Bangalore Traffic – Causes and Issues

bangalore traffic causes issues solutions

I first moved to this city in 2013 and I have lived in Yelahanka ever since. As anyone can attest to, going to MG road or Indiranagar takes a while from here. Except the amount of time we need to travel has steadily increased in the last 3 years. It started with one hour and has now become a solid 2 hours in peak hour Bangalore traffic. This situation is one that is faced by everyone from all corners of Bangalore. The travels times have gone up to a point that it is impossible to predict how long it would take to go from point A to B. The city has grown exponentially in the last 2 decades and continues growing at a staggering rate. With the rising population in the city, there is also a corresponding increase in the number of vehicles in the city and a huge increase in the demand for land.

Problems are so many and so deep-rooted that Bangalore traffic is a topic of conversation constantly among those stuck in it. There is the host of causes for the Bangalore traffic and they are all correlated with each other. The situation worsens every year because of the increasing dependence on personal modes of transport instead of public transport. The roads, in turn, are not built for such a high traffic influx, that it causes constant snarls in different areas. Added to that is the lackluster Bangalore traffic management. The law enforcement also has their hands tied as no one wants to follow the rules. There are only about 1000 traffic constables for every one lakh vehicle in the city. They try their best to manage the vehicular movement, if they were to succeed in that, they will not be able to stop the pedestrian jay-walking situation. 33% of deaths in Bangalore are due to vehicular accidents. There is the lack of a unified body in the transport sector: all of them work as individual bodies. With the bureaucratic issues, bad attitudes and general disregard for road rules caused this irreversible damage to the traffic in the city. There is also the serious dearth of public transport to connect all areas.

People understand that public transport is cheap, but in Bangalore, they still prefer their own vehicles. The metro line only covers 18 km as of now and can cater to only 1.5% of the 10 million residents of the city. When it is fully completed, it shall be able to connect 10-15% of the city. But phase II is not expected to be completed any time before 2019. Currently, the metro gives a miss to high-density areas like Koramangala, HSR Layout, BTM Layout, Yelahanka, Kengeri, and Whitefield, among other localities where the population has spiked in recent times. The Outer Ring Road, a 60-km circular road through the city, as most offices and large residential areas alongside it, but is not connected to the metro.

Traffic at Hebbal Flyover during Rush Hour (PC
Traffic at Hebbal Flyover during Rush Hour (PC

There are a few things that can be done to help the Bangalore traffic situation. The first being to improve the quality of the roads with proper lane demarcation and removal of the unscientific road humps every few hundred meters. Creating a more stable and exhaustive public transportation system along with encouraging people to use it could significantly reduce the number of cars on the road. Endorsing the concept of carpooling and penalizing those who don’t could help the situation. Establishing stringent measures while purveying Driving licenses to be able to weed away the bad drivers from the road.

We have a fair idea of many bad drivers there are on the streets of Bangalore. People have to understand that driving is an exacting task, the concentration needs to be on driving and driving alone. On the off chance that there is an accident or a car break down that causes the jam, there is a need for swift emergency breakdown response vehicles. These would hinder a chain reaction of queuing up of vehicles by freeing up the lane.

Creation of auxiliary lane near bus stops along with the provision of adequate shelter in the bus stops and accoutre them with sufficient seats so that people don’t start using the extra lane as a place where they can entrench. The buses can move into the extra lane and pick up/drop people without impeding the vehicles behind them. Advocating the use Pedestrian bridges so as to keep the jaywalkers off the road. This would dramatically reduce the accidents (both major and minor); by major, I mean involving a pedestrian; and minor accidents which involves scenarios like bumping into another car or minor nudges and prevent drivers having exaggerated brawls with each other in the middle of the road.

All of this in addition to stricter road rule enforcement would theoretically ease up everyone’s morning commute to work or school. Starting the day off with a Bangalore traffic jam has become a part of our lives but it should not be so. Everyone I’m sure will agree that it’s better to wake up and smell the coffee instead of the fumes from other cars.

