Central Park Resorts – Green Edge

We all wish to live a healthy life, to do the same we regularly workout, eat healthy food, avoid indulgences and what not. But the question is are we really staying healthy by doing all this. Well today we humans have brought ourselves at a stage where pollution levels in the environment are capable enough to make a person unhealthy to unpredictable extents and no matter whatever we do the longer we are exposed to pollution the more we suffer. Unfortunately bringing down the pollution levels, within a short span of time, drastically isn’t possible on a macro or city level. While the government authorities have been constantly working on the same, we can just hope that things become better over time. But what do we do till then, just wait and let it harm us. The only solution to this is coming up with a healthier micro-environment in and around our homes. Home is the place where any person spends majority of his time, and tends to his family, bring the pollution levels down around this place can help a person live a healthier life.

Central Park Resorts.

Central Park, a niche real estate developer of Gurgaon, saw this coming and worked out a solution a brilliant way. Central Park Resorts, the latest addition to the gated complexes in the millennial city, from the developer justifies itself with a thoughtful planning which takes care of the residents by reducing the overall pollution levels of the community. Delhi and NCR according to reports fall under the most polluted cities in the world, with the particulate matter in the environment almost 10 times higher than the safe levels. The region also suffers with most cases of respiratory and skin problems. Planning of Central Park Resorts, located on Sohna Road, ensures that the complex is conducive to healthy living of residents. We were told that the township has a design that reduces overall pollution levels inside and creates a much safer micro-environment within the site. We took some time out to visit and study the same and found a few things interestingly reducing the pollution levels.


    Wide Vehicle free pathways.

Central Park Resorts is one of the few gated complexes across the country, which offer a zero vehicular movement zone at the surface level. All the vehicular circulation that takes place within the community is through the basements or the Grand Tunnel that connects the township to the main roads. The presence of no vehicle zone brings the pollution levels by the vehicular emissions to near zero. Residents and guests can avail use of golf carts to ply from one point to other within Central Park Resorts.



    22 acres of central green area.

The massive 22acre central green area in the complex is a boon to the residents, trees and flowering plants have a tendency to reduce pollution levels by absorbing the carbon-dioxide in the environment. The landscaped gardens at the Central Park Resorts act as the lungs for the complex by purifying the ambient air. Also the greens help bring down the overall temperature within the complex.



    E Vehicles at Central Park Resorts.

For transport facilities on the ground in the township only Golf Carts are used. There are over 25 of these carts to serve residents, guests and staff. All of these carts are non-polluting and thus have a zero contribution to the air pollution within the Central Park Resorts.




    Patches Of land covered with Greens.

At Central Park Resorts no patch of land leftover is uncovered, every piece of land here has some green cover from the entry to towers which have pergolas covered in plants & creepers. All of this comes up as a part of the efficient system that helps reduce the pollution levels and the temperature of the place.




    Circulation through basement.

While air is not only a matter of concern when we talk about pollution, Waste water is another big cause of the pollution because of the harmful emissions associated with it.  Central Park Resorts has a really efficient sewage system which runs under the ground, nowhere in the complex will you ever notice anything associated with the sewage system and thus you are away from all the harmful emissions. The system is so efficiently designed that even when the whole of Gurgaon was waterlogged in 2016 the community was free from any stranded water. Moreover, there was no emission of water form this place onto the roads in Gurgaon.


These are all the measures taken by the Central Park Gurgaon are to provide a remarkable living experience to its residents and in line with need of the time.

5 Emerging Property Trends In Gurgaon

Ever since its inclusion in the NCR, Gurgaon has witnessed enormous change and development. While Gurgaon evolved as the industrial and IT hub on the global map, the real estate sector here grew even faster. Gurgaon turned out to be one of the best satellite towns of the country and various leading developers grabbed an opportunity to execute projects here. With an inflow higher than the demand, and the product range being deviated from consumer friendly to developer friendly units, the market has seen a slow down since 2013. We are witnessing certain property trends in the new year 2017 that may define the future course of Gurgaon’s property market.

