INCOR Bonsai Homes – Affordable and practical housing in Tellapur

View of Incor Bonsai Homes project complex in Tellapur, Hyderabad

The area of Tellapur in Hyderabad has been in the news time and again. That too for all the right reasons. Once a new kid on the block, Tellapur is now developed enough to take on the areas like Gachibowli, Madhapur and the upcoming Kondapur head on. one will find some of the reputed Hyderabad based developers constructing residential complexes which one can call home in the future. One such project is INCOR Bonsai Homes.

INCOR  is one of the established brands in Hyderabad. After the success of PBEL City, Hyderabadis trust INCOR as a brand and appreciate the professional manner in which the project is executed. Taking advantage of Tellapur’s location, INCOR has set up an apartment complex called Bonsai Homes on the Tellapur road.

INCOR Bonsai Homes: Location & Connectivity

A key factor working to Tellapur’s advantage is the ease of access to Gachibowli (IT and educational hub of Hyderabad) and BHEL (Industrial area), a unique selling point not provided by many other areas in Hyderabad. A little research shows that this land contains a top soil with hard rock located further at the bottom compared to areas like Madhapur and Kondapur. What this means is the water table here is healthier than its counter parts and will be an added advantage during Hyderabad’s harsh summer months and water shortages.

Road leading from Gachibowli to Incor Bonsai Homes project in Tellapur, Hyderabad
Road leading from Gachibowli to INCOR Bonsai Homes

The best way to reach INCOR Bonsai Homes is to take the scenic road from Gachibowli towards Lingampally (trust me its a lovely drive when the traffic is less), go all the way till you hit the first chowrasta and take a left there. Then drive go onto the massive flyover and turn left at the “T” and then take the first right after coming down the flyover. INCOR Bonsai Homes, will come into view on the right, after travelling 5 more mins. The area is green and the air is fresher compared to that of the more populated areas.

INCOR Bonsai Homes: Project Overview

View of Incor Bonsai Homes as one enters the project complex in Tellapur, Hyderabad
View of INCOR Bonsai Homes as one enters the complex

This is a gated community of 215 apartments, distributed across 4 towers (5 floors each) and comprising of 1, 2 & 3 BHK flats ranging from 633 sq. ft. (smallest 1 BHK) to 1850 sq. ft. (largest 3 BHK). With the current base rate of Rs. 3400 / sq. ft. brings the price of purchase to around Rs. 21 Lakhs for the smallest 1 BHK to Rs. 62.9 Lakhs for the largest 3 BHK. These rates are still lower as compared to similar communities located in Madhapur and Kondapur. All the construction is complete, project is handed over to the society and many of the residents have already settled in.

INCOR Bonsai Homes: Amenities Overview

INCOR Bonsai Homes provides various amenities, which are generally only seen in massive gated communities. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Vastu Compliant – The flats are designed considering vastu and most are East of West facing flats, that have plenty of natural sunlight and ventilation.
  2. Piped gas connection – This is the first I have seen in 5 years of researching real estate projects in Hyderabad.
  3. Lovely clubhouse and a gym, swimming pool, toddler’s pool and outdoor games area.
  4. Solar fencing and power backup
  5. Jogging track for the health conscious
View of the Club house at Incor Bonsai Homes project in Tellapur, Hyderabad
View of the Club house at INCOR Bonsai Homes


A walk around the complex of Incor Bonsai Homes in Tellapur, Hyderabad
Incor Bonsai Homes – Walk around the complex

The first impression of INCOR Bonsai Homes, is that of a well maintained gated community and a strong positive vibration of the complex and its surroundings is impossible to miss (for those who believe in it). Walk around inside and one can find a clean, nice and looked after gated community, with many of the inhabitants being from the young and vibrant IT/ITES crowd. The swimming pool was clean and inviting and since some of the residents were enjoying their Sunday morning dip in the pool I didn’t disturb their holiday by taking pics. My wife who accompanied me on this trip defined the complex as a “cute place to live”. Where she has seen cuteness, I found the practicality and comfort of INCOR Bonsai Homes hard to resist.

