Pune Ring Road – The Pepped Up Controversy!

Urbanization is a term which echoes in our ears when we take up the name of any Metro city. With the increasing population comes their ever increasing expectation from the infrastructure provided in the city. For any subsequent new development in an area what matters the most is the connectivity. Connectivity then refers to roads that link the various addresses of a metropolis. With now Pune growing to be a major IT and automobile hub has received attention of various authorities such as the Maharashtra state Government and Pune Municipal Corporation. They have come up with an ambitious plan of laying the Ring Road around the Pune city. All this hence reminds me of the famous Kishore Kumar song ‘Ek Raasta hai Zindagi Jo tham gaye toh kuch nahi’.

  • Original Expansion of Pune:

    Since 19th century Pune has transformed at the drop of the hat. Pune is considered to spread in circular fashion with Shivajinagar and the age old Peth area as its center. Settlements happen alongside water bodies and Pune is thus blessed with Mula-Mutha rivers which acts as a main diameter of the city. Keeping the concentric development in view the Pune ring road proposal has been made.

    A map of the proposed circular expansion resulting in the Pune Ring Road.
    Pune Ring Road – Circular Expansion

Pune Ring Road – All the W’s Answered!

      1. Why Ring Road? 

         Pune city is noted to have maximum number of two-wheelers in the state followed by Thane. The registered annual growth rate of vehicles in Pune was 9.56% mentioned by Pune RTO in 2013. The city is at the confluence of 3 National Highways namely NH 4, NH 50, and NH 9 which brings regional traffic into the city. To avoid traffic congestion and ensure smoother traffic flow Ring Road Proposal was aforementioned collectively by Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporations and necessary changes are made in the development plan of the city. Today, the share of out-bound traffic on Pune’s internal roads is a staggering 30 percent and 80 per cent of these out-bound vehicles are trucks, stressing the need for the ring road.

        Proposed ring road layout (Pune municipal corporation)
        Proposed ring road layout (Pune municipal corporation)

2. Who proposed this project?

The Pune Ring Road was proposed in 2007 at the meeting conducted by Honorable Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh. It was approved by the State officials in 2013.

3. Where is the Ring Road?

 Ring road is concentrically proposed road with a total stretch of ~170 kms enveloping entire Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad in the centre. The ring road comprises of four stretches to achieve culmination. The four stretches are:

Theurphata NH9, Kesnand, Wagholi, Bhavdi,Tulapur, Alandi, Kelgaon, Chimbli, NH50.

39.89 km


Chimboliphata to Nighoje to Sangurde, Shelarwadi, NH4, Shirgaon, Chandkhed, Rihe, Ghotawde, Pirangut

46.40 km


Pirangut, Urwade, MuthaBahuli, Sangrun, Nigde, Khamgaon, GheraSinhgad, Kalyan, Kondanpur, Shriramnagar 51.20 km
NH4 , Gogalwadi, Patharwadi, Bhivri, Kanifnath, New Mula – Mutha canal, Theurphata, NH9

32.24 km


4. What about finance?

 The ring road as informed by the Pune Municipal Corporation would be accomplished through Public Private Partnership(PPP model). The PPP mode would be BOT i.e. Build Own Transfer. The total cost is assumed to be Rs 8439 crores. The split up of Rs. 8439 crores is – Land acqusition cost Rs. 2374 crore and construction cost Rs. 6065 crore.

The project would be toll free along with concession of extra FSI. To make the project financially viable State Government has offered to provide extra FSI for land that can be developed along the 38.38 kms which comprises of a satellite township. This approach would generate a total revenue of Rs. 9228 crores. While this decision represents a smart move on behalf of the Government officials, what will happen in the coming days is to be seen.

Cutting of a recent newspaper article on the approval of the Pune Ring Road in Hindi.
Recent news article on Pune Ring Road

5. When will the ring road be completed?

The stretches mentioned above are the four stages of the project. The survey of stretches 1 and 2 was completed way back in 2008 and the alignment of 3rd and 4th stretches is completed. The Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) has completed the survey of land required for the project. Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) will further take measures to commence the work on ground. However, the completion date is still far away in the priority list of the authority!

Pune Ring Road Development Delay Controversy:

The Pune Ring Road has become a hot topic alike any Bollywood news. The several reasons being attributed for the delay are as follows: The foremost of all, is land acquisition from farmers owning farms in the stretch of ring road. Though Government has promised a favourable TDR policy to farmer’s benefit however nothing much has happened even after that. Secondly, the political upheaval wherein the political parties raised concerns about undue benefits being brought to the 14 satellite townships coming along the road.