View from metro station overlooking traffic( PC
View from metro station overlooking traffic( PC


1. What are all the areas that are connected to the Metro?

The Purple Line connects Bayipannahalli to MG Road; Magadi Road to Mysore Road; and Mysore Road to Bayipannahalli. The Green Line connects Yeshwanthpur to Peenya and Mantri Mall to Nagasandra.

2. What are the areas that face heavy peak-time traffic?

Infamous traffic-ridden areas include Whitefield, ORR, Marathalli, Bannerghatta Road, Hebbal Flyover, Residency Road, MG Road, Yeshwanthpur, Koramangala (occasionally), BTM Layout, Cantonment, Richmond Circle, Hudson Flyover, Electronic City, KR Puram, Madivala, Peenya, Silk Board, to name a few.

3. What is the best time to travel to and from Whitefield?

Before 8:30 am 10:30 am – 12:30 pm, 14:30 pm – 17:00 pm, and post 21:00 are relatively easier to travel during, for commuters.

4. What are the ways to save travel time in Bangalore?

One could use the Metro, the Indian Railways, use highways like NICE Road or evade peak-hour traffic.

5. How can one contact the traffic police for various traffic-related issues?

Apart from approaching them directly, and sending in a complaint at, Bangalore Traffic Police (BlrCityTraffic) and Bangalore Police (BlrCityPolice) is active on Twitter and responds to tweets regularly.

Kolte Patil Developers Ltd 10/10 Festive Offer – Why Its A Buzz In Town

Western Avenue (PC: Kolte Patil)

The Brand

Sales Office at site of Kolte-Patil Stargaze
Kolte-Patil Stargaze

Kolte Patil Developers Ltd., Pune’s foremost real estate developer was founded over 2 decades back. Ever since its constitution the firm has established a growing footprint backed by quality, delivery and assurance in cities of – Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. The firm’s philosophy is simple, ‘Creation, not Construction.’ Kolte Patil and Pune realty market are synonymous as the developer is one of the most prominent names in the city. Kolte Patil has delivered over 13 million sqft of developments spanning 48 projects in Pune and Bangalore including 35 residential complexes, 9 commercial complexes, and 4 information technology parks. Developments such as Patil Plaza, City Mall, City Point, City Tower in commercial and retail, and Lapis Lazuli, Maestros, Life Republic, Ivy Estate are testament to the wide range of projects delivered or under construction.

Site photograph of residential towers at Tuscan Estate Signature Meadows (Image source: Kolte Patil)
Site photograph of residential towers at Tuscan Estate Signature Meadows (Image source: Kolte Patil)

Precisely the above brand strength has created a buzz ahead of the upcoming festive season as Kolte Patil has announced 10/10 offer in its various projects at Pune. They have offers such as assured gifts up to Rs. 10 lakhs*, better financial schemes, and apartment choices which are under construction or nearing possession, referral benefits among others.

With every project they try to make sure that the spaces they create exude vitality and aesthetic appeal. Their designs cater to every need that one has or could have in the future. The company prides itself in its core values of value for money, customer satisfaction, reliability and ethics. Their design philosophy is to offer a quality lifestyle for residents of various income categories in a way that all basic requirements are met without much hassle. The systems and processes that they have in place all create several layers of security and reliability. The security could be in their construction methods or the guarantee of timely delivery. There is proper corporate governance in place, which is difficult to come by in the real estate world. All of their projects are verified and approved by the required authorities. The environmental-friendliness of the projects is of primary importance, as is evident in all their endeavours. All these allowed Kolte Patil to successfully list itself on the NSE and BSE which further vouches for the financial credibility of the company.

Ivy Estate (PC: Kolte Patil)
Ivy Estate (PC: Kolte Patil)

Kolte Patil’s Product Portfolio

Kolte Patil has a unique proposition to have built or owning a current portfolio of spaces for people from all financial backgrounds. As of today their apartments start at Rs. 36 Lakhs or so for budget homes (in project name to be provided) and can go upto few crores for luxury category dwelling units. Another edge the company has is that in the city of Pune, their home ground, they have been building in all upcoming micro markets especially those that cater to vast population of IT professionals.

Life Republic by Kolte Patil Developers Ltd.
Life Republic by Kolte Patil Developers Ltd.