Marina Skies, Near Hi-Tec City, New Venture By Cybercity At Hyderabad

Inhabited towers at Rainbow Vistas @Rock Garden

Any person in Hyderabad who has searched for a home to buy has heard on Rainbow Vistas and Rainbow Vistas @Rock Garden near Hitech City MMTS by Cybercity Builders and Developers Pvt. Ltd. Personally I am aware of the project but never had the chance to actually go and see the much talked about township, which is the largest one in this area. So when a friend of mine invited me over for a cup of tea I took up the chance to go visit him and under that pretence get to see the township. While chatting with him I came to know that Cybercity is preparing for launch of phase 3 of the township called Marina Skies. While Phase 2 – Rainbow Vistas @Rock Garden is partly handed over and inhabited, construction of rest of it is also going on at a quick pace. Because I liked the vibe of phase 1, I decided to go down to Rainbow Vistas @ Rock Garden site and speak to the marketing representatives.  

Product and Plans

Under construction club house at Rainbow Vistas @Rock Garden, next phase will be Marina Skies
Under construction club house at Rainbow Vistas @Rock Garden

Phase 3 – Marina Skies will consist of 6 residential towers of 32 floors (G +31) and will be built on 22 acres, land area being equivalent to phase 2. Each tower will have 4 basement levels and the total built-up area for the project will be 5.9 million sft. Marina Skies will have a total of 3,670 units consisting of 2BHK (from ~1100 sft to ~1200 sft) and 3BHK (from ~1350 sft to ~2200 sft). There will be duplex apartments on the top floors of these towers. The complex will have a 3 storey club house which will host all the basic amenities that one can expect in a gated community. The project Marina Skies will have views of the three naturally occurring lakes in the vicinity, which one can see from this project site today.

These numbers are staggering and require expertise of a developer who is skilled at construction. One doesn’t need to look far to validate this. By the middle of next year the developer would have delivered nearly 4 million sq ft at the said township (Phase 1 and Phase 2 combined). However, I went onto investigate the current status of phase 2 – Rainbow Vistas @ Rock Garden.

When I stood in front of the seemingly impressive club house structure (from which the project derives its name), at Rainbow Vistas @ Rock Garden, situated at the centre of the complex and on top of natural rocks, I couldn’t help but wonder how 4 towers out of a 13 tower, 20 floor each, 2500 flat complex;  were completed well in time. The 4 towers of Garnet, Onyx, Jade and Scarlett have been completed and handed over to the residents. The Tanzanite tower is expected to be completed and handed over in the next 5 months, while the remaining 8 towers are expected to be handed over in the range of 12 to 18 months from now. These towers consist of the following specifications and are situated on 22 acres of land in Kukatpally:

  1. 2BHK – 1250 sq ft
  2. 3BHK – (Type a – 1580 sq ft, Type b – 1865 sq ft, Type c – 2160 sq ft)
  3. 3+1BHK – (Type a – 2695 sq ft, Type c – 2795 sq ft)

Work on the club house and amenities areas measure a whopping 100,000 sq ft are reaching finishing stages and should be completed in the next 5 months. Cybercity Builders and Developers Pvt. Ltd. is planning to provide the residents who will start occupying the handed over towers, with temporary amenities until the gym and the sports complex is ready.

Company’s Background

Ready towers, landscaping and driveways. Rainbow Vistas @Rock Garden
Ready towers, landscaping and driveways

Skeptical of how 8 towers can be constructed in a span of 12-18 months I probed the site managers about it. What I found out was that the construction methodology is the key.

Using a technology called MiVan, which includes hi-flow concrete and quick solidifying mixtures, Cybercity Builders and Developers Pvt. Ltd. can complete upto 3 floors per month.

Hence there is little doubt that the project will be completed as committed by the developer.