Gurgaon emerging property trends
Gurgaon emerging property trends

1) The Pace Of The Property Market

Gurgaon’s real estate market has been slow and soft for over 3 years now. The products available in the market have not been delivered on time, taking the faith of people away from the real estate sector. While a few developers managed to provide possession, a majority of the projects still wait for the handover. General weakness in the Indian economy has hurt the sentiments too. With the demonetization of the old currency notes, the pace has slowed down even more and is expected to stay the same over the coming year. Among the major cities, NCR is considered to be the worst affected by the crisis today. Gurgaon is the largest real estate market in the NCR and thus it can’t avoid a similar fate.

ILD Trade Centre commercial project at Sohna Road, Gurgaon
ILD Trade Centre at Sohna Road, Gurgaon

2) Benefit For Buyers Today

The buzz word in the market is “Ready Property”. Many builders are thus investing a lot of capital to quicken the construction work in their projects, something that will probably pull the home buyer. Very few property buyers and investors are considering new launches. This is a more realistic concept for the consumers as they get hold of what they pay for instantly. Further it is being seen that through combination of discounts and interest subvention schemes, prices are lower by about 20% or so in comparison to 2014/15. So for people waiting for the right time and prices to buy a home, 2017 may end up being beneficial as developers are offering good deals to clear their inventory.

3) What’s Slowing The Development?

The millennial city of Gurgaon grew so fast and in such a haphazard fashion, that urban planning was completely overlooked. Only now we see authorities making efforts to improve the electricity, water supply, drains and connectivity issues that are being faced by the people in Gurgaon. For instance one can see the rampant road construction while travelling along the NH-8. A number of underpasses and flyovers are under development at the major junctions including Rajiv Chowk, IMT Manesar, Iffco Chowk, Hero Honda Chowk and Signature Tower and many more. Several road works are underway to improve connectivity within sectors. A total of Rs. 120 crores is being allocated for the latter. With this pace of development of the road networks, the connectivity issues for residents of Gurgaon may soon be resolved. These projects in addition to SPR and NPR completion are likely to change the infrastructure profile of Gurgaon.

tata la vida sector 113 gurgaon
View of 150 m wide Dwarka Expressway close to Delhi Border in Sector 111

4) Prevailing Problems With Infrastructural Development

Proposals for betterment of real estate sector in Gurgaon have been made a number of times in the past but a certain set of problems has always forced the authorities to pull the plug. Especially in the case of Dwarka Expressway. There are over 100 townships along the 18 km stretch of the expressway but the road isn’t complete yet, which forces customers to reconsider investment decisions along the expressway. In 2016 the NHAI took over the project, but no significant development is seen on the expressway. New Gurgaon too is fast emerging as residential hub with several housing projects now complete. However, the road connectivity and social infrastructure development has not kept pace with requirements of urbanisation.

5) Major Reasons For Slide

Its not just the prices that have been under pressure in Gurgaon real estate but the demand is very weak too. Sales have been slow forcing developers to delay project launches. There have been no more than 5-10 project launches of considerable size in the past 15 months. The Gurgaon market specifically has an oversupply of expensive units which are not within the reach of general home buyers here. The Government of Haryana’s affordable housing policy encouraged projects in this space. Only such projects where units can be availed for as low as Rs. 15-20 Lacs have seen good demand. It is considered that properties within budget of Rs. 1-1.5 Cr still have takers if they are ready, anything above that is not on home buyers’ radar right now.

We believe the current slow down offers opportunity to home buyers and investors, but they need to be careful about where and what product they select. Infrastructural developments in Gurgaon will make the city much better placed for investing in a few years.

