Grand Opulence: The 11 Famous Residences Of Mumbai

Mumbai is an amalgamation of huge skyscrapers, fancy mansions, row houses, moderate apartments, sea view extravaganzas, and more. Whatever be the type of property in Mumbai one thing is consistent – the property values in Mumbai are the highest in India. Here we’ve curated for you, a list of the 11 famous residences in Mumbai; each unique, not only in their value but also their owners.

1. Antilla — Mukesh Ambani’s Residence

Antilla: Mukesh Ambani's Residence, Famous Residences of Mumbai
Antilla: Mukesh Ambani’s Residence

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Mukesh Ambani’s abode will make it to the top of the list. Quoted at INR 10,000 crores and situated at the very posh and upmarket Peddar Road in South Bombay — Antilla, conveniently makes it to the list of the most famous houses in Mumbai. Such is the pompousness of this residence that no two floors are said to look alike or have the same materials.

2. Mehrangir — Homi Bhabha’s Bungalow

Mehrangir, Homi Bhabha's Bungalow. Famous Residences of Mumbai
Mehrangir: Homi Bhabha’s Bungalow

In 2014 the sale of Homi Bhabha’s Bungalow (Mehrangir) in Malabar Hill to the Godrej family was a deal that created a flutter in the market.

Certain legal tangles had held back the sale however one of today’s richest families were worthy suitors of the bungalow. The deal was struck at INR 372 crores that is set a record price of INR 2.18 Lakh per square feet.

3. Mannat — Shakrukh Khan’s Bungalow

Mannat, Shahrukh Khan's Bungalow. Famous Residences of Mumbai
Mannat: Shahrukh Khan’s Bungalow

There is no tourist that comes to Bombay and does not go to visit superstar Shahrukh Khan’s bungalow at Bandstand. Mannat, as it is called, is valued at about INR 2,000 crores.

At any point in the day you can find some or the other of his fans posing in front of the name plate that reads out the bungalow’s name. Avoid visiting it on a weekend or be ready to be pick-pocketed in the mob.

4. Galaxy Apartments — Salman Khan’s Residence

Galaxy Apartments, Salman Khan's Residence. Famous Residences in Mumbai
Galaxy Apartments: Salman Khan’s Residence

The Salman Khan controversies have made sure that every living person in the country knows about Galaxy Apartments situated a mile away from Mannat in Bandra itself.

His fans throng at the Galaxy apartments to click the photographs of their bulging biceps against the backdrop of the superstar’s apartments.

5. Pratiksha — Amitabh Bachchan’s Residence

Pratiksha, Amitabh Bacchan's Residence. Famous Residences in Mumbai
Amitabh Bacchan’s Residence — Pratiksha

I dare you to come out alive from the crowd outside this place on 11th of October. Located at the posh area of Juhu this house is of the ultimate star of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan. And on his birthday the place turns into a mini fair.

6. Jalsa — Bachchan’s Residence

Amitabh Bachchan - Jalsa. Famous Residences in Mumbai
Amitabh Bachchan – Jalsa

Because it’d be too ordinary for the Bacchans to have one house, they have two. Jalsa is equally popular and beautifully done up again located in the Juhu suburban area.

7. Krishna Raj – Kapoor Family Residence

Raj Kapoor Bungalow. Famous Residences in Mumbai
Raj Kapoor Bungalow

This house has literally given birth and life to the backbone of Bollywood- the Kapoor family. Even though there are rumours that the youngest of the clan Ranbir is going to move out soon, this Pali Hill residence sees large number of his fans thronging to catch a glimpse of the emerging star.

8. Jindal Mansion — Sajjan Jindal’s Mansion

Jindal Mansion - Pedder Road. Famous Residences in Mumbai
Jindal Mansion – Pedder Road

Located at Peddar road, stands the beautiful Jindal Mansion owned by Sajjan Jindal and it looks nothing less than a palatial home in London. One look is enough to fall in love with it’s architectural beauty.

9. Mafatlal House

Mafatlal House. Famous Residences in Mumbai
Mafatlal House

Also featuring in the list is the very controversial Mafatlal House situated at Altamount Road in South Bombay. It remains to be one of the most famous houses in Mumbai.

10. Jatia House — Kumaramangalam Birla’s Residence

Jatia House Mumbai. Famous Residences in Mumbai
Jatia House Mumbai

This one made the news very recently when Kumaramangalam Birla agreed to pay INR 425 crores for this stunning sea side property located at Malabar Hill. This deal took the social media by storm and created quite a stir in the estate industry too.

11. Lincoln House — Cyrus Poonawala’s Residence

Lincoln House. Famous Residences in Mumbai
Lincoln House

Cyrus Poonawala, industrialist, bought the Breach Candy based Lincoln House for INR 750 crores. This house originally belonged to the US Consulate. Though it is said that US Consultate was seeking a sum of INR 850crores for this property and Mr. Poonawala sneaked away a cool INR 100 crores from their kitty.

Mr. Poonawala and Mr. Birla created a flutter by paying such huge sums when it is being said that Mumbai’s property market is soft this year…….but not at the top we guess!

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  1. Such homes don’t usually come in the open market, I believe. So does that mean their valuations are usually inflated as they are not market driven?

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