Rainbow Vistas @Rock Garden
Rainbow Vistas @Rock Garden

Considering the location of the complex, the speed of construction and the delivery focus of Cybercity Builders and Developers Pvt. makes Rainbow Vistas @Rock Garden a good investment for all real estate buyers.

The popularity of existing developments is such that Marina Skies has received a welcome response at the launch time – August 6, 2016. Right now just first two towers have been opened for sale and will come up over 8.7 acres of land with 50,000 sqft of amenities for residents.

See the floor plans

PBEL City – The Club House and Benefits

PBEL City Club House
PBEL City Club House, Gym - Free weight section
PBEL City, Gym – Free weight section

How many of us have taken gym memberships at the start of the year only to realize that we end up wasting our money? I have. And I come up with the best excuses of skipping the workout session every time I have to go to the gym. Our lifestyle has changed.

We eat junk food, sit at our office desks most of the time  and hardly have the time to get up and get moving. This has lead to many lifestyle related diseases to become very common. Online surveys state that heart problems and diabetes are on the rise in India. Now the question is what do we do?

PBEL City Club House : The Gym

PBEL City Club House gym
PBEL City, Gym – Checking out the treadmill

How would it feel if you had a gym in the building in which you were staying? Would it be easier to jog on a treadmill which is so near to you that you dont have an excuse? This is the reason why customers who want to buy a flat today prefer to buy one in a gated community in which facilities such as gym and swimming pool is already is available. Over the past decade having facilities such as these has gone from being a luxury to a norm, and most of Hyderabad bid residential complexes have these facilities. But out of all the facility complexes that I have seen till date the one in Incor’s PBEL City stands out with its unique features.

PBEL City Club House : “The Square”

PBEL City Club House
PBEL City, Gym – Kids enjoying the gym

Built on a 2.43 acre plot and covering 47,000 sq ft of space the clubhouse constructed for PBEL City residents is one of the largest. Called as “The Square”, the clubhouse is divided into four blocks of 10,000 sq ft and located within PBEL City such that it is accessible from all directions. Block 2 of The Square houses the gym and the yoga/aerobics studio. The gym itself measures 5000 sq ft and was recently handed over to the PBEL City community for use.

It is to note that even before the full fledged club house was ready, the developer had provided a makeshift gymnasium to existing residents. The Gym is equipped with hi-end equipment with a separate free weight section for those who are hardcore enough to use it. The equipments are state of the art and at par with leading gymnasium chains. The senior residents of PBEL City along with Incor officials inaugurated the Gym on 02/07/2016 and the entire community came out to experience the gym. Adults and children alike took rounds of walking on the escalators and trying out the equipment and looked ready to get working out.

PBEL City Club House
PBEL City Club House – Gym Opening ceremony

The best thing about the gym which I liked was the large open windows on the side of the gym. This lets in a lot of natural sunlight and gave the gym a very positive and airy feeling. This gym handover will provide the residents of Incor – PBEL City with the perfect way to get fit and get in shape. Since a majority of the 800 plus families currently staying at PBEL City work at the neighbouring IT hubs, and avenue for exercising will mean that it will be easier for the residents of Incor PBEL City to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Provident Kenworth, Rajendra Nagar – Location Highlights and Investment Drivers

Provident Kenworth - Site

Tired of paying the rent to my landlord, my wife and I recently decided to buy a flat of our own. As we are not locals to Hyderabad we wanted to search for a gated community which was developed by a prominent developer, at a location which was likely to appreciate (in case we were to sell it off later) and which was closer to all the social infrastructure that a family needs. Four other important points became our priority; one, since my wife works in IT/ ITES sector, the location that we choose to live in should be accessible from HiTech City/ Gachibowli or should be near the recently proposed ITIR 2 (next HiTech City). Second, if we were to put the apartment on rent we should be in a position to do so without much hassle. Third, already operational medical facilities must exist around the area and the last there should be water available so that we need not pay hefty amounts for procuring supplies from water tankers.