Central Park – Changing the paradigm in Indian real estate

Everyone in the world wants to see the change but not many take the initiative to bring the change they wish to see. Indian real estate sector has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade. However, the growth has had its own challenges which range from commitment to quality, contracts and technology.  In recent years the consumer profile itself has transformed from one who just needed a home to one who is seeking a lifestyle as well. However not many developers could lift up their game with changing times and thus were not able to satisfy the buyers, seeking that extra out of their homes. Amongst the ones who are definitely moving with the times is Central Park Gurgaon which has established a niche for itself in hospitality and residential developments at Gurgaon. The Group has presence in other markets in the country too.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

While caring for the consumer experience and the environment they have made an identity to reckon with in the N.C.R region. The brand has an expertise in super luxury real estate and hospitality and has a presence in Automotive and Infrastructure industry as well. A presence in multiple industries is just one of the reasons that makes their product in the real estate segment shine out from the others.

To be extraordinary one needs to think out of the box, and that seems like the ethos of the firm – Central Park. Their commitment to luxury can be assessed right at the moment when one steps into the marketing office at Sohna Road, Gurgaon which is incidentally housed in their residential development called the Central Park, Sector 48, Gurgaon.

While Central Park started working on concept living, each of their project now has a feature of its own. After having done a recce of their delivered as well as upcoming sites, one can easily see – that others in the sector are selling expensive homes in the name of luxury the Group sells luxury houses with extraordinary features.

With their background in infrastructure that spans 40 under the guidance of MR. Amarjit Singh Bakshi, an alumnus of IIT Delhi, the firm is associated with many government aided and PPP developments like the Yamuna Expressway and the F1 track at Greater Noida. Central Park’s lifestyle developments already extend to about 5.5 million sq. feet in just luxury housing and 5 star hospitality buildings. The firm is executing nearly 10.9 million sq. feet of developments and has plans for another 12 million sq. feet, across residential, commercial, entertainment, hospitality etc. Looking at Central Park’s track record it can be believed that some exciting developments are in the offing.

central park gurgaon
Dedicated Childrens Park Central Park Belleuve

Central Park Gurgaon has teamed up with leading architects, landscape designers and interior designers from around the world. These include HOK SINGAPORE and RK Associates India for architecture and engineering, Green Architects (GA) for the landscape and Hirsch Bedner Associates along with PIA Interior for grand interiors of their developments. The in house company Oriental Structural Engineers Pvt. Ltd. takes care of all the structural and engineering jobs to ensure the quality of products they deliver.

With the best in class experience of even the minute details the developer aims to be the sector’s leader both in India and globally. The delivered or current projects by the developer and their evolution is as follows:


    Central Park Phase 1

This was the first real estate project by the firm, introduced in 2001 in Sector-43 Gurgaon. The address today is amongst the most prime locations in the N.C.R region. While 2001 was a year when Smart phones were not too common and the world still followed the monotony of queues. Central Park conceived and delivered  a well-equipped club house and outdoor courts, a fully maintained and secure development with all the modern day facilities. Project is spread over 14.5 acres with around 407 grand units which were way ahead of the time back then.


    Central park Belleuve

Completed in March 2016 it is one of the most premium addition to the portfolio of Central Park.  Spread over an area of [45 acres] as a part of Central Park – Sector 48 the towers are located in the IT hub of Gurgaon. A 10 minutes’ drive from IFFCO Chowk and 20 mins away from IGI airport the project lies in the established business district of Sohna Road. With its best in class design the Bellevue apartments are home to many of the top Corporates from the region and is admired a lot due to its world class facilities.


    central park gurgaon
    Central Park Resorts from a distance

Phase 3 of the Central Park Gurgaon, the resort style concept is a prominent community in Sector 48. With the Ready to Live in concept, the development offers Hospitality at par with leading resorts. Facilities include Butler on call and Laundry to take care of one’s daily needs. One can leave the housekeeping to the staff here. The community even has a pet hospital and is a complete no vehicle zone on the surface. Spread over[ 50 acres] with 22.5 acres of centrally planned green cover the township has a balanced and efficient micro climate for the residents. The one feature that separates it from many projects across country of similar scale is the grand tunnel. All vehicles, whether of residents or guests, enter the tunnel at the gates, and towards respective parking lots. Further the services and utilities, including convenience store is located in the basement.


