Purva Swanlake: Premium living in the new hot-spot of South Chennai

The towers of Purva Swanlake project in OMR, Chennai

Over the last ten years in the city of Chennai, the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) has grown at the speed of an investor’s dream and this is not even the end of the development seen here. A number of developers have seen the opportunity this area presents and put their best efforts into building complexes here that have better facilities than anywhere else in the city. Of these builders, Puravankara stands out as a name that one has grown to trust. After having established a reputation in Bangalore and Kochi, Puravankara has steadily been building their presence in Chennai. Having lived in a Purva apartment for four years in Bangalore (Purva Venezia), I had a very high standard that I expected them to maintain in their project, Purva Swanlake.

Purva Swanlake: Location & Connectivity

The entry to the basement parking at Purva Swanlake project in OMR, Chennai
The entry to the basement parking at Purva Swanlake

Purva Swanlake is located just past the OMR-Kelambakkam Junction on the OMR. The location is a prime one in terms of distances to various parts of the city accessible from here. The best part about this location is the fact that no matter now far away a place is in terms of kilometres, the travel times are always within half an hour. SIPCOT, the major attraction for investors in the area, is located 10 minutes (5 km) away. This reduction in travel time actually opens up the general working day so much. One has time to take care of fitness and not have that daily rush to get out of the house and reach work in time. SIPCOT houses various top IT companies, including the largest TCS office in Asia.

The badminton and tennis courts at Purva Swanlake in OMR, Chennai
The badminton and tennis courts at Purva Swanlake

While SIPCOT is the major attraction of this location, there are several other factors that make living in Kelambakkam a pleasure. For one, there is absolute peace and quiet. One gets to enjoy life without the sound of constant traffic and the pollution of living in the midst of the city.  There are also plenty of activities around the area for people of all ages. The proximity as well as the good connectivity to the East Coast Road (ECR) opens up a whole other host of activities to keep the family occupied on the weekends. A few popular destinations on the ECR are MGM Dizzee World (8.7 km), Dakshin Chitra (8.5 km), Crocodile bank (8 km) and Muttukadu Boat House (6.5 km). In addition to all this, the location is ideal for families that like to travel. Mahabalipuram, the place of the Shore Temple is half an hour away, and Pondicherry is two hours away. Further to the South if one is interested, are extremely culturally rich temple towns like Chidambaram.

Purva Swanlake: Social Conveniences

The OMR is well covered in terms of educational institutions, with plenty of schools and universities to choose from. A few examples are the PSBB Siruseri school located within the L&T campus (7 km) and the Hiranandani Upscale School (7 km). In a larger radius, within a half hour is the PSBB Millenium School. There are a lot of university campuses in the vicinity as well-Hindustan University (1.3 km), Sathyabama University (10 km) and SSN College (6.2 km) being a few. Chettinad Health City, located 1.5 kilometers away will take care of all the health needs a family could have.

Purva Swanlake: Design

The pool housed within the clubhouse complex at Purva Swanlake in OMR, Chennai
The pool housed within the clubhouse complex at Purva Swanlake

The construction was very simplistic in Purva Swanlake, with fifteen towers arranged in the plot interspersed with little pockets of landscaping that provide an element of surprise while rounding certain bends. The grey and white buildings have creepers growing on the walls in some places, creating a beautiful contrast.

A view of the clubhouse at Purva Swanlake in OMR, Chennai
A view of the clubhouse at Purva Swanlake

The clubhouse is designed in a more angular fashion to provide a contrasting balance to the rectangular nature of the apartment blocks. This clubhouses houses all the indoor facilities like the multipurpose hall, snooker rooms, yoga rooms, squash court and gym. The one major difference in Purva Swanlake and other Puravankara constructions is the lack of the central play area. While this struck me as odd, all my doubts were assuaged when I saw the park. I was treated to a view of a sprawling area with a tiny sliver of sea sparkling in the distance. In this area were the tennis and basketball courts as well as a huge landscaped garden for the residents to come and spend their evenings. The evening sea breeze provides a much-needed respite from the heat of Chennai.

Purva Swanlake: Specifications

View of the green expanse in Purva Swanlake in OMR, Chennai
View of the green expanse in Purva Swanlake

Purva Swanlake consists of 15 blocks of only 3 BHK apartments. Nine of the blocks have 14 storeys with 2 blocks each of 9, 10 and 11 storeys. With the OMR being bounded by the gentle hillocks to the West and the sea to the East, you are guaranteed an amazing view either way. The parking is provided in the basement as well as on stilt level and on the first floor (open parking). The areas of the houses vary from 1710 to 1805 sq. ft. The flats are going at a rate of Rs. 4199 per square foot (as of 28th July 2017). The rental rates are around Rs. 22,000 for a month.