Road to Provident Kenworth
Road to Kenworth

After elaborate research, one gated community made a strong appeal to us. Provident Kenworth by Provident Housing (subsidiary of Puravankara) located at Rajendra Nagar stood tall amongst rest of the competition. Prior to my visit I had never heard about Provident Housing, however my friends from Bangalore were highly appreciative of the developer. Puravankara, a leading and rewarded real estate developer, has been in the business for over for 40 years. Since we were now dealing with an established player we decided to visit the site. We started from Kondapur and reached the Rajendra Nagar exit #17 from the ORR in 20 mins flat. And in the next ten mins we reached Provident Kenworth. This was important for us as the drive from the HiTech City was both easy and quick. We both thought that if were to be located here we will be able to balance our work life easily and not have to compromise on our careers. The site is located close to the PVNR expressway near pillar #293.

A view of the substation next to Provident Kenworth
Substation next to Kenworth

An exit ramp connects the site to both the PVNR expressway and the ORR making it just 17 Kms (15-20 mins) from the airport and 20 Kms (30 mins) from Gachibowli. With the constraints of location and the developer’s credibility no longer an issue we decided to probe deeper into the Rajender Nagar and found out some surprising facts. Rajendra Nagar is connected to Bangalore highway, Srisailam highway and Nagarjuna Sagar as well. Also Rajendra Nagar is the only well developed residential area closest to the upcoming ITIR Zone 2.

Work is going on at Provident Kenworth site
Work is going on at Provident Kenworth site

The Information Technology Investment Region Zone 2 is an approved project under the Telangana government. ITIR zone 1 was HiTech City and the area of Cyberabad and has now become a magnet for investment, creating employment opportunities and driving economic growth in the city. ITIR Zone 2 will be a combination of SEZs, industrial parks, IT and electronic manufacturing units. This means that one, we have another employment destination close to us where we can work, two, this will be an added driver for price appreciation of real estate in the area and, three, after the project is delivered (3 years from now) I will be able rent it out easily. When it comes to basic necessities, Rajendra Nagar is a matured destination.

Provident Kenworth floor and master plan
Provident Kenworth Plans

Provident Kenworth: Social Infrastructure and Amenities

Educational institutes: Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology and Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences is 30 mins away. Located just 20 mins from the site are reputed engineering colleges such as Chaitanya Bhartiya Institue of Technology and Vasavi College of Engineering. Tata Institute of Social Sciences is hardly 10 mins while Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University is located behind the complex. Health facilities: Olive hospital, Premier hospital, Majestic hospital, Suncity hospital, Shadan hospital should be able to meet ones need for World class health care in the area.

Leisure and recreation: Provident Kenworth is within an 8 Km radius is Charminar, Deccan Polo Riding club and Falaknuma palace.

Shopping: Everyday grocery shopping and shopping for clothes will be met with Walmart, Spencers, More and Reliance super markets (5 to 10 Kms) within driving distance.

Local travel: Government of Telangana is investing ~Rs. 12,000 CR in building metro rail in Hyderabad and the Falaknuma Metro station will be coming up near to Provident Kenworth. This will provide the much needed high speed and comfortable access to residents of Kenworth.

All our priorities were answered satisfactorily at the Provident Kenworth marketing office. There was still the question of access to potable water which was one of our concerns. We were told that here water could be found just 60 feet from the top soil, unlike Madhapur, Kondapur or Gachibowli where the water table has depleted severely (~1000 feet). Besides this the site shares a boundary wall with a natural lake and the agricultural college where construction in the near future doesn’t seem likely. This will provide the site with air circulation and will provide a quiet lifestyle away from the busy world we live in. Provident Kenworth at Rajendra Nagar is most definitely a location worth consideration.