    central park gurgaon
    Central Park The Room

These are the fully serviced apartments available on lease/ownership, with a gym, spa and pool for the occupants. The Rooms is one of the premium hospitality available in Gurgaon. Completed in Nov 2014 the 2 towers have around 288 units with 1 and 2 bedroom configuration. People from over 15 different nationalities currently stay at the Rooms. The concept of the Rooms was again in line with changing demands of users and investors, since Gurgaon became a major employment hub with global recognition.


    central park gurgaon
    Proposed children’s amusement park at Central Park Flower Valley

It is the upcoming project by the developer with another unique concept. The township planned is supposed to have an exquisite variety of flora and fauna to bring the residents close to nature. With over 9000 trees already planted, the township will flourish around these. The project is at early stages.

central park gurgaon
Proposed cafe at Central Park Flower Valley

Recognizing Central Park’s developments it was awarded Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award as the best Corporate in the sector (2016), Asia’s best & fastest growing brand (2014), Best luxury project North by Realty Plus  (2015) among many more national and international recognition. Looking at all these achievements Indian consumer or property investor can consider their developments if it is premium real estate that he seeks.

Central Park Resorts – Smart Living Spaces

Technology intervention in our lives is now more than ever and much of it is bringing positive change to our life quality and standards. We have been working on developing newer technologies and improving current solutions by the day. In the past decade the change brought by this evolution is significant enough to draw anyone’s attention. Things we use in our day to day life have all been influenced drastically. Wrist watches have become smart watches, phones have become smart phones, cars have an inbuilt G.P.S and moving towards being driver less, even the television screen has become smart and everything is interconnected via the internet. And yes this isn’t the end, something new is added to the list every day. Being very important parts of our lives, our houses and cities are one of the most studied and talked about subjects in this field. The concept of Smart cities and Smart living is the latest trend of the time.

Central Park Resorts, Sector 48 Gurgaon is just a fine example of the initiation of this concept. Smart cities concept brings along the cities assets which primarily include, but is not limited to schools, libraries, transportation systems, hospitals, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, and other community services. The goal of building a smart city is to improve quality of life by using urban informatics and technology to improve the efficiency of services and meet residents’ needs. While one may not be able to visibly notice the changes being brought about, they can feel the changes as the active functional elements of their life. 

Central Park Resorts is one of a kind apartments and condominium complex at the millennial city of Gurgaon. What sets apart Central Park Resorts from other gated communities is the Ready to Live in concept it offers. All you need to do is pack your bags and walk into the apartments and rest will be taken care of, from providing you a semi-automated and fully furnished apartment with all the services you get in hotels, like butler on call, laundry on call, room service and so on. Living in a hotel is certainly a leisure one experiences for a limited time, but living in an apartment complex like this sets the benchmarks to another level. Such lifestyle is further enhanced by utmost care taken by the developer to preserve the environment. Listed below are certain aspects of Smart cities and Smart living one can notice going through Central Park Resorts:


Land is the most important and valued resource being put in the construction of any city. Getting land involves deforestation which has a direct impact on the environment. There needs to be a balance between constructed area and the green cover of a city. This balance can only be attained by efficient planning. At Central Park Resorts extensive care for the same has been taken, the master-plan has a balanced distribution of area, with over 22.1 Acres of green area which lends the gated community its own balanced micro-climate. The basements have been used efficiently to have over 4000 parking capacity and house all the additional services of the residents thus reducing need for more land.


Energy efficiency is something which has been highlighted in the norms to construct a smart city. Today we are dealing with a catastrophic decline of resources, the energy requirements thus need to be controlled in order to make the resources last longer. The design plays a vital role in reducing the overall energy consumption. Every unit at Central Park Resorts has abundant natural lighting and ventilation to reduce the power consumption during summers as well as winters. Automation features to automatically switch on/ off the lights detecting the human presence with motion sensors bring power savings. The air-conditioning units, that accompany every unit, are highly rated to reduce the overall consumption of electricity.