In conclusion, Purva Swanlake is a complex that offers all the facilities required for the modern-day family. The USP is definitely the park, where the aura of calm and the feel of the sea breeze is enough to de-stress one with even the most hectic work schedule. The connectivity of this area is doubled with the proximity to the Vandalur-Kelambakkam road, which connects to the GST, another arterial road, in half an hour. The feeling of living in a community and yet having the calm and quiet of a holiday home is definitely something which I consider a huge plus point and which makes Purva Swanlake a good option for investment.

Godrej Palm Grove – Finer details of the Master Plan

Godrej Palm Grove(PC:Godrej Palm Grove)

Godrej Palm Grove is the first completed project by the Godrej Properties at Chennai, and is quite self sufficient, providing for the area in which it is situated. Choosing the developing stretch of the Chennai-Bangalore highway, Godrej Palm Grove is a high-rise, modern complex with stunning views overlooking the Chembarambakkam lake.

The construction of the complex has been carried out by L&T, starting in 2012 and being handed over in May 2016. There are 14 towers, with 5 towers in the first phase. The towers have flats of 2 and 3bhk, with the 2bhk towers having 8 apartments a floor and the 3bhk towers having 4 apartments a floor.

The unique feature design-wise, is that the whole complex has been raised onto a podium, with the parking on the ground level instead of a basement. This provides the additional height that only enhances the views around the complex, which is definitely one of the major selling points.

There are two types of views that are provided in Palmgrove. For the outer facing apartments, it is the view of the vistas around. The inner apartments have views of the swimming pool and landscape. The swimming pool here feels like  one out of a lavish resort. With a wooden deck and lovely landscaping around, one can sit and look at it for hours. Residents can get a closer look from the cafe in the clubhouse, where one can enjoy a cup of coffee overlooking the pool. I got a chance to visit when it was raining, which just made everything more beautiful.

Conceptual view of the Chembarambakkam lake, also showing the parking below
Conceptual view of the Chembarambakkam lake, also showing the parking below

The amenities provided for the residents of the complex make for an extremely comfortable life with all the conveniences of the modern life at residents’ fingertips. A 22,500 square foot clubhouse has all the amenities for one to lead a healthy life with a fully equipped gym, yoga room, squash court amongst others. Tennis courts are located outside for those who want to pick up the sport. A skating rink provides an alternate and fun hobby for children growing up here. The multipurpose hall with a deck overlooking the pool provides the perfect setting for celebrating festivals as a community, or for residents looking to entertain their friends. The conveniences of groceries delivered to the house, and concierge services, along with provisions for chauffeurs are available.

An opportunity to live in this complex is not difficult to come by, with reasonable rates that fall into budgets of several Chennai-ites. Two bedroom apartments start at Rs. 4100 per square foot and three bedroom apartments start at Rs. 4200 per square foot. Extra charges apply per floor rise per square foot. Parking spots are charged extra as well.

The rental income of Palmgrove is the highest in the area. While the norm is around Rs. 10,000 per month for 2bhk, the rentals in Palmgrove start from Rs. 16,000 for 2bhk and Rs. 22- 30,000 for 3bhk apartments.

The apartments come in the following sizes:
2 BHK apartments-1194 sq. ft

1220 sq. ft

3 BHK apartments- 1426 sq. ft

1489 sq. ft

The design of each house is done so as to optimise the use of the views around the complex, with one balcony in the hall and one in the master bedroom in select modules. The advantage of the complex is that the amenities are provided in phase 1, and are already functional. Around a hundred families have already moved into Palm Grove, and more are expected to move in the coming year. Out of the 484 units in the complex, a healthy number has already been sold.

ECR – Property Market Overview

Growing up, the ECR always meant a weekend destination-a means to an end-with Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry and a whole host of other activities all accessed via it. When I was a little older it included the houses of a couple of friends-still under the category of leisure. It is often categorised as an area for a secondary home or for older families. The fact remains however, that it is one of the most comfortable and enviable localities to have a home.

Stretching from the Thiruvanmiyur signal to Mahabalipuram and beyond, the ECR has developed now into way more than just a highway. Extending till Neelankarai, there is an abundance of residential development, with flats and apartments closer to Thiruvanmiyur and independent bungalows and villa complexes further away. The ECR-OMR link at Shollinganallur has also drastically improved the value of property on the ECR, making it a sensible investment even for families working in the IT companies on the OMR.

