Club and Amenities at Sobha International City

People today follow a very hectic lifestyle, no fixed time for meals, odd working hours, less sleep are all a part of their daily schedule. Amidst all this people forget about their health, and this is where the need for a perfect club house and amenities comes into consideration. The massive online revolution today has made people habitual of having everything with ease sitting back at their homes and eventually becoming lazy. A club within the residential complex therefore becomes an essential part of the society so that people have health facilities within their reach. Sobha Group just like all other premium quality constructions added in their portfolio, have an impressive club house coming up for the Sobha International City, placed nicely in the Phase 1 of International City is the one of its kind G+5 club house being constructed over 70,000 sq ft area which after completion of phase 2 is planned to be expanded to 1,00,000 sq ft. Considering the area that is being put into the club, one can imagine the offerings that will be a part of it.

Sobha International city
Sobha International City, Phase 1

No other township in the adjacent sectors have a club house this big, the state of the art architecture and planning of the structure following modern contemporary architecture with a beautiful landscape merging in the building makes it stand out. We visited  the club building recently with one of sales executive just to see how the large area is justified. We tried to list down everything that was a part of the impressive club house and our research helped up divide the facility into two major classifications, which were Heath Facilities and General purpose spaces.

Sobha International City : Health Facilities

Club Building June 2016 Sobha International City
Club Building under construction – June 2016, Sobha International City

The health facilities here at Sobha International City include courts and dedicated areas for almost every sport one may wish to practice. Running track and walking area are a part of the landscape while two lawn tennis courts, squash courts, Table Tennis room, Billiards room, Cards room and badminton courts are there to facilitate the need of outdoor and indoor sports activities. The other health services include a well equipped Gym, swimming pool which has an impressive size along with Jacuzzi, spa and sauna to promote a healthy lifestyle for the residents. Dedicated areas for kids to play and a smaller size pool for kids is a part of the club and will be beneficial for kids to develop a healthy living.

Sobha International City : Multipurpose Facilities

Apart from  the health facilities the club building incorporates many other features which have become an essential part of the life style of the people today and bring these facilities within the township, a multipurpose hall for an instance is there and will be available for residents to organise get together and parties, along with this there is a banquet hall with all modern services is there to carter the needs for a well organised party. A coffee shop and a restaurant are also there and open for guests who are there to visit the residents, another feature of the club here at Sobha International City is that they have 10 rooms just in case any guests want to stay back at the township. For passionate people there is an art gallery and a hobby center along with the culture center which will enhance the quality of life of the residents moving in at Sobha International City.

Club Sobha International City
Club Sobha International City

The design of the club house is efficiently functional and disabled friendly. To serve the number of people walking in the club house an impressive number of parking’s is also provided dedicated to the club house, this includes 15 cars space on the surface outside the club, 74 car parks on upper basement, 68 car parks on lower basement with a dedicated number of parking’s for physically disabled people.

For a township of the order of Sobha International City which will cater to housing and community needs of the elite of Gurgaon and NCR a club of this magnitude and scale will do all the justice.

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