Washrooms with automated lighting systems - Sample Apartment, Central Park Resorts
Washrooms with automated lighting systems

The city not only needs to look good but function well in order to maintain its image, here is when the role of services like water supply, sewage lines and electricity lines come. These systems need to be provided in accordance to a well calculated buffer which may be required in cases of emergency. Central Park Resorts has a well-planned system of services which are all running under the ground, least exposed to the weather changes and have a well calculated capacity. It is just another fact that during the heavy rains in Gurgaon last year (2016) Central Park Resorts was one of the few apartment complexes which were unaffected by the overflowing water. The planners have provisioned for nearly 80mm of rainfall in a single day, considering Gurgaon’s typical climate pattern that is difficult to be crossed. Moreover, Central Park Resorts had zero discharge to the roads due to efficient in house drainage systems.

Further 36 rainwater harvesting recharge pits are lined up across the gated community. It helps conserve the bountiful water that the city receives during monsoons.

Well planned landscape design at Central Park Resorts
Well planned landscape design at Central Park Resorts

A Smart city needs to be a place which provides people a peace of mind. A city is termed to efficient when it has all the functional elements and yet doesn’t have an adverse effect on the health of the residents and at the same time assure their safety. Central Park Resorts is a gated community under C.C.T.V surveillance providing complete security to the residents. The resort has no vehicular movement on the surface thus adding to security of the residents. Those living inside or the guests are served by golf carts to their destination inside the complex. A stand out feature at Central Park Resorts  is the grand tunnel where residents inside the circulation takes place either through the grand tunnel in which all vehicular movement takes place. This reduces the pollution and the particulate matter in the ambient air, making this address user friendly.

Golf carts to travel at Central Park Resorts

All of us are aware of the challenges rapid urbanisation has brought about to emerging markets. Gurgaon is not an exception since erstwhile vast green areas have now been transformed into popular residential and office spaces. At Central Park Resorts the developer has paid due attention to safeguard the environment. A state of the art Sewage Treatment Plant recycles the waste water which is later used to maintain gardens and greens and supplied to washroom flushes. Also there is an organic waste converter that converts the organic waste to compost used for growing and maintaining nearly 1500 plants and trees in this complex. Further solar heating panels on the rooftop utilise the vast energy of Sun to supply hot water into residents’ bathrooms, thus also bringing down the monthly electricity bill for them.

Entry to the towers at Central Park Resorts.

Central Park Resorts is probably the only housing complex in Gurgaon that provides 5 certifications to home owners when they move in. Global consultants such as JLL, DEMA among others conduct stringent audits to certify – Super Area & Escalation, Specifications as per Apartment Buyer Agreement, Certificate for Design & Safety UPVC Glazings, Design & Safety Certificate for Structural Stability & Safety of Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing. This is a great way of empowering and assuring a home buyer who is otherwise worried about quality of homes they own.

While the concept of smart cities is something new, a step like the one by Central Park Resorts is just a step to the future, which aims to the betterment and development of quality living spaces

Bestech Business Tower, Sohna Road – Aptly Located, Well Constructed IT Park

Bestech Group has been into real estate business for over two decades and has carved its niche amongst the few developers who stick to their promise of quality of finish and on time delivery schedules for its projects. While the Bestech brand has a good recall in residential developments, the construction and development company has also expanded its presence in the commercial, hospitality and retail properties. Bestech Business Towers is one of its signature additions to the commercial infrastructure on the Gurgaon Sohna Corridor.