Lifestyle: Living on the ECR is a completely different experience altogether. A food lovers’ paradise, the ECR is lined with speciality restaurants of all varieties all along. Restaurants like The Beach Club and Shiraz café offer views of the sea, and a host of other restaurants like Jonah’s, Kipling Café, Tryst Café and many more offer amazing food.

The cozy Tryst Cafe [Source: Polka Cafe]
Enjoy the beautiful ambiance of Kipling Cafe [Source: Polka Cafe]
Weekends on the ECR can never get boring with the number of activities that are on offer. Go-Karting is big on the ECR with two tracks- Kart attack and the ECR Speedway providing the facility. Amusement parks are the next on the list with VGP closer to the city and MGM Dizee World a little farther. The cultural experience at Dakshinachitra never gets boring, with it being one of the most unique cultural hubs in the country. The experience involves seeing reproductions of authentic houses from various parts of South India, as well as learning about the different arts and crafts of the regions of the South. Weekend getaways in the form of resorts are a dime a dozen on the ECR, with Taj Fisherman’s Cove, Radisson Temple Bay and Ideal Beach resort being a few. The latest addition to the ECR has been surfing schools- giving the city’s youngsters a new activity to focus on.

Radisson Temple Bay [Source: WeddingSutra]
Children watch performances of South India Folk Dance at Dakshinachirta [Source: tripadvisor.in]
Last but not the least are the major destinations accessed via the ECR from the city. Mahabalipuram, the closest, is 45 kilometers away from the city offering a glimpse of Dravidian architecture. Pondicherry, next on the list, is the best weekend destination to unwind, have a couple of beers and enjoy life. The cobblestoned pathways of the French part of the city make you wish you were around in the older days. Another destination that is accessible is Chidambaram. More popular as a temple town, one can see the architecture of the great Chola Dynasty.

Although the ECR originally had mainly independent houses, the SIPCOT IT Park has seen the development of several high rise apartments along the ECR between the ECR-Shollinganallur link road and the Kelambakkam link road. A few apartments are ECR14 by Casa Grande at Kanathur (approx. 4500 per sq. ft), and Altis Oceanique (approx.. 7000 per sq. ft.). The areas closer to the city have upscale villa complexes from builders like Casa Grande, Amara and more. Casa Grande Elita has a per sq. ft. price of 11,000 per square feet.

Altis Oceanique offers sea views [Source: altisville.com]
With the new and competitive rates that builders are offering, the ECR has become a great investment for people from all backgrounds both for day to day living and as a post-retirement home.

Purva Venezia-an example in community living

Living in Venezia, affectionately called ‘Purva’ by Yelahanka localites, is a privilege that I am lucky to have being a college student. While it may seem like I’m focusing only on the positives, the truth is that life in Venezia leaves you with absolutely nothing to worry about.

When I first moved to Yelahanka for college, I was staying at a hostel. Passing Venezia in the bus, I would always wonder what lay behind the majestic entry gates. The visual impact created at the entrance alone is something that will stay in any person’s mind. A year later, when the hostel deal didn’t work out, my roommates and I found ourselves considering Venezia to be an option.

The entrance to Purva Venezia
The entrance to Purva Venezia


Located at a safe distance from Yelahanka New Town, Purva Venezia is a sprawling complex spread over 21.4 acres of land. With a total of 1332 apartments, Venezia is the biggest complex in the area. The towering G+14 blocks somehow don’t seem to crowd the space, owing to the abundance of open space in the complex. A lot of this open space is executed in the form of water bodies emulating Venice, from which the name complex ‘Venezia’ is derived. The presence of the waterbodies is accentuated by ivy covered gazebos that dot the path of the waterbodies. These picturesque spots are a popular destination for groups and individuals of all ages to enjoy some time by the water. Apart from this is the vast open space with stepped seating-a converging space for kids and grownups alike.

Amenities at Purva Venezia

In terms of amenities, there is actually no reason to leave Venezia, except for work or school/college. The clubhouse is equipped with all the standard facilities- gymnasium, yoga room etc and an additional health centre that has hot tubs for women. A squash court is also present in the clubhouse. The pool is located next to the clubhouse, with a thoughtful additional feature of a thermal pool housed alongside on account of Bangalore’s chilly evenings.  Separate basketball, badminton and tennis courts are spread around the complex.

A foot-bridge over a waterbody in Purva Venezia
A foot-bridge over a waterbody in Purva Venezia
The basketball court at Purva Venezia
The basketball court at Purva Venezia


Being inside the house is as much a pleasure as outside. With the distance from the city working in its favour, the houses in Venezia have almost panoramic views of the city on one side, and greenery on the other. The waterbodies in the complex also act as climate controllers, ensuring that the house is always cool, even with the ever increasing temperatures. The landscape designers have also gone out of their way to ensure that each house has something to look out at.

