Club and Amenities at Sobha International City

People today follow a very hectic lifestyle, no fixed time for meals, odd working hours, less sleep are all a part of their daily schedule. Amidst all this people forget about their health, and this is where the need for a perfect club house and amenities comes into consideration. The massive online revolution today has made people habitual of having everything with ease sitting back at their homes and eventually becoming lazy. A club within the residential complex therefore becomes an essential part of the society so that people have health facilities within their reach. Sobha Group just like all other premium quality constructions added in their portfolio, have an impressive club house coming up for the Sobha International City, placed nicely in the Phase 1 of International City is the one of its kind G+5 club house being constructed over 70,000 sq ft area which after completion of phase 2 is planned to be expanded to 1,00,000 sq ft. Considering the area that is being put into the club, one can imagine the offerings that will be a part of it.

Sobha International city
Sobha International City, Phase 1

No other township in the adjacent sectors have a club house this big, the state of the art architecture and planning of the structure following modern contemporary architecture with a beautiful landscape merging in the building makes it stand out. We visited  the club building recently with one of sales executive just to see how the large area is justified. We tried to list down everything that was a part of the impressive club house and our research helped up divide the facility into two major classifications, which were Heath Facilities and General purpose spaces.

Sobha International City : Health Facilities

Club Building June 2016 Sobha International City
Club Building under construction – June 2016, Sobha International City

The health facilities here at Sobha International City include courts and dedicated areas for almost every sport one may wish to practice. Running track and walking area are a part of the landscape while two lawn tennis courts, squash courts, Table Tennis room, Billiards room, Cards room and badminton courts are there to facilitate the need of outdoor and indoor sports activities. The other health services include a well equipped Gym, swimming pool which has an impressive size along with Jacuzzi, spa and sauna to promote a healthy lifestyle for the residents. Dedicated areas for kids to play and a smaller size pool for kids is a part of the club and will be beneficial for kids to develop a healthy living.

Sobha International City : Multipurpose Facilities

Apart from  the health facilities the club building incorporates many other features which have become an essential part of the life style of the people today and bring these facilities within the township, a multipurpose hall for an instance is there and will be available for residents to organise get together and parties, along with this there is a banquet hall with all modern services is there to carter the needs for a well organised party. A coffee shop and a restaurant are also there and open for guests who are there to visit the residents, another feature of the club here at Sobha International City is that they have 10 rooms just in case any guests want to stay back at the township. For passionate people there is an art gallery and a hobby center along with the culture center which will enhance the quality of life of the residents moving in at Sobha International City.

Club Sobha International City
Club Sobha International City

The design of the club house is efficiently functional and disabled friendly. To serve the number of people walking in the club house an impressive number of parking’s is also provided dedicated to the club house, this includes 15 cars space on the surface outside the club, 74 car parks on upper basement, 68 car parks on lower basement with a dedicated number of parking’s for physically disabled people.

For a township of the order of Sobha International City which will cater to housing and community needs of the elite of Gurgaon and NCR a club of this magnitude and scale will do all the justice.

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Sobha International City – Detailing The Duplex Villas

Duplex at sobha international city

Sobha International City along with Sobha City has added to the growing footprint of Sobha Ltd., the esteemed developer of Bangalore, in NCR region. Sobha International City as mentioned earlier on our portal is a low density development which features villas, row houses and duplex villas. We took some time out and visited the Duplex Villas at the township and at the very first look of them they were all very appealing, this is something common about all the Sobha properties we have been to. The Sobha Duplex Villas at International City stand out among several other residential offerings in the vicinity.

Sobha Duplex Villas Sobha International city Duplex
Sobha International city Duplex

Sobha’s duplex offering is a G+3 structure which includes two independent family homes with 4 bedrooms each. The lower unit includes the ground floor and first floor along with front and rear lawns, spacious 4 bedroom residences with access to green lawns and double height living area and study. The upscale upper unit is spread across the second and third floor. In addition to 4 spacious bedrooms, it includes balconies, terrace garden and large windows for a naturally-lit and well-ventilated set-up.

Apart from this, 4-car dedicated parking space is provided in front of the villa and is offered as 2 slots per unit. The quality and finish of Sobha products is something that needs a special mention, the tiniest details at Sobha are taken care of such that the finished product has a quality which is hard to find. Sobha adheres to world class standards in design and execution, glimpses of which can be seen in various examples like  the 2 mm gaps between the tiles aligned using tile spacers, the expansion material provided between joints to avoid cracks, the ergonomically designed staircase or the 6 layer waterproofing for washrooms.

Sobha Duplex Villas : The Lower Unit

Sobha Duplex Villas View from Balcony upper level Sobha Duplex
View from Balcony upper level Sobha Duplex

The lower units of the duplex villa open onto the ground floor, just as one enters the villa one gets a feeling of openness and space. Large double glazed windows that let in a lot of light and air make the spaces look even larger than one can anticipate. Every single room opens onto either the courtyard or the front or back lawn, all of which is covered in grass and plants, bringing the residents very close to nature. The rooms here have large windows that let in natural light which ensure decreased power consumption. The kitchen also has a well designed utility space which has  green patch of land added to it which may be used as a private kitchen garden. The 4 bedroom unit along with servant’s area is a well designed, functional yet beautiful piece of architecture.