The Stargaze project, perched up on a hill at Bavdhan, for example promises to offer its residents a clean pollution free environment, privacy and an active community. The Tuscan Estate, Kharadi, created a new standard for premium apartments. They have now also come up with the first ever Patio Homes in the western suburb of Pune with their venture ‘Western Avenue’. The latter is coming up on a 34 acres land parcel at Wakad, Pune which the company had bought for a whopping Rs 350 crore, funded largely by internal accruals, few years back.

10/10 Festive Offer

Even though the finer details are yet to be out, the marketing team at Kolte Patil has packed a punch through variety of benefits. Most importantly these will be available across 10 properties at different stages of construction in the market of Pune. Pune is one of the most stable real estate market thanks to a large base of professionals, proximity to Mumbai (thus bringing in investors and second home buyers), education sector, automotive industry and great weather.

The varied options that Kolte-Patil has to offer caters to everyone’s needs and thus makes them one of the foremost names in the real estate world. The systems that they have spent 2 decades putting into place all give their buyers the assurance they need to make an investment with them into their futures. In these bleak times when one is never sure of who to invest in, this trusted name is one which buyers can consider.

Read about exclusive offers from Kolte Patil


Yelahanka- Property Market Updates

Introduction to Yelahanka Real Estate

Once upon a time, Yelahanka, towards north of Bangalore, was known for only one thing, the presence of an air force station. This impression is all of ten years old. People did not consider anything past mekhri circle a part of Bangalore, and then the boundaries shifted to Hebbal. Now Yelahanka is also a part of the BBMP. The area gained maximum importance when the new Kempegowda International Airport was established at Devanahalli. This put Yelahanka right in path of every fast paced cosmopolitan dweller in Bangalore.

Location & Connectivity to Yelahanka Real Estate

Purva Venezia, another large scale residential project, yelahanka real estate
Purva Venezia, another large scale residential project

Yelahanka being a comparatively newly planned area has beautiful wide roads, and well planned areas dotted with parks. Most of the other amenities one would desire are all a short drive away. Added to this, good rail and road connectivity with the city’s core areas has also helped a lot. The new Hebbal flyover has reduced the travel time to city centre. Proximity to the airport(21 kms), Bhartiya City(5 kms) Manyata Tech Park(12 kms) has given additional impetus to Yelahanka real estate as an upcoming residential and educational hub. The distance to the central areas of Bangalore like Majestic(18 kms) or Mekhri Circle(14 kms) does not seem that big with the construction of all the new flyovers. Being only recently acquired by the BBMP, there is still a green belt which separates it from the Centre of the city. This means that one can be closer to nature. There are still lots of lakes like the Allalasandra Lake and the Puttenahalli Lake. The latter has been declared a bird sanctuary.

Yelahanka Mother dairy, yelahanka real estate
Yelahanka Mother dairy

Social Infrastructure near Yelahanka Real Estate

In the fast paced city of Bangalore, where people spend most of their days stuck in the traffic, staying close to one’s workplace and schools is a boon. Many of the new premier international schools of Bangalore have their campuses in Yelahanka like Mallya Aditi International School, Ryan International School, Canadian International School just to name a few. Since the area houses many defense establishments like an IAF station, BSF training Centre and CRPF training school, the number of Kendriya Vidyalayas too has gone up. Some of the prominent engineering colleges in the vicinity are Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, BMS Institute of Technology, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Sai Vidya Institute of Technology, Reva Institute of Technology and Management, HKBK College of Engineering and Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Bangalore. The connectivity to the international airport, proposal for a SEZ for software and hardware and the aerospace industry in Bagalur area are creating more demand for land for residential and commercial developments.

NCC Nagarjuna Aster Park in Yelahanka New Town, yelahanka real estate
NCC Nagarjuna Aster Park in Yelahanka New Town

Price Trends & Upcoming Projects

The property values have been rising in the recent past. From 2008, the prices have gone from Rs. 3000/sqft to Rs.5800/ sqft now in case of apartments. If we take the example of Purvankara Venezia, the property value has gone up from Rs.5000 to more than Rs. 6000 per sqft in less than 3 years. The rental yield on property here is about 3%. There are similar numbers in other large scale properties in Yelahanka. This sort of an increase in property rates in a satellite town is very uncommon. Builders are flocking to Yelahanka and its adjoining areas to build premium and mid-level apartment complexes. Prestige, Purvankara, NCC, DS Max and Shriram have already built and sold out several complexes in Yelahanka new town and on the adjoining Doddaballapura main road. They have several more premium projects coming up along these stretches like Krishna Brighton, Prestige Royale Gardens, Ramky One North, Sobha One Althea and Esteem Northwood.