Yet another limb of this controversy, lies in the high aims of the development authorities and municipal corporations for years, while the ground report says something else. They envisioned Pune to have smoother traffic flow and hence gifted Pune “with a haphazard public transport route- the BRTS without considering safety and traffic issues rising out of it” as expressed by Pune people. Still there lies contentment that at least the BRTS project has seen the light of day in comparison to the projects like Pune Metro and Pune Skybus that are still up in the air. Hoping that ring road would be an accomplished venture and finds its way through all the controversies.

Yet thinking over and over about what is in store with this venture is a manifestation of disagreement, dicey political issues and prolonged expectations of Puneties!

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Godrej Eternia- Pune’s Central Commercial Nerve!

Godrej Eternia by Godrej Properties Limited is located in Shivajinagar which marks the core of the mega city Pune.  Godrej Sherwood victorious of best residential project of 2002 marks the onset of Godrej properties in Pune followed by Godrej Eternia that individuates itself as the first Commercial centre in Pune established in 2005.

Godrej Eternia – All at one go!

  • Location– Located just off the Old Mumbai Pune road in Shivajinagar one can easily access Eternia by City Bus, Pune Local, Auto’s or any other mode of transport as all the public transport modes sojourn outside Eternia. For those carrying private vehicles Eternia has ample parking space too. This commercial hub provides connectivity and accessibility from major residential areas like Pimpri Chinchwad, Koregao Park, Model Colony to name a few.

  • Planning – The planning point of view unveils Burgess Concentric Zone theory applied to a city. The theory speaks of a Central Business Hub taking its roots in the core of the city and all other land uses are arranged concentrically around it. Pune’s development is considered concentric as the age old Wada structures form the core of the city and all other development is concentrically arranged. Godrej Eternia is that Central Business Hub in Pune.

    Glass camouflage exterior
    Glass camouflage exterior
  • Architecture – The Godrej Eternia Commercial complex is designed by Ratan Batliboi Architects and the construction was managed by Semb Corp Infrastructure. The special feature as aforementioned by the manager at Godrej Eternia is that very few pillars are used in construction of a massive 10 floor structure. The exterior of this complex catches a glimpse of the infrastructure outside as the entire complex is camouflaged of glass exterior. The complex has a 3m wide footpath aligned parallel to it with trees providing shade and food stalls offering a munch break for the working population inside the complex.

    Brand avenue at the ground floor
    Brand avenue at the ground floor
  • Complex Specifications

    Godrej Eternia is a combination of three wings namely A, B and C with B wing completed in 2000, C wing in 2005 and A wing in 2009. Eternia occupies a total area of about 2,30,000sq.ft. Both A and C wings form a 10 floor structure and B wing forms a 3 floor structure. The occupancy rule followed by A and C wings at Eternia is that 70% is reserved for IT companies and 30% for Commercial firms. B wing is entirely occupied and owned by Shoppers Stop Fashion Company. Some of the commercial firms currently in A and C wings are Ace Perkins, Range Rover, @ home and major IT companies are L&T, Endocto Therms, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services. The A wing is owned by the famous Jahangir Hospitals in Pune.

    The underground parking

    B wing exterior view
    B wing exterior view
  • Amenities– Eternia is provided with parking facility from basement to 2nd The offices commence from the 3rd floor. The complex is secured by CCTV surveillance and security 24*7. 2 lifts for every wing are provided. Water facility, DG backup, security caters to the mass population working in this complex.

    Dual lift from basement
    Dual lift from basement
  • Pricing Index– The current market rate for commercial and IT space inside the complex for rent turns out to be 90-120Rs/sq.ft/month for IT and 70-80Rs/sq.ft/month for commercial. The price to sell again depends on the firm that either owns or is working on temporary basis.

Godrej Eternia- The largest commercial centre in Pune is followed by other similar commercial hubs namely Godrej Millennium and Godrej Castlemaine in Koregaon Park and Bund Garden Area maintaining the legacy of Godrej Properties Limited in Pune long back since 2000. With future forecasting of Pune to be turning out a major IT hub, Godrej has kept in view the purveyance of Commercial centers fuelling the increasing IT scenario.

