become an enviable thing. If you’re looking for a low density low-rise residential investment, then Eldeco Mystic Greens might be the one for you.




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  1. This area may not see much development according to some predictions. It is a rather cut off area, but if you prefer that then nothing like it.

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