Summary on Yelahanka Real Estate

Abundant greenery all around
Abundant greenery all around

In fact, Yelahanka was rated as one of the best places to live in in Bengaluru in a survey conducted by Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy two years ago. Yelahanka is a lot better planned than east Bengaluru in terms of amenities such as parks, wider roads.The availability of social infrastructure such as hospitals and quality educational institutions in Yelahanka has also supported the real estate growth story in this region. The area has changed with improving profiles and quality of residents. One can actually see the natural greenery from one’s house, and not just traffic. That is a the USP that very few areas can promise.


Sumadhura Shikharam, Whitefield – Units Coming Up For Delivery

Sumadhura’s Shikharam in Whitefield, is well connected to all the functional social and economic infrastructure of East Bangalore. Sumadhura Infracon Pvt. Ltd., the fastest growing development firm today, made a humble start in the year 1995 in Hyderabad. The Group has firmed its position in the “Silicon Valley” of India with close to 11 delivered projects, many of them in and around Whitefield. I recently attended a customer event organised by the developer and was impressed by their transparent discussions with the buyers. It is rare to see a real estate developer interacting with its clients “post sales” but here was the promoter and his entire team shaking hands with vast community of their clients.

RERA Act compliance

Road Access to the Entrance of Sumadhura Shikharam in Whitefield, Bangalore
Road Access to the Entrance of Sumadhura Shikharam

Though young, Sumadhura has incorporated some of the best practices into their operations. The firm has displayed the list of approvals for their projects not only in the marketing offices, but also on their website. This, itself, talks highly of their work ethic. Come 2017 the Real Estate Regulations and Development Act, 2016 (RERA Act), will make it mandatory for all. Sumadhura seems to be already on track to complete compliance to RERA Act.

Sumadhura Shikharam: Location

The area selected for this project is a purely residential one connected to the State Highway 35 which connects Whitefield to the Old Madras Road. An onward journey from the Old Madras Road through Budigere Road leads one to the Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore. Sumadhura Shikharam lies only 3.5 km away from Kadugodi/Hope Farm Junction, which could provide one with all the basic necessities.

Whitefield – A Preferred Location for Buyers

Whitefield to Bangalore’s East is a buoyant IT district which is home to firms such as – L&T Infotech, Qualcomm, Mindtree, TCS, SAP Labs, etc., and these continue to grow. In just 2016, GE and Reliance Jio have announced massive leasing of offices at Whitefield. Bangalore, being a start up capital as well, is seeing a mushrooming of several young ventures in this part of the city.  The suburb, which till now was only known for its software parks, malls and five star hotels, has gone above and beyond that. It now attracts some of the best talent in music, dance and theatre and other such activities as well. All of these factors ultimately have made it a part of a greater Bangalore. It is becoming as much, if not more popular, than other areas in Bangalore. The city has attracted a lot of bad press for the traffic chaos due to increasing burden on roads, precisely why those who work in this area would love to settle down in this place itself. So, easy access to everything it offer sis integral. However, with an increasing demand for housing within Whitefield, many properties are out of reach for people. In the midst of several premium and luxury options in this market, there is moderately priced, yet well planned and executed option of Sumadhura Shikharam.

Sumadhura Shikharam: Accessibility

Sumadhura Shikharam in the final stages of construction in Whitefield, Bangalore
Sumadhura Shikharam in the final stages of construction

To visit the project, I took a cab and it was easy to locate on google maps. There are 2 wide entrances to access the site, one on the side of the Whitefield main road and one on the by lane (Chikka Banahalli road). The location is apt for the families that are expected to come and stay there as it is close to several tech parks like International Tech Park (5 km), Sigma Tech Park (7 km) and Beary’s Global Research Triangle (3 km). It has close proximity to malls like Phoenix market city, Forum Value mall, and VR mall, all within 10 km of driving distance. Healthcare facilities in the area, such as the Sathya Sai Hospital and Columbia Asia, are all 15-20 minutes away.