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Godrej Sherwood,Pune – When It All Started

Godrej Properties Limited, a subsidiary of the Godrej Group, is a name reckoned with successful delivery of residential and commercial projects in leading metropolitan cities of the country with Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Gurgaon to name some. With the growing canvas of the Godrej Group way back to its establishment in 1897, Godrej Properties has made its mark in providing quality housing that cater and take care of an individual’s comfort and leisure with a 26 year trackrecord in the real estate sector.

Pune has witnessed a rich history in terms of residential infrastructure. Right from the Wadas (houses with large open courtyard) to compact studio apartments. Today, Pune’s transformation into an emerging IT and industrial hub has created a quantifiable housing demand in the city. This trend has prompted Godrej Properties to expand its residential footprint in the city with Godrej Infinity, Godrej Horizon and Godrej Prana currently at various stages of construction.  The pan India developer isn’t new to this city’s residential landscape, as it forayed into Pune with Godrej Sherwood, Shivajinagar which went on to win the award of best residential project in Pune and this itself is a manifestation of Godrej’s quality and benchmark set through this development.

Visiting Godrej Sherwood in the scorching summer heat and in the heart of the city with vehicles and noise all around me proved to be a welcome change to my typical thinking of issues faced by residential projects located amidst the hustle and bustle of city centre. Surrounded with lush and tall green trees, which act as noise buffer, near the rivers Mula and Mutha, Godrej Sherwood proves to be a fine example of residential living in complete solitude.

Key highlights of Godrej Sherwood:

Developer's proposed idea
Developer’s proposed idea – Credits Company Website
  • Location: Located approximately 80 metres off the Old Mumbai Pune road, Godrej Sherwood is well connected from all four directions of the city. Just outside the project is the Pune city-bus stop, adding to it the Pune Local stop at about 300 metres. All public transport modes functioning in Pune provide impeccable connectivity to the project! Just outside the project one gets to see an exemplar of infrastructure with flyovers and underground subways all at the same place. The Old Mumbai road provides connectivity from Pimpri-Chinchwad and later merges into Wellesly road that links this complex to Koregaon Park. One can drive onto Sangamwadi Road to cross over the Mula river

  • Exclusive Neighborhood: The neighborhood of Godrej Sherwood boasts of largest commercial project in Pune by Godrej Properties – Godrej Eternia encasing showrooms such as Audi, Shoppers Stop and major IT firm of L&T. One of India’s premier engineering institute, College of Engineering Pune is just a walk away from here.

  • Amenities in store: Godrej Sherwood handed over way back in 2004 is a good example of modern gated complex as the developer was foresighted in its planning and making. An elevated clubhouse and sitting area with parking underneath marks the centre of Sherwood. Swimming pool, fully equipped gymnasium, table tennis room, kids play area suffice for recreational needs. The campus is secured by CCTV surveillance and 24*7 security service.

Kids play area at Sherwood
Kids play area at Sherwood
Elevated clubhouse with parking beneath
  • Apartment Specifications: Sherwood consists of 2 towers A and B with G+10 structure. Each tower consists of 29 apartments, further split up into 20- 2BHK (1200-1300sq.ft) and 9-3BHK(1400-1500sq.ft) apartments in each tower. The project strikes out 4BHK from its design. All the apartments are provided with 2 balconies all facing the central landscaped clubhouse. The balconies at Sherwood follow a regular pattern providing utmost privacy and good views. All the apartments are a careful compilation of vastu and offer view of rivers. No other venture stands as tall as Sherwood in the vicinity thus providing residents ample sunlight and ventilation in confines of their homes.

View of Godrej Sherwood
View of Godrej Sherwood
  • The price bar- The project was completely sold out in 2003, one year before its completion. The 2BHK apartments were sold out for 30 lacs and 3BHK for 35 lacs. Today if one wishes to sell out the apartment in Sherwood, the owner would encash 5-6 times his purchase value. The current market price for Sherwood stands out to be Rs. 10,000-12,000/sq.ft. So much so it is tough to find listing online for this property as it is not one of those properties which owner’s may want to let go.

Godrej Sherwood which resides at the heart of Pune city stands out from several residential projects, because of the detailing in design and landscaping followed by the developer. And for those wondering Godrej Properties is an outsider to the Pune market, a trip to Shivaji Nagar might be enough to convince them about the developer’s legacy in Pune.

