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We all wish to live a healthy life, to do the same we regularly workout, eat healthy food, avoid indulgences and what not. But the question is are we really staying healthy by doing all this. Well today we humans have brought ourselves at a stage where pollution levels in the environment are capable enough to make a person unhealthy to unpredictable extents and no matter whatever we do the longer we are exposed to pollution the more we suffer. Unfortunately bringing down the pollution levels, within a short span of time, drastically isn’t possible on a macro or city level. While the government authorities have been constantly working on the same, we can just hope that things become better over time. But what do we do till then, just wait and let it harm us. The only solution to this is coming up with a healthier micro-environment in and around our homes. Home is the place where any person spends majority of his time, and tends to his family, bring the pollution levels down around this place can help a person live a healthier life.

Central Park Resorts.

Central Park, a niche real estate developer of Gurgaon, saw this coming and worked out a solution a brilliant way. Central Park Resorts, the latest addition to the gated complexes in the millennial city, from the developer justifies itself with a thoughtful planning which takes care of the residents by reducing the overall pollution levels of the community. Delhi and NCR according to reports fall under the most polluted cities in the world, with the particulate matter in the environment almost 10 times higher than the safe levels. The region also suffers with most cases of respiratory and skin problems. Planning of Central Park Resorts, located on Sohna Road, ensures that the complex is conducive to healthy living of residents. We were told that the township has a design that reduces overall pollution levels inside and creates a much safer micro-environment within the site. We took some time out to visit and study the same and found a few things interestingly reducing the pollution levels.


    Wide Vehicle free pathways.

Central Park Resorts is one of the few gated complexes across the country, which offer a zero vehicular movement zone at the surface level. All the vehicular circulation that takes place within the community is through the basements or the Grand Tunnel that connects the township to the main roads. The presence of no vehicle zone brings the pollution levels by the vehicular emissions to near zero. Residents and guests can avail use of golf carts to ply from one point to other within Central Park Resorts.



    22 acres of central green area.

The massive 22acre central green area in the complex is a boon to the residents, trees and flowering plants have a tendency to reduce pollution levels by absorbing the carbon-dioxide in the environment. The landscaped gardens at the Central Park Resorts act as the lungs for the complex by purifying the ambient air. Also the greens help bring down the overall temperature within the complex.



    E Vehicles at Central Park Resorts.

For transport facilities on the ground in the township only Golf Carts are used. There are over 25 of these carts to serve residents, guests and staff. All of these carts are non-polluting and thus have a zero contribution to the air pollution within the Central Park Resorts.




    Patches Of land covered with Greens.

At Central Park Resorts no patch of land leftover is uncovered, every piece of land here has some green cover from the entry to towers which have pergolas covered in plants & creepers. All of this comes up as a part of the efficient system that helps reduce the pollution levels and the temperature of the place.




    Circulation through basement.

While air is not only a matter of concern when we talk about pollution, Waste water is another big cause of the pollution because of the harmful emissions associated with it.  Central Park Resorts has a really efficient sewage system which runs under the ground, nowhere in the complex will you ever notice anything associated with the sewage system and thus you are away from all the harmful emissions. The system is so efficiently designed that even when the whole of Gurgaon was waterlogged in 2016 the community was free from any stranded water. Moreover, there was no emission of water form this place onto the roads in Gurgaon.


These are all the measures taken by the Central Park Gurgaon are to provide a remarkable living experience to its residents and in line with need of the time.

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