5 Most Crowded Stations Along Delhi Metro Routes

Delhi metro has more than 140 stations dispersed throughout Delhi NCR – Old & New Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida. This number is rising as the metro infrastructure has been a boon for commuters. Also the widely spread network makes several residential colonies and business localities accessible to everyone. The Delhi Metro management is extremely efficient and has worked diligently since its establishment. Precisely this is why one can travel from Noida to Delhi and Delhi to Gurgaon seamlessly. In coming years, the addition of new stations will furthermore reduce travel time for the commuters. The beautiful design and construction of the stations takes upto 2.5 million commuters each day and is termed as one of the busiest metros in the world. The following 5 metro stations are the busiest and mot important metro stations of the capital –

Rajiv Chowk Metro Station

Rajiv Chowk- tubinnabam.wordpress.com
Picture Credits: tubinnabam.wordpress.com

A huge and crowded metro station of New Delhi, Rajiv Chowk is an endless journey for the travellers. This metro station is located in the heart of Delhi and people can easily reach Connaught Place from here.

It is estimated that Rajiv Chowk station caters to around 5 lakh travellers each day. One of the main reasons why this station is one of the busiest, is that it connects to several other routes, like Palika Bazaar and Barakhamba Road, both of which are noteworthy for shopping and offices as well.

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Vaishali Metro Station

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Picture Credits: post.jagran.com

This metro station is amongst the busiest metro stations of Delhi NCR. This Metro Station has vast parking lots in its premises. There has been a sudden increase in the property prices due to metro connectivity, noteworthy areas such as Vaishali, Indirapuram, Vasundhara and Saifabad have benefitted a lot. This metro station is situated in one of the prime metro routes which connects places such as Dwarka, Rajouri Garden, Noida, Pragiti Maidan. Vaishali is important also because Ghaziabad residents find it convenient to access Delhi NCR and other parts of this region through metro than to drive down the busy National Highway 24.

New Delhi Metro Station

nd- topnews.in
Picture Credits: topnews.in

New Delhi Metro Station is one of the former and the most attractive metro stations in the country.  This metro station is one of the busiest metro stations and is located along the vast yellow line. The station owns outstanding creations, art and designs, as well as classy provisions. New Delhi metro station acquires a large portion of the commuters which connects to almost every other line spreading across the capital. Due to this, there is a lot of crowding in the metro station even if it’s not the rush hour. Indian Railways New Delhi railway station is walking distance from New Delhi Metro station which makes it accessible for people to commute to far-off places, which is the main cause of crowding in this metro station. One can also board the Airport Express metro to Indira Gandhi International Airport by traveling to this station.

Noida City Centre Metro Station

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Noida City centre is also in the list of busy metro stations of Delhi NCR. It was constructed in 2009 and has an elevated structure. This station has been in headlines for it was once found that there were cracks in the structure which could have resulted the station to sink. However, it still manages to be a busy station as Delhi and Noida are connected from here. Noida itself is a growing city as this Delhi suburb offers vast employment opportunities. This is the terminal station of the Blue line of Delhi metro. Majority of the people, commuting from blue line, enter and exit from this metro station making the metro very crowded and congested.

Chandni Chowk Metro Station

chandni- topnews.in
Picture Credits: topnews.in

Chandni Chowk is famous with Delhiites for shopping, street food and traveling through Delhi’s history. Chandni Chowk Metro station is a highly busy area which is accessible to rest of Delhi NCR. It is an underground metro station which was set up 9 years ago and since then, it has been a very important and busy metro station in New Delhi. This station helps in connecting the market area of old Delhi. Another reason why the metro station is crowded, is that it is very near to the Old Delhi Railway station, which connects Delhi to several major cities of the country.

Delhi Metro is a magnificent piece of infrastructure in the country and its smooth functioning does give the message that if rightly executed, such projects can transform a densely populated city.
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  1. There is a lot of convenience in terms of speed n fast travel by metro….but the convenience of going relaxed is still absent

  2. Metro has become a lifeline. Stop it one day and see how Delhi suffers. This is the reason why it’s so much crowded. Everyone seems to use it all the time

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