There are several popular schools in the nearby areas like Delhi Public School, Whitefield Global School, are within 15 minute driving distance. There is a Metro connectivity planned for the future but as of now, bus and car are the primary ways of getting around.

Shikharam: Unit Sizes & Amenities

View of the generous open spaces at Sumadhura Shikharam in Whitefield, Bangalore
Generous open spaces at Shikharam

As I entered the Shikharam site, I could see that the project is in a very advanced stage of construction, with most of the work done. It boasts of 6 blocks spread across the site, each rising 14 floors with either 4 or 6 apartments to the core. These blocks are arranged in a unique way to offer good views to more number of residents.

The flats range from 2, 2.5, and 3bhk. There is one parking space allotted per flat either on stilts or the basement level. 392 families are expected to be accommodated there. The high-end 3 bedroom block is at the corner of the site (block F) and looks over large expanses of green.

The model flats looked like well-made simple 2 and 3 bedroom apartments respectively.

USP of The Project

The USP of Shikharam is the large open spaces in the complex. It has lots of dedicated plazas, like the Zen gardens, exercise zones, tree plaza and sculpture court, a multipurpose court and Eden gardens. These add to the ambience that they are trying to create of a safe clutter free haven within the gated complex. Amenities spaces are all supposed to help give its users a well-deserved change from the pollution and the hyper-fast life of a Bangalorean. Shikharam comes with a 2 storied clubhouse which is well-equipped with most of the usual facilities such as a fully-equipped gym, pool, badminton, squash, billiards, table tennis. 

View from the ground level of the building of Sumadhura Shikharam in Whitefield, Bangalore
View from the ground level of Sumadhura Shikharam

The project does its part at being a ‘Green Project’ by using solar fencing encircling the project, rainwater storage and an organic waste convertor.

The neighbourhood as a whole is safe for everyone and with several schools and workplaces at a short distance. There are extremely busy areas only a short drive away with all possible amenities. The Whitefield railway station is just 2.5 km away and the KR Puram station is about 14 km away.


If you want to know about Sumadhura Shikharam price list or their resale details, here are the price details for you. The pricing of these nearly finished units at Sumadhura Shikharam start at Rs. 5,700 per sqft of sale area. The unit cost starts at Rs. 66,70,000 and goes up to Rs. 1, 07,00,000 (excluding registration). The construction, true to Sumadhura’s  promise, is done a little before the scheduled time. They have already started handing over flats. The whole complex is expected to be ready for possession by December 2016.

Overall Review

Sumadhura, with the Shikharam project, has created an address that appeals to a wider audience. it is well located and provides functional amenities, and all this within the timelines it committed to buyers. For those who will eventually move in, they’ll never be too far from a hospital, school, work place, mall, or anything one expects from a new home.

Sumadhura Silver Ripples – Location, USPs, Prices

Sumadhura Silver Ripples adds to the growing portfolio of residential projects by the Sumadhura Group in Bangalore’s Whitefield area. Like all of their projects Silver Ripples too is well connected to all the functional social and economic infrastructure of East Bangalore. The Sumadhura Group has firmed its position in the “Silicon Valley” of India with close to 11 delivered projects, many of them in and around Whitefield. The company employs some of the best work ethics in the business which one can find during a visit to their website of project sites, this includes complete list of approvals for the projects.