Project Updates As Of November 2017

Provident are launching The Pearl, the latest phase of their project Kenworth. The Pearl by Provident will offer 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments to its residents. Provident have also come up with a new offer, which allows home buyers to make a purchase of an apartment without having to pay any booking amount. This is planned to be completed by April 2019, with the amenities taking another year. The apartment sizes and prices offered in this phase include:

Apartment Configuration Area (in sq. ft.) Price (in Rs. Lakhs)
2 BHK 930 – 980 44 – 49
3 BHK 1070 – 1280 52 – 63
4 BHK 1900 88 – 94


INCOR One City – Construction Takes Over Quickly

INCOR One City…. Even before the project launch in the month of April (2016), it has created lot of buzz in the real estate market. I had covered it in detail in my previous story. Now, couple of months after its launch, I was going to the Sujana Forum Mall in Kukatpally area of Hyderabad when their billboard caught my eye again.


picture of the construction barricades of Incor One City
INCOR One City – Construction Barricading

As it often happens in the real estate sector that after construction commencement; generally the construction milestones are rarely in sync with the indicated timelines. Thus, I was curious to see how the construction was progressing at this site. Since it was a Sunday I expected the site to be free, which would have helped me look at it at my own ease and pace. So I took the u-turn at Malaysian Township and followed the well barricaded construction boundary to get to the marketing office.

Much to my surprise I saw a busy marketing office and a large cohort of constructions workers in their safety suites, working away with full focus. More importantly, the site was cleaner than other construction sites I have been to and the focus on personnel safety was commendable.

Incor One City - Tower A
INCOR One City – Tower A

INCOR, a Hyderabad business group, joint ventured with Brookefield, a global property investor and developer, for developing One City — a high rise apartment complex on approximately 11.12 acres of land. Further they appointed TATA Projects as its construction partner for this development. One City will have 3 lac sqft of commercial & retail space along with 2.1 million sqft of residential space spread across five towers (A,B,C, D and E) comprising of 1200-1950 sqft 2BHK and 3BHK flats, and a plethora of amenities. The current residential phase-I will be due for delivery by late 2018.

Incor One City - Tower B
INCOR One City – Tower B

Wondering how this gigantic feat would be achievable I went down to the construction site to get a feel if the work progress is indeed as aggressive as it has been envisioned to be. On the construction status front, the foundations are completed where the basements are to be made. For this to happen, a large amount of hard rock has been removed from the site in a very short duration. This is both a difficult and time consuming task; yet has been achieved in a short span of time and in spite of the monsoon season, which makes it more difficult to do so. The approach roads to the construction site are ready. Block A and B foundations are completed.The pillars are up and staging material is getting ready for the basement slabs to be poured. After seeing this encouraging pace of construction activities I am reasonably confident that One City should get delivered on time.

Incor One City - Wall
Incor One City – Wall

The project is located right on the main road in Kukatpally and is accessible from the IT hubs of Madhapur, Kondapur and Gachibowli within a 15-30 minutes drive. This means that the IT giants like Microsoft, Wipro and Google to name a few, which are the largest employers in the city and hold over 84% of the 64 Mn sq ft of office space are within a short drive. The focus of the government on IT development makes the areas in and around Cyberabad (as West Hyderabad has come to be known), the chosen place for people to stay, seems likely to grow further faster.

All of this coupled with One City’s strategic location and previous on time deliveries of successful projects at Hyderabad such as PBEL City and Incor Bonsai Homes makes One City a project which would be one amongst the best of the projects to be considered by any serious buyer looking for a place in Hyderabad.

PBEL City, Appa Junction – How It Bonds Together – Community Living Snapshots

PBEL City, Appa Junction

Today, in the metro cities of India, community living is highly popular due to the perks it comes with: A safe haven for children to grow up, effortless friendships forged over years of togetherness, exposure to multicultural lifestyle and most importantly, neighbours, who go on to become family, by creating a home away from home. In the metros like Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, we have an influx of so many young people from around India. For them, a big gated community that provides all the facilities, comfort and lifestyle is a good choice. Add to it an address also social enough to create a home away from home. PBEL City, Appa Junction, located at Hyderabad is one such example of a thriving, gated community. 