Convenience & Quality of Life

In terms of the quality of life, the convenience offered at Venezia is something not provided in most complexes. The first factor is the impeccable security provided to the residents with guards at the main gate as well as at each individual block. There is a convenience store, ATM, medical facility, beauty parlour, clothes ironing facility, stationery shop and courier service all provided within the complex. In addition to this, there is a BSNL office, an ACT office and a cable office within the complex. This ensures that setting up an internet/phone connection as well as the subsequent bill payments are never an issue.

The landscaping in Venezia
Picturesque Purva Venezia
Picturesque Purva Venezia



From Venezia, the average travel time to MG Road is about 45 minutes to an hour with no traffic. Areas like Kammanahalli are closer, about half an hour from here. This makes Manyata Tech Park and the Outer Ring road easily accessible from here. This location is convenient for people working at a maximum distance of Hebbal. On the positive side, the ride to the airport takes a maximum of 45 minutes which is fast compared to the travel times from the rest of the city. Further North Bangalore is witnessing very fast development and this is where owners of Venezia tend to benefit from.

Schools and Colleges Nearby

Yelahanka is a good area to start a family in terms of educational facilities. Mallya Aditi International School, an elite school is located about one and a half kilometres from Venezia. Other institutions in the area include NPS, Nagarjuna Vidyaniketan and Deeksha. For further education, BMS Institute of technology is located 7 kilometers away. Shrishti School of Design is located in the area as well. A little further towards BEL road around half an hour away is MS Ramiah University. Healthcare facilities include smaller hospitals like Navachethana within Yelahanka, and Columbia Asia 20 minutes away on the airport road.

Price and Apartment Size Configuration

Venezia offers 2 and 3bhk apartments with an average of 6000 rupees per square foot base price. The rent is approximately 28,000 rupees for a 3bhk and 23,000 for a 2bhk including a 5,000 rupee maintenance charge.

PBEL City- Plans, Project Updates and Site Visit Report (Feb 2017)

pbel city chennai

When one is looking for homes based on convenience rather than preference, there is always a resigned attitude with which houses are looked at. Especially when the house is located in Kelambakkam, prospects of having the community life that is prevalent in the more central areas of the city seem bleak. It is with this doubt that I went to visit the site of PBEL City, Chennai, but what I found left me pleasantly surprised and more than a little impressed.

At first glance, this complex does not look like the typical apartment complex. A large driveway before the first block gives the impression of it being more like a locality than an apartment complex- something that becomes more apparent as one sees all the features of the complex.

Other Projects by PBEL

The second venture by PBEL City, the project is located just beyond the Kelambakkam junction on the OMR. The location on the OMR is a huge advantage when you take into account the needs of the modern family. With a majority of the IT parks in the city being located less than 15 minutes away, there is negligible travel time involved while getting to the workplace. This allows families to focus on each other and spend that much-needed time together. With world-class schools like PSBB Millenium located less than 10 minutes away, the children are not compromised either. The Chettinad Health City takes care of all ones healthcare needs, located at the Kelambakkam junction. The Kovalam beach is a 15 minute drive away, allowing families to spend weekends at the beach if they so wish. Another advantage of being located so close to the ECR is the ease with which one can get away for the weekend to the various resorts located on the ECR.

pbel city chennai
The clubhouse at PBEL City [Source: PBEL city website]

After having a successful launch and subsequent progress in Hyderabad, PBEL City has upped their game in Chennai, roping in Shapoorji-Pallonji (SP Group) as the builders of this project. An integrated project, PBEL City is spread over 42 acres, with towers having 1, 2 and 3 bhk apartments. With 70 percent of the complex being open space, it truly gives you the luxury of enjoying the fresh air that is so rare to find in today’s apartment complexes. PBEL City Chennai has made community life a big part of the focus here, as one can see in the importance given to all the amenities provided. A standard size cricket pitch is by far the unique one that is present on the site. In a nation where the sound of the roar when Kohli hits the ball out the boundary is one of the biggest unifying factors, the introduction of this facility is a thoughtful one. In addition to this is 4.2 acres of amenities, including a basketball court, tennis courts, jogging track and swimming pool. Standing separately is also a 40,000 square foot clubhouse housing a multipurpose hall where one can throw parties and entertain guests.