Location & Connectivity

The project is in an established residential area on the Borewell road. The closest bus stop is the Nallurahalli Bus Stop. The Whitefield main road is about 1km away, which connects to the Old Madras Road and onwards to the International Airport, Bangalore. Silver Ripples lies only 2.5 km away from Kadugodi/ Hope Farm Junction, which could provide one with all the basic necessities

Road going towards Sumadhura Silver Ripples
Road going towards Silver Ripples     

To visit the site, I took a cab and it was easy to locate on maps. Silver Ripples has a wide road frontage on the Bore well road from where one can enter it. There is a supermarket, ATM and a salon right opposite the gate. The location is apt for the families that are expected to come and stay there as it is close to several tech parks/ employment centers like International Tech Park (1.5 km), Sap Labs(2.5kms), General Electric(1.7 kms), Tata Consultancy Services(2 kms), TESCO(2 kms), Capgemeni (2 kms). There is close proximity to all major malls like Phoenix Market City (6 kms), Park Square (3 kms) and Forum Value Mall (2 kms). Healthcare and emergent care also isn’t far from Silver Ripples. Vydehi Hospital and Sai Baba Hospitals are only 2 kms away.

Masterplan & Construction Status

As I entered the Silver Ripples site, I could see that the project was in very advanced stages of construction, most of the work was completed. One could see that great care had been taken to make sure that the quality of all products used was second to none. They used only the best quality concrete made on site, and steel in their construction. There were multiple checks to make sure that all their finishes were up to par. The tiling was being done on the ground when I made the visit, and one could see the care being taken to reach that level of precision. The marketing official who showed me the model flats also boasted of the precision of timing of this project, like most other Sumadhura projects. The 4.9 acre site has 474 flats split across 9 blocks. These blocks are arranged in a unique way to offer good views to more number of residents.There are options of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms apartments, spread across all the blocks. The 4 bedroom apartments are all in block A and B quite close to the entrance. Each apartment is provided with one parking space either on the stilt level or basement.

Under construction buildings at Sumadhura Silver Ripples
Under construction buildings at Sumadhura Silver Ripples


All of these apartments have a state of the art security system. The developer has created a smart home for each one of its residents with a wireless door sensor with an intrusion alert system, wireless lighting, and TV and AC control. All of these
can be connected to one’s android or apple devices for complete customization of
security. This is done to increase the comfort and luxury of the users. The model flats all were beautifully done up and gave one a sense of what it would be like if they were to move there. All the flats were designed trying to maximize the space given to all areas of the house. They were very spacious and provided for excellent cross ventilation in all areas. The facilities inside the apartments were also upgraded as the project progressed, like extra AC plug points, improved tile options, better quality fittings used in the kitchen and bathroom. The project does its part of being an eco-friendly one by using solar fencing for the entire compound along with rain water harvesting. Sumadhura has created lots of zones and plazas to make the public area child friendly. A Senior Citizen’s Zone for all the elders in the family along with a Reflexology pathway is also part of the complex. Further it has other areas such as butterfly garden, a palm court, Chalk Gallery, Meditation pavilions and a yoga platform. Sumadhura has conceptualised some very innovative features to keep the children outside the confines of their rooms and engaged. They have hopscotch and a life size chess board where the players are the chess pieces. Such thoughtful additions make Silver Ripples an ideal project for families of all age groups. There are guest rooms available for rent in the clubhouse, which can be used by the owners as they please. The clubhouse is equipped with a pool, squash, basketball and badminton court. 

Sumadhura Silver Ripples Under Development site
Silver Ripples Under Development site

Prices & Apartment Size Configurations

The neighbourhood as a whole is safe for everyone and with several schools and workplaces at such a short distance. There are extremely busy areas only a short drive away with all possible amenities. The project is an excellent way to get one’s moneys worth. With all the exorbitantly priced flats coming up everywhere in Bangalore, this is pocket friendly option. They do their best to give their buyers what they asked for and more. The Whitefield railway station is just 6 km away and the KR Puram station is about 10 km away. And here we come with Sumadhura Silver Ripples price list. The cost of this entire experience would be about Rs. 6000 per sqft. A 2 bedroom flat would have a base price of about Rs. 78 Lakhs, 3BHK would be Rs. 1,06,00,000 and the 4 BHK will be Rs. 1,26,00,000. The project is due to be completed on schedule by December this year and the registrations of flats has already begun.

Sumadhura with the Silver Ripples project has created an address that appeals to a wide audience. Visit the site to know about Sumadhura Silver Ripples floor plan. It is well located and provides functional amenities that the new Bangalorean expects of a place, and all this within timelines it committed to buyers. A resident here would never be too far from a hospital, school, work place, mall or anything one expects from a new home.

Project Website