7 Reasons why one can consider buying property in Pune’s Boat Club Road

Boat Club Road is located in the heart of Pune city and owes its name to the Royal Connaught Boat Club, located on this road, which conducted boating activities on the Mula-Mutha River. Since the British era, Boat Club Road has built a reputation as an exclusive high end residential destination and is arguably, the most preferred address in the city. We look at why prospective home buyers should consider this location.

  1. Connectivity matters to you

Boat Club Road’s central location means it is well-connected to all parts of Pune city. Whether one is looking to commute to the market, office or to transportation hubs, all can be reached in a short time from here. Pune airport is barely 6.5 km away, while the main land transport hubs of Pune Station and Shivajinagar are only 2.5 and 5 km away respectively.

  1. You are spoiled for shopping options

Boat Club Road is close to some of Pune’s best luxury shopping destinations, such as Phoenix Market City and Nitesh Hub malls. For those who prefer the option of browsing through markets, one of Pune’s primary destinations, MG Road in Camp is within 3.5 km from here, with Laxmi Road a further 2 km. Beside this, many brands have their showrooms in and around Boat Club Road.

  1. Culinary options are also aplenty
City Point on Boat Club Road, housing Mainland China and Sigree restaurants
City Point on Boat Club Road, housing Mainland China and Sigree restaurants

Boat Club Road is also among the best places to satisfy one’s culinary cravings, with a host of old-timers and newcomer restaurants and joints offering a variety of options. Some of the most popular ones in this area include Sigree, Mainland China, Zamu’s Place and 10 Downing Street.

  1. You want a luxury, high end home

Boat Club Road is the most high end housing destination in Pune and it’s logical that home buyers paying a premium expect their home to have the best features, fittings etc. Major developers in the city such as Panchshil, Clover, Gera, ABIL and Kolte-Patil have their projects in this area. Many senior executives of companies as well as some of Pune’s most reputed business people reside here.

  1. You have the developer as your neighbour!
Gera Plaza, headquarters of Gera Developments, on Boat Club Road
Gera Plaza, headquarters of Gera Developments, on Boat Club Road

Most of the reputed developers in Pune have chosen Boat Club Road as their headquarters in the city and the list includes Sobha, Kolte-Patil and Gera. Not surprisingly, residents in this area have few complaints regarding their homes and if they do, they tend to get acted upon quickly!

  1. You want to stay close to your workplace

Boat Club Road is right next to the important business districts of Bund Garden Road and Dhole Patil Road, as well as the nearby IT hubs of Yerwada and Kalyani Nagar. One can also reach Shivajinagar and FC Road within 20 minutes from here, using the riverside Sangamwadi road.

  1. You are particular about quality schools and hospitals being close to home
Wadia College near Boat Club Road
Wadia College near Boat Club Road

Unsurprisingly, an area such as Boat Club Road is surrounded by numerous service providers. For schooling, residents have the choice of St. Felix High School on this road itself, with popular institutions such as St. Mary’s School, Bishop’s School and St. Helena’s School in Camp, within 5 km from here. Some of the top colleges in the city such as Wadia College and College of Engineering Pune (COEP) are also close by. The same applies to healthcare facilities as well; Ruby Hall Clinic and Jehangir Hospital are barely 1-1.5 km away, while Inlaks Hospital is around 2 km from here.

Read this before you purchase a home

While Boat Club Road is indeed an intriguing option, a note of caution is in order. The area sees heavy traffic and parking is a major issue. Prospective residents must take care that their home comes with sufficient parking facilities to cater to their vehicle(s).

Boat Club Road
Boat Club Road

The average base price of a multistory apartment on Boat Club Road is ~Rs. 15,400/sq. ft., but for a quality apartment by a reputed developer, one can expect to be asked to shell out at a rate up to Rs. 19,000/sq. ft. Not only is the price in this locality the highest in Pune, it is more expensive than even Navi Mumbai, comparable only to Palm Beach Road there. Rental rates are equally high, the average being Rs. 29/sq. ft. In short, only the well-heeled can afford a home in this premium locality.


A home in Boat Club Road in Pune signifies that one is part of the most premium residential destination in the city. Apart from being a status symbol, the comfort and convenience it offers residents is unparalleled in the city. Residential real estate here is now, by and large saturated, though commercial properties have seen a big jump in recent years, who have been attracted by all the aforementioned factors.

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