PBEL City, Appa Junction
Yoga Day @ PBEL City, Hyderabad. PC – Company

This project was launched by the Incor Group in 2008 and now there are more than 750 families living in the apartment complex.  PBEL City, Appa Junction inhabitants form a very diverse crowd. From the young IT couples coming into Hyderabad in search of a livelihood to the local Hyderabadis. Just a visit to their Facebook (MyPbelCity) page will give one an idea of just how close knit and vibrant the community here is. We were recently invited for a Ghazal Concert at the complex and we had a first hand experience of the living here.

What’s interesting is that PBEL City, Appa Junction’s Community not only celebrates the big festivals in a grand way, but also celebrates smaller occasions with equal passion. However, one thing to take note is the focus on health. Since PBEL City has a planned clubhouse of ~40,000 sq ft out of which 5000 sq ft is dedicated to a modern gymnasium. Following are some of the health oriented events which were held in the community:

PBEL City, Appa Junction : International Yoga Day

Women, men and children of ages joined the yoga class at the clubhouse to participate in the international yoga day last year and this year as well.

PBEL City, Appa Junction : Taekwondo Classes 

Certified Taekwondo trainers conduct martial arts classes within the campus, which is supposed to help both mind and body especially for the younger lot.

PBEL City, Appa Junction
Apollo Health Check Up @ PBEL CIty, Hyderabad. PC – Company

PBEL City, Appa Junction : Free Apollo Health Checkups

In association with Apollo Hospitals regular health checkups are organised within the campus. Recently one such check up related to cardiology and orthopedics was held in PBEL City.

PBEL City, Appa Junction : Dandiya in October 2015

Navratri is a festival of happiness and the triumph of good over evil. PBEL City came out to celebrate that in grand style with their Navratri celebrations.

PBEL City, Appa Junction : Euphoria (new year event)

The New Year 2016 was ushered in with style with all the participants taking part in a large party. Definitely a good way to bring in the new year.

PBEL City, Appa Junction : Republic Day celebration in January 2016

A parade inspiring patriotism was held on the campus to celebrate our country’s Republic Day.

PBEL City, Appa Junction
Zumba @ PBEL City, Hyderabad. PC – Company


Regular Zumba classes are held in the clubhouse and is attended by the residents of all age groups.Apart from this PBEL City residents celebrate every major festival. This makes the community become closer to each other. After all when staying in another state we do tend to miss our own festivals the most and if we have many people to share it with, then nothing like it. Since PBEL City, Appa Junction has such a vibrant mix of North and South Indians, everything from Dandia to Ugadi is celebrated on a grand scale. Following are some of the events which were planned and conducted in PBEL City, Appa Junction.

PBEL City, Appa Junction
Rang Barse @ PBEL City, Hyderabad. PC – Company

Rang Barse (Holi event) in March 2016

Holi has traditionally been a north Indian festival. And in Hyderabad it gets difficult to find a safe place to celebrate Holi. Rang Barse provided the community an option to enjoy a safe and responsible holi within the community. There was a good focus on water conservation during the event.

IPL grand finale screening in May 2016

 Why drive to a club to see the IPL finals when you have your own clubhouse and a friends to enjoy it with? IPL grand finale screening in May 2016  was a grand success.

PBEL City, Appa Junction
Pankaj Udas @ PBEL City, Hyderabad. PC – Company

Apart from the religious events there is a lot for those who like music, arts and dance at PBEL City. Let it be Sivamani concert which was held in October 2015 or Indian Ocean Live, held in 2015 or the Pankaj Udhas concert which was held recently. The community at PBEL City, Hyderabad is woven together by these events and other functions/ activities through the year which also makes it one of the most vibrant group in the city.

Refer developer portal for more information