Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme – Another step towards Housing for All


Various signals from the Government at the center keep boosting the prospects for Middle Income housing. The guideline paper for the ambitious Credit Linked Savings Scheme, announced earlier this year, includes a far larger section as qualified for the benefits. The Government is ready to subsidize loans upto Rs. 12 lks for people earning upto Rs 18 lks, however small the benefits be it does add to the possible capacity building through investments. Also the structuring of this scheme is commendable, as all the subsidy willl be credited upfront rather than being phased out. While the current slowdown in the real estate sector continues to hurt the prospects, we believe the smaller ticket homes will start seeing better days ahead. For the rest, better prospects of economy and wealth creation are more important, minus the cash dealings.
We have built enormous amount of information, almost all large scale apartment complexes) on the city of Hyderabad. All of it can be accessed here – Hyderabad page (there is more in the works). Similarly you may visit the respective city pages to access everything we have put down to date.
Few project updates too – PBEL City & Incor One City (we have been following for over an year now)
Wadhwa Group’s focus on VENTILIT Concept
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