Gurgaon Sohna Corridor commonly known as Sohna Road is one of the fastest developing zones in N.C.R region, it has come up to be an area of high end commercial, retail and residential importance. With many high-rise projects completed and proposed along the road, the skyline of the region has seen massive changes over the past decade. The Sohna road starts from one of the major intersections on NH-8 namely Rajiv Chowk from where one can access Manesar and Delhi along the NH-8 and Old Gurgaon and Sohna along the Sohna Road. The Southern Peripheral Road is within 10 minutes drive from the Rajiv Chowk and all this in turn makes the region accessible from whole of Gurgaon and much of NCR. In the years to come there are plans for extension of Delhi Metro to the NH8 via the Golf Course Extension Road and Southern Peripheral Road. The Sohna road runs parallel to the Golf Course Road and meets the Golf Course Extension road near the Bestech Business Tower. This road further leads to Sohna and was recently declared NH248A. There are ample avenues to reside along the main Sohna road, several other gated communities and HUDA sectors are easily accessible from this office complex. Moreover places of leisure such as malls, restaurants and hotels are now to be found all along the Sohna road.


Bestech Business Tower is one of the prime office towers in Sector-48 Gurgaon with direct road facing to the 60 meter wide Sohna Road. Classified as an IT park, the building is constructed on a total site area of about [xx acres] and offers close to 7.5lakh Sq ft area for occupancy. In this massive G+9 structure available floor plates are in sizes of 40,000 and 80,000 Sqft. The signage and the tower are easily visible from a distance on Sohna Road. The 60 meter wide road ensures the smooth traffic movement outside the site and the two level basement gives ample room for vehicles of occupiers. There is a large visitors parking as well right outside the main gate. The Bestech Business Tower is symmetrically planned with a central lobby opening onto 40000Sqft floor plates on either sides, the entrance lobby is double height and houses a wide foyer which opens into the primary staircase lobby with 10 high speed lifts. 5 of these lifts open on alternate floors respectively. With this highly efficient planning technique being followed the buildings offer variety of different sizes available for leasing, the symmetrically planned towers  have washrooms on equal distances and 4 more staircases at appropriate distances to comply with the firefighting and safety norms.


Bestech Group to date has followed the model of build and sell across its commercial properties.  However in most cases the developer controls the leasing and maintenance of properties and passes on rent/ earnings to buyers/ investors. Having an office on the Sohna road brings to any IT firm an ease of connectivity and exposure to its brand. While the surroundings here are a mixture of residential as well as commercial complexes, Bestech Park View City 1 and Park View City 2 flank the Bestech Business Tower.

While the building has a room for new offices to move in, the present client portfolio is as impressive as it could have been, the major occupiers of the buildings are known IT brands like Convergys, XL Group, Xerox, Avantha, Aircel and Essex. While Convergys has rented out over 2 floors, others have offices efficiently distributed across the floor plates efficiently. The facilities team of Bestech looks after the upkeep of the property and has done a good job of it.

At this location getting places to work may be difficult due to the growing demands for offices, business centers or shared office space in the NCR region, one might want to look at leasing some space at Bestech Business Tower where the prevailing rents are Rs {xx} per sq ft per month and from a developer like Bestech the quality comes for sure.

Further On Bestech’s Commercial & Retails Foray – Where It All Started


Bestech Group is a multi-faceted real estate firm which has created a vast portfolio in construction and development of high end residential, commercial and retail projects. Bestech Group forayed into real estate business more than 2 decades ago and has been widely appreciated for its modern architectural style and commitment to timely delivery. We have been exploring Bestech Group’s current activities but this time around we travel into history and study their first few commercial and retail establishments. We took some time out and visited – Bestech Center Point, Bestech Chambers and Bestech Central Square all happen to be located in and around the HUDA City Centre metro station at Gurgaon.

Bestech Center Point, Bestech Chambers and Bestech Central Square were completely sold to users and investors. Bestech continues to manage these properties through its facility management arm. These properties were developed when Bestech was creating a name for itself yet a visit here will impress one with design, layouts and occupancy of buildings. Bestech has further gone onto develop large IT Parks such as Bestech Business Tower, Bestech Cyber Park and Orient Bestech Business Tower all in Gurgaon over time.

