Eldeco Accolade – Discover Modern Living At Aravallis

The hunt for affordability in residential apartments is forever on for a middle class family in NCR. With the city of Gurgaon witnessing an unprecedented growth in economy and jobs, the need for housing has been on a rise. Prime areas in Gurgaon are now out of reach for an average buyer thus the hunt for quality living in proximity to employment centers has one looking at Sohna as an option. Recently a group of NCR developers branded Sohna as South of Gurgaon, treating it as an extension of the economic power house. Eldeco Accolade situated right on Sohna Road is a reasonably priced residential complex with value-added apartments in the very outset of Gurgaon and is also very well connected through a nifty system of buses and autos.

Eldeco Accolade
Eldeco Accolade Site Office
Eldeco Accolade Entrance (Construction In Full Swing)
Eldeco Accolade Entrance (Construction In Full Swing)

The biggest advantage that Eldeco Accolade has at this point of time is that the Sohna Road is still a relatively under developed stretch of prime real estate. The Sohna Road/South Gurgaon development project is already underway and has attracted a lot of builders to venture in the area. With the entry of builders like Eldeco, even the inflow of customers has started. Eldeco isn’t new to Gurgaon’s residential market, the firm delivered Eldeco MansionZ (in Gurgaon) long back and this project is a landmark in its own regards.

What makes Eldeco strike gold in all of this is its location. Accolade is just 16 kms from the Sohna Road intersection with Golf Course Extension Road and is situated in Sector 2, Sohna Road. Recently Sohna Road was declared as National Highway 248A and offers a signal free connectivity between Badshahpur to Eldeco Accolade project site.

Eldeco Accolade is situated right in front of the Aravalli ranges and gives an unrestricted and unparalleled view of the hills. Moreover, The Accolade is situated just 25-30 minutes away from the Gurgaon Golf Course Road, a really happening place in terms of urban development, and is just 25-30 minutes drive from the bustling commercial centre Rajiv Chowk in Gurgaon.

Several education institutes like the G.D. Goenka World School and K.R. Managalam University are already situated here. In fact these are very close to the Accolade site. Even more education institutes will be added in the vicinity of the project by the end of 2019.

What Does Eldeco Accolade have on offer?

Eldeco Accolade is a 13 acre area of lush greens, great views and 809 apartments in the configuration of 2 or 3 BHK. The towers are organised in a T-shape and close to 2 acres of green area is being left for recreation of residents. The apartments are available in 2 bedroom, 2 bedroom plus study and 3 bedroom plus servant configurations. By the looks of the sample flat, the 3 bedroom plus servant room configuration is a charm. There are 5 clusters of towers divided into 3 blocks with different names. One block is under the name Privilege, which doesn’t face the Aravallis, another block is the section called Acclaim and 2 more tower clusters are in the section called Prestige. Acclaim and Prestige are Aravalli facing.

The apartments in the Eldeco Accolade are available in 4 configurations. The smallest one is a 1,264 sq. feet 2 bhk flat. The second one is a 1,457 sq. feet is a 2 bhk + study configuration. The third one is a 1,751 sq. feet 3 bhk flat and the last one which is also the biggest one, is a 2,122 sq. Feet 3 bhk + 4 washroom + servant room + dressing room. The apartments have 3 payment plans – Subvention Plan, Construction Linked Plan and Possession Linked Plan. The subvention plan is a 36 month payment plan. The CLP is the construction linked payment plan with part payments on completion of different floors. The PLP is the possession linked payment plan in which the buyers have to pay in a ratio 30:40:30 at different milestones. The subvention plan can be availed for a premium of 4% to the base price.

The possession for Eldeco Accolade is due in 2018.

Key features of Eldeco Accolade

  • Apartments ranging from 1,264 – 2,122 sq. Feet
  • Apartments priced at Rs. 4,500 per sq. Feet
  • 2 acres of green area/park
  • School being constructed in the township for residents’ kids
  • Kids’ play area
  • Club facility
  • Commercial complex inside township
  • Common swimming pool
  • Community building
  • Every tower has individual lobby entrance
  • Different sports activities available
  • Golf Cart commute within township
Road in front of Eldeco Accolade project
Road in front of Eldeco Accolade project

Unique Features Of Eldeco Accolade

No two apartments in the Eldeco Accolade township face each other. This helps residents in maintaining their privacy and gives an individual edge to the Accolade over its competitors.

Eldeco Accolade also has a standout feature as compared to other townships coming up in Sohna Road. The club is in the shape of an arc and to take things up a notch, Eldeco is planning to cover the roof of the club house with grass so as to keep the club cool during summers. This will reduce the electricity bills for the residents as air conditioning requirements will be lower. Also, those who seek calm and peaceful environment can look out of their windows and see lush greens instead of urban concrete structures.

Sohna Road towards Gurgaon at Eldeco Acolade
Sohna Road towards Gurgaon at Eldeco Acolade

According to the Sohna Development Plan, 2031, Sohna will see a radical change to its connectivity and urbanisation. While today Sohna offers affordable housing options and that is a big draw here, it is likely that with added infrastructure things can shape up well for this market. What really works well for Eldeco Accolade is its current connectivity which one can drive on to check out the site. And moreover, for apartments starting at Rs.56.60 lacs, customers own property with all modern amenities.



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