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Western Avenue by Kolte Patil,Wakad: 5 things to look out for

A firm best known for its long track record of delivery of homes and offices, Kolte Patil Developers Limited today has extended its realty footprint of over 1 crore sq. ft area in the cities of Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. Kolte Patil has been innovative in designs and concepts and has now come up with the first ever Patio Homes in the western suburb of Pune with their venture ‘Western Avenue’ apartments at Wakad. Wakad being the entry point to Hinjewadi(the home to several IT/ITES companies and biotech firms), is a prime location for real estate investment. Kolte Patil’s Western Avenue offers maximum connectivity owing to the proposed DP roads of 12m to 24m on three sides of project site adding to its seamless accessibility from Mumbai Pune Expressway.

The site entrance at Western Avenue
The site entrance at Western Avenue
The site office
The site office

On my visit to the site, I found that the excavation stage was nearing completion at Western Avenue. Later, I spent time to acquire few details about the amenities, construction status and apartment layout. The possession of flats at Western Avenue, Wakad is expected by the year 2019. The site office draws one’s attention to the large open space around and yes, the quote – ‘Unbelong Ordinary-Live Extraordinary’ seems to eventually fall in place with what is in store here (developer website).

Western Avenue apartments – All what you need to know about it!

  1. Truly holistic city life-

    Wakad where Western Avenue apartment towers are coming up offers all the conveniences of schools,colleges, hospitals with an emerging sports arena of International mark viz Chatrapati Shivaji and the Gahunje Cricket Stadium. Adding to this, social infrastructure that includes major International hotels right from Courtyard Marriot to Sayaji. Balaji and institutes like Indira group of Colleges, Schools like Euro Kids, Mount Litera Zee cater to the educational demand of this area.

    Proposed DP road to the site
    Proposed DP road to the site


  2. The Western Avenue Towers-

    16 acres of holistic and integrated development consists of 11 towers (viz A-K) of 2P(parking)+13 floors spread across 16 acres. Towers A, B, I, J, C, D, G, H form part of phase I.Each tower consists 2 units of 3BHK facing the central Patio and 2 units of 2BHK facing the commercial &shopping complex. The 3BHK unit range between 1,123-1,138 sq.ft carpet area and 2BHK units range between 838-852 sq.ft carpet area. Balconies are in a zig zag alternating fashion which ensures more ventilation and lighting. The 3BHK units are provided a scenic view of central patio which yearns ample ventilation and light with no obstruction in front.

    The spacious terrace owes ample ventilation, Western Avenue, Kolte Patil
    The spacious terrace owes ample ventilation
  3. Money matters-

    The 3BHK units of towers A,B,I,J range upto 1.04 crore and those of C, D, G, H are priced at 1.05 crore. The 2BHK units of A,B,I,J price upto 78 lac and those of C,D,G,H price upto 79 lac. Floor rise of Rs.25/sq.ft per floor is chargeable starting from 3rd floor. The current market price ranges from Rs.5655/sq.ft to Rs.5850/sq.ft.

  4. Inside the Abode-

    All the apartments at Western Avenue are loaded with amenities that cater to all aspects from safety to luxury. The apartment consists of video door calling facility, gas leak detector, Vitrified flooring, Jaguar and Kohler sanitary fittings, and covered dry balcony. The residents who wish for a change can go for it.

    The dining and lobby space in sample flat
  5. Six Sense Living-

    The theme behind designing the landscape at Western Avenue calls for a fuller life. A 60,000 sq.ft Central Patio space is planned and it will be replete with high end amenities. All the amenities provided are designed keeping in view all the user groups. From Skating rink, Play zone, Kids pool for the little ones to Chit Chat Patio, Lounge, Golf putting for the youngies and Meditation centre, Zen garden, Seniors Pavilion, Yoga garden, Acupressure path for the Senior Citizens. A 30 ft walkthrough shopping plaza is proposed below the towers A, B, I, J, K, G, H encasing high end shops. A 60% open space to 40% residential space ratio calls for greener habitation. Amenities like Sunken bonfire, Cabanna pool, Rock sculpture, Herbal garden make a mark of modern architecture and landscape.


Site plan showcasing ventilation and sunpath
Site plan showcasing ventilation and sunpath

The Spotlight factor

Western Avenue keeps in view the buyer and user group promising an exclusive living with one of its kind Patio living. Western Pune’s only Patio project focuses not only on amenities but also on premium living that matches the pace of growing population of IT techies and their aspirations. Integrated development with countless collaborative spaces in the centre revives the garden city concept!

The Western Avenue Project Layout
The Western Avenue Project Layout, source koltepatil.com