Sobha Duplex Villas Sobha International City large drawing dining duplex
Sobha International City large drawing dining duplex
Courtyard for lower unit Sobha Duplex
Courtyard for lower unit Sobha Duplex

Sobha Duplex Villas : The Upper Unit

Double height drawing area lower level Sobha Duplex Villas
Double height drawing area – lower level, Sobha Duplex Villas
Double height drawing area upper level Sobha Duplex
Double height drawing area upper level Sobha Duplex









The upper duplex unit has its entry on the second floor which can be accessed from the dedicated staircase and lift lobby. It opens into a huge space dedicated to living and dining area. The large kitchen with utility area opens off one side of the dining area. The Master bedroom with walk-in closet and a second bedroom are also located on the second floor. The third floor has two bedrooms with balconies, a sitting area with adjacent open terrace and a utility for domestic help. The space planning on upper units is just as same as the lower unit with large windows and balconies.

Duplex villas are constructed on two different plot sizes – 500 and 600 sq.yards respectively. For all units a floor to floor height of 3.3 meters is maintained and with every unit offers parking space for two cars.

Well planned inner roads and greenery at Sobha international city
Well planned inner roads and greenery at Sobha international city

Sobha International City phase 1 is completed and delivered while the work on phase 2 is in full swing. The units available are a part of the phase 2 which is coming up on 48 acres of land. The prices of Duplex Villa start at around Rs. 4.45 crores and go up to Rs. 5.40 crores depending on the size.

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Villa vs Apartment – Photofeature On Sobha International City

sobha international city - indian realty
Sobha International City Villas in neat rows

A quintessential question drags most Indians into dilemma – whether to buy an independent house such as a villa or to invest in an apartment. We as a society were used to live in big expansive homes which have been contracting in size due to rising prices of real estate. Given that real 
investment is one’s biggest investment decision, still villa living is a lure for many. During one of my visits to Sobha International City, I tried to put in perspective how villas score over the apartments for those who are grappling with this question.

Sobha International City : Low Rise Living

For those who love to live close to the ground, villas allow for that. However, in a usual apartment one has to live at varying heights (as per budget and availability). This can be discomforting for those who don’t prefer low rise living.

Sobha International City : Private Greens

For those who love gardening, there is limited scope to maintain your own kitchen garden or small plantations when one owns an apartment. However in case of a villa one can have their backyard or roof top double up as gardens.

Sobha International City : Space availability

Villas provide ample room for storage as there is some or the other way in which that space can be created, unlike in an apartment where the space is limited and one doesn’t have rights either to the terrace or basement. Villas at Sobha International City come with private rooftops and backyards, offering ample multi-utility space.

Sobha International City : Ease Of Parking

For villas one gets parking just in front of the house, while an apartment offers parking floors away or even in the basements sometimes. At Sobha International city one can get up to 4 car parking spots right in front of the villa. So one can simply park the car and easily move into the house in a villa unlike in an apartment complex.

Describing Row Houses At Sobha International City

Sobha international city row houses

Sobha Group has been into business since 1995 and has delivered a remarkable 78 million sqft area of projects since then. Sobha International City Row Houses are located in sectors 106, 108 and 109 of Gurgaon (along side Dwarka Expressway) and is the flagship project of the Group, also their first one in North India. International City is an all villa township which impresses with its low density development concept. The entire project is a 150 acre endeavour which will be very close to South Delhi and Indira Gandhi International Airport once the Dwarka Expressway is operational.

Symmetry at Sobha International City Row Houses
Symmetry at sobha international city

In my recent visit to the Dwarka Expressway region I took some time out to investigate the township and have a look at one of their row housing blocks. The first thing that caught my eyes was the symmetry in the design, one can easily experience the balance Sobha has achieved in the design, the greenery, the road, the pathways are all in a beautiful symmetrical arrangement. The 1.75 m patch of greenery on either sides of the road is just a small addition to the environmental and aesthetics value. Just outside the house one gets a parking for 2 cars, the parking space is well designed and done nicely with pavers with no exposed manholes or traps.  Looking at the overall exteriors one can easily notice that no part of the land is left untreated, every single patch in the blocks whether small or big is covered with either pavers or greens. The level of finishing that Sobha has achieved at International City is remarkable.

Merged manholes at Sobha international city
Merged & covered manholes at Sobha international city

Residents at Sobha international city row houses get a wide 1.5 meter footpath in front of the house with 1.75 meters of impressive landscape on either sides of the 5.5 meter road making it a clear 12 meters distance between the two houses on either sides of the road. The roads and pathways have appropriate slopes for rainwater run-off. There is an impressive rain water harvesting system at International City with pits in each home. Coming to the interiors, earlier  Sobha offered two units with approximate areas of 270 sqyd and 246 sqyd both with 4 bedroom configurations, with and without basement depending on the FAR (Floor Area Ratio) achieved, out of these the only ones available today are the 246 sqyd ones (all with basements, in the current phases).

The factors which make these units special are the spacious rooms, an impressive dining and drawing area, with a private lawn behind the house, along with the basement. Not to forget that the basement can be completely customized.

Sobha International City Row Houses : Beautifully planned
Sobha international city : Beautifully planned

Sobha International City Row Houses : Layout Details

Sobha international city row houses : Pvc strips for waterproofing at corners.
Sobha international city : Pvc strips for waterproofing at corners.

Talking of the layout, all the row houses have a G+2 Structure with twin terrace and basement. On the ground floor is an impressively merged drawing and dining area connected to the semi open kitchen space, which is further extended to utility opening in the lawn at the back of the house.

Occupants get a washroom attached to dining and one bedroom with an attached washroom too. The staircase is designed exactly as per the architectural norms with a riser of 15 cm and tread of 30 cm.

The first thing to note on the first floor is a nice family lounge which connects to the two bedrooms.

Both these bedrooms have attached washrooms to them. On the second floor one gets a lobby which connects to one bedroom and doors for the terrace. The space arrangement is so functional and in a flow, that one can get used to it very easily.

Sobha International city : Metal strips at material intersection
Sobha International city : Metal strips at material intersection
2mm gap between the tiles
2mm gap between the tiles

Sobha is known for high quality construction process and craftsmanship, things one sees at ample display even at International City.


Sobha international city row houses : sandpit for children in row housing block.
Sobha International city : sandpit for children in row housing block

Minute details at Sobha international city row houses include silicon filled doors and windows at intersections to prevent damage, floor tiles with 2mm tile spacers to allow expansion due to weather changes, wall edges protected using metal strip to avoid chipping, six layers of waterproofing in washrooms and areas prone to water and every material intersection nicely done so you won’t find any exposed joints at any point in the villa.

At an overall lump sum deal of around Rs. 5 crores, the row house offered is one of its kind, and is worth a visit for those looking to shift to low density housing complex.

Sobha international city row houses No part of land left uncovered.
No part of land left uncovered.


The row houses at Sobha International City are delivered after a 4 step quality check and inspection out of which 3 are done by the dedicated quality team including German experts.

The last one is done by the owners themselves to ensure flawless product delivery.

No wonder International City has won the prestigious NDTV award for Luxury Villa Project of the Year award 2015 at national level.

Sobha international city row houses
Sobha international city

Vipul Lavanya: Ready homes in New Gurgaon

Massive development in Gurgaon has eventually led to formation of New Gurgaon, the region is placed between Manesar and Dwarka expressway or the Northern Peripheral Road. Due to its location and direct access to Delhi through NH-8 and the upcoming Dwarka Expressway and its adjacency to IMT Manesar, it has now become home to numerous industries and corporate offices for many known players. But obviously this development has attracted many known developers to bring in housing projects to provide homes to people coming in.

Vipul Group has been into real estate business since 2001 it has delivered over 6 million sq.ft of projects and is presently working on about the same figures. Vipul Lavanya is one of their project at New Gurgaon.

Secondary entrance at Vipul Lavanya
Secondary entrance

Prices & Area

Lavanya Apartments, “Life at its most beautiful”,  well that’s how the group defines the project. Its construction started back in 2011 almost 4 and a half year ago , the project is home to almost 600 flats with 2, 3  and 4 bedroom configurations. Flats are arranged in 10 towers along the site. With size of apartments ranging from 1225 sqft – 2225 sq ft, Vipul Lavanya has a lot to offer. A configuration that suits every budget is what I found interesting here. With base price ranging from Rs. 4200-4700 per sqft one can find a worthwhile deal at around Rs. 58-80 lakhs for a 2 or 3 bedroom unit, in sector 81 as these were possibly the lowest prices around.

Vipul Lavanya towers under construction
Towers under construction
Vipul Lavanya from a distance
Vipul Lavanya from a distance

During our visit, we were able to find out that as per the present day figures almost 150 flats are occupied out of the 250 delivered , the next batch of around 200 flats is to be delivered within next 6 months and the remaining flats to be delivered in another  18 months . Though they had a functional club house , tennis court , squash court , gym and badminton court with an impressive play area for children designed beautifully with slides , swings and see saws . They had some 30 limited special configuration  2 bedroom corner flats which were all sold out so probably now one cant find them easily. Well maintained landscape , with a party lawn for gatherings also pleased us.

Club building of Vipul Lavanya
Club building
Towers view from inside the site (Vipul Lavanya)
Party lawn for gatherings


Talking of the connectivity , Vipul Lavanya has two entrances , from the existing NH-8 one can take two possible ways to reach Lavanya if coming from Delhi one needs to take the second slip road after passing the toll and head right 3 km inside, if coming from Bhiwadi one needs to take the exit just after  crossing IMT Manesar it leads to village Naharpur from where one has to travel 2 kms to reach Lavanya.  It has a lot to offer and could be a great set of deal for people planning to move near Manesar , one can easily grab a 2 bedroom for around 12k per month on lease too.


Towers lined up on site at Vipul Lavanya
Towers lined up on site