Bestech Center Point


This 30,000 sq ft retail cum office complex is situated at a 10 minutes walking distance (1.2 kilometer) from the HUDA City Center metro station. The Bestech Center Point can be easily reached from Iffco Chowk metro as well which is the second station on this route. It is one of old and popular commercial ventures of the Bestech Group. Bestech has combined the concept, innovation, design, beauty all together to match the expectations of both buyers and visitors. Located in the heart of Gurgaon, one of the fastest growing cities, Center Point caters to the needs of people for all kinds of home and building materials including construction materials, hardware, interiors, household products etc. Situated at Sushant lok, Block A, is in the immediate vicinity of DLF and Unitech, Center Point is easily accessible from Gurgaon-Mehrauli road and NH 8. This project is suitable for both small and large scale businesses. It is a mix of comfort, convenience and luxury in order to bring the excellent space for buyers to fulfil their various demands. What works really well for this commercial center is the ample surface parking, easy entry/ exit from the Hamilton Court road and proximity to vast residential areas, hotels and hospitals. The project is well equipped with modern features and designed as per the norms of a quality commercial complex. All this with quite green neighborhood makes it a perfect location to do businesses. Some of the major occupants of Bestech Center Point are LG, Pizza Hut, ixigo.com, State Bank ATM, Anytime Fitness amongst others. This development was the first one by the Group in commercial arena.

Bestech Chambers


At a distance of about 1 kilometer from Bestech Center Point is the Bestech Chambers (about 850 meter walk from Huda City Center Metro station). Bestech Chambers offers suites as offices which is a unique concept. The entire area dedicated to office space is occupied and the developer is now marketing retail space on the ground floor. Slightly inside from the main 30 meter sector road, Bestech Chambers is located amidst the green cover and stands tall with respect to various developments here. The entry driveway and porch is impressive. Positioned in the hub of business activity, Sushant Lok Phase I, Bestech Chambers is a walking distance from HUDA City Center metro station and Park Plaza Hotel. This built up area is ~140,000 sq ft and offers grade A commercial offices with 2 basements, ground and 6 upper floors. Once the retail space is operational it will offer ample shopping, entertainment and the best of brands under one roof. Ground floor which is currently being marketed is suitable for retail stores, bank branches, restaurant, cafe and electronic shops. And all above floors are for office use and are already occupied. With ample of parking space and quality upkeep of the property Bestech Chambers does come across as a good office/ retail address. Shroff Eye Center, NYK Ship Management, The Taplow Group, AOC, Travel Up Solution, M+W Group are some of the major occupants here.

Bestech Central Square


At a distance of 5 kilometer from Bestech Chambers is the Bestech Central Square (almost similar distance from HUDA City Center Metro station) the first major retail foray of the firm. This 74,000 sq ft complex was delivered in the year 2007 and is now very popular shopping destination in this part of the city. An ultimate terminus for the Gnostic shoppers, Bestech Central Square is strategically located on main sector road in Sector 57, and is just off the Golf Course Extension road. The project is also a part of Sushant lok II and III, which are the most opulent and well inhabited pockets. Jalvayu Vihar, Harmony Homes, Tulip Garden, GAIL Society, Kendriya Vihar are some of the premium colonies in the neighborhood. The project is a four side open complex with one floor of office and three floors of retail. The large atrium and showrooms with 2 sides open add to the grace of the shopping complex. For solving parking problem that contains in ordinary complexes the Bestech Central Square contains 2 level basement parking. Some of the occupants here are – Samsung, 32 Dental solutions, SRS value bazaar, Hype Gym, Axis Bank. One stand out point here is the atrium which is open to the sun and thus is well lit. In our recce of the place we found it to be a shopping hub with popular stores witnessing good footfall even at odd hours.

TATA LaVida, Sector 113 Gurgaon – Nature Beckons


TATA Group is a name which needs no introduction. It has been one of the finest in many sectors and is growing rapidly ever since. From steel then telecom and automotive, their presence is synonymous with success and high corporate governance levels. With its presence in Real Estate since 2006 the brand is setting greater standards and is now a well-known player. TATA LaVida at Sector 113 Gurgaon (Dwarka Expressway) is a newly launched project which is garnering good attention in the millennium city of India. After delivering TATA Raisina Residency, advanced stages of construction for Primanti and Gurgaon Gateway, TATA Housing has already firmed up its presence in the NCR. Its residential projects are contributing to the ever changing Gurgaon’s skyline.