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PBEL City Chennai : Apartment Space

PBEL City  chennai
The standard size cricket pitch [Source: PBEL City website]

The houses themselves are designed to provide optimum privacy to each unit, with minimum common walls. Phase 1 of the complex had 388 apartments in four towers, two towers of which were handed over in June 2016. The other two were handed over by October 2016. Stilt parking caters conveniently to the residents of the complexes while additional parking structures have been built for families having more cars or for visitors. The 2 BHK apartments come in the sizes of 1033, 1042, 1262, 1274, 1505, and 1689 square feet. The wide range of sizes cater to the needs of a variety of families and provides a solution convenient for all. The 3 BHK apartments come in the sizes of 1370, 1505, 1518, and 1689 square feet.

When it comes to convenience, PBEL City Chennai has thought of facilities that will make life easy for the residents of the complex. A school is to come up in the complex and will be fully operational shortly, currently having classes up to 6th grade. A crèche allows the working moms stress free days while their child is taken care of around familiar faces. A grocery and convenience store caters to all the household needs of the family. In addition to this, 24 hour power backup and maximum security ensure that the residents don’t ever have to worry about anything.

As of now, 40 families have moved into the complex, and 400 units have been sold overall. Phase 2 is starting soon, with L&T doing the construction for this phase.

Velachery-the heart of the new Chennai

The needs of a family are ever-changing, and the capability of an area of meeting these needs dictates whether the family will choose to move to the area of not. With this in mind, most areas within the city are developing to be so much more than just residential areas; they are now fully equipped to provide for every aspect of family life be it education, entertainment, healthcare or employment. In this development, Velachery has emerged as one of the foremost areas in the city in terms of the facilities and infrastructure provided to the residents. Exploring this facilities, we find the following:

Great Connectivity:

We are at an age where the car has become a bittersweet luxury- hours spent in traffic are almost negating the comfort of the air-conditioned interiors. Therefore when the travel time is reduced the way it is in Velachery, the first thing to look at in a locality is taken care of. In addition to the reduced travel time by road, Velachery is also very well connected via public transport. An MRTS station for quick commuting, and the Vijaynagar bus stand that connects Velachery to every part of the city make using public transport extremely easy and convenient.

The Distances:

Velachery is located at what can be called the shifted centre of the city as it is today. While about fifteen years ago Velachery would’ve been considered the outskirts of the city, the city has now grown with Velachery right in the middle of it. With the IT boom and the development of the OMR, the close distance of Velachery to the OMR became an invaluable asset to the area as a residential one. Velachery is located an approximate 7 kms from Thoraipakkam-the closest point on the OMR. The airport is less than half an hour (10kms) away, and the Chennai Central railway station is 18 kms away. In terms of workplaces, the OMR is the most accessible with the SIPCOT IT Park being the farthest away at 20 kms, but still within an hour’s drive.

The Velachery-Tambaram link road
The Velachery-Tambaram link road

Superior Educational Facilities:

The long dreary ride to and from school is not something one has to experience in Velachery, with an array of schools of all boards located in an around the area. Navadisha Montessori School, Akshayah Matriculation School and Arshaya Vidya Mandir are a few of the schools located in the area. The travel time doesn’t increase by much for college students-even though the distant might-with great accessibility to universities like Hindustan University(23km) and SRM University(29km) connected by the OMR and GST road respectively. Anna University in located 8kms away.


Dr Kamakshi Hospital serves any healthcare requirement a family might have and is located 4 kms from Velachery.


Velachery is buzzing with places to go to, with crows flocking to Phoenix Market City and Grand Mall every day. There is also an array of fancy restaurants where one can go for a nice family dinner like the ITC Grand Chola, Westin hotel, Park Hyatt and more. The food consulate next to Phoenix mall has interesting workshops that aspiring chefs can attend at nominal rates. The headquarters of the Blue Cross nurtures the sensitive side of younger children, with the option to volunteer and help the animals that need love and kindness.

With these factors in mind, families can rest assured that any need they might have can be met within a 5 kilometer radius of Velachery and that is something that is invaluable when you have chosen an area to stay in. Some upcoming projects are:

DRA Tuxedo: An uber luxurious project located on the Inner ring road, Tuxedo offers 2 and 3 bhk apartments in a single tower. The handover is expected by June 2018, and the price per square foot is around 7800 rupees.

See our coverage of DRA Tuxedo here: https://propstory.com/chennai/dra-tuxedo/

Sobha Winchester: A little further away in Kovilambakkam, is Sobha Winchester. To be handed over by December 2019, Winchester is also a luxurious project offering 2.5, 3 and 4bhk apartments in a 19 storey tower.

See our coverage of Sobha Winchester here: https://propstory.com/chennai/sobha-winchester/

With these upcoming projects and several established ones to be rented or bought second hand, the doors of Velachery are always open to new investors.