Sector 113 Gurgaon is falls along the upcoming Dwarka Expressway, the region is approximately 5kms from the Delhi Airport. Equidistant placement from business districts of Gurgaon as well as Delhi justifies the perks of living in this region. Since Sector 113 is close to many upcoming commercial as well as residential settlements, the area is likely to experience a boom in development with the completion of Dwarka Expressway. The location of TATA LaVida falls in the vicinity of upcoming Metro Station and ISBT, thus connectivity to the region is nothing one needs to worry about. Moreover, legal hurdles to Dwarka Expressway have been cleared and further it will be made into a National Highway as per recent announcements. A number of commercial complexes and shopping arenas are being proposed, while some are being constructed within a 2 km radius of the township. These additions to the region assure an improved quality of life over the next few months. This diversity of development coming along the region provides impetus to the development makes LaVida a treat for the buyers planning to move in over the next four to five years.

Location of TATA LaVida
Location of TATA LaVida


TATA LaVida Sector 113 Gurgaon, is a unique addition to Gurgaon’s residential landscape. Spread over an area of about 12 acres, LaVida offers a variety of 2BHK, 2.5BHK, and 3BHK apartments. With a total of 8 towers, 4 each placed on either side on the site, a total of 688 apartments are to be delivered.  The unique heights of towers here at LaVida is something one couldn’t  miss out. The towers on the either sides of the site have a uniformly increasing height, starting from G+13 structure to G+25. The height increases uniformly thus representing the harmony and balance in the design. The design of LaVida is truly justified by its beautiful landscape design ,which blends’ the township into nature . Out of the 12 acres of land, almost 80% area is open to the sky and is used thoughtfully to create a green belt for the residents (as per plans). The open areas at LaVida have been designed considering, a healthy, close to nature lifestyle for the residents. A total of 1000 trees are to be planted as a part of the proposed layout. With a density of about 57 families per acre living amidst over 100 trees per acre is definitely promoting a unique lifestyle.

TATA LaVida the highlights
TATA LaVida the highlights

Unit Sizes

Units at TATA LaVida are designed with utmost care to be efficient, functional and yet providing a feeling of grandness. Out of 8 towers in the township, 2 have only 3BHK units, while the remaining 6 have the 2BHK units as well. The available Sizes for units are:

  • 1276 SqFt Super Built-up area 2BHK UNIT with 880 SqFt carpet area.
  • 1330SqFt Super Built-up area 2BHK UNIT with 917 SqFt carpet area.
  • 1573SqFt Super Built-up area 2.5BHK UNIT with 1085 SqFt carpet area.
  • 1579SqFt Super Built-up area 2.5BHK UNIT with 1089 SqFt carpet area.

    Site status July 2016
    Site status July 2016

The efficient planning with wide running balconies, allows natural light and the wind to flow inside the apartment and make the unit feel large and airy. This eventually decreases energy consumption and thus utility bills.  Almost every room has a balcony and the ones which miss the balcony have large French windows. The units have ample of circulation spaces and are designed precisely according to norms and laws.

Construction office at LaVida
Construction office at LaVida

Pricing and USP

With the base price of about Rs 8500 per SqFt the units at LaVida fall in a price range of about Rs1.08 crore to Rs1.34 crore. Units in these price brackets are hard to find in the sectors close to Delhi at Dwarka Expressway. Tata offers a 30-70 plan in which the booking amount of Rs 5lakh is to be paid, while the remaining payment needs to done be as 30% by next two months and the remaining 70% at the time of possession. This flexibility in payment from a group such as TATA is grabs attention. The project is open for bookings and the construction is expected to start by November 2016. The possessions at LaVida are to be given from 2020 onwards. Considering the pace of development in the region, by 2020 this area will likely be one of the best localities to own a home in the NCR region, Tata LaVida for that matter